V7C14 Part 3


But you also contracted with me, right? I thought silently. I didn’t say anything and just nodded.


“It’s getting late, it’s ideal to stay overnight here, let’s get back to Delsa, shall we?” I looked at the sky and suggested.

“Okay.” Reidy sighed, “I just said goodbye to them this morning, and we’re going back there tonight…”



After walking for a long time, out of the forest, we could see the sun close to the distant mountain peak. I walked in front, Silent Water and the others walked behind me. After a while, I heard someone screamed, “ouch~”


I turned my head and saw Fire Dance sitting on the ground. I happened to see what’s inside her shirt…


I shook my head, it’s not the time to think about this now.


“What’s wrong?” I asked.


“There is a wall here. Strange, shouldn’t it already have disappeared?” Fire Dance stood up while saying so and she patted the air, there’s a transparent wall in the air.

Eh? I just walked over there, what’s the matter?


Silent Water and the others also found it weird. They reached out their hands and knocked on the air in front of them, but they didn’t see anything like Fire Dance did. They didn’t see anything happen and looked at her with confusion.


“What’s the matter?” I reached out and touched Fire Dance’s shoulder, and she also touched me. However, she couldn’t touch my body, there’s a transparent wall between us.


“This is my barrier. The spirits patriarchs set a barrier here in order to prevent me from leaving. The chef of the fire sect had obviously made it clear that I could leave after I contracted with my master…”


“It’s amazing~” Dusty took Fire Dance’s hand. She found it interesting about the fact that she could reach through but Fire Dance couldn’t.


“Don’t play around now, Dusty. Then, what are you going to do?” Reidy asked.


“I don’t know. He clearly said that I could leave after contracting…” Fire Dance looked a bit anxious, she looked at me worriedly “are you going to leave like that…if it’s like that…”

“No, we won’t. I’m going to take you out. But how am I going to do that?” The so-called Chef of the fire sect told her that she could leave after contracting with her master. Clearly, something went wrong.


“Should we go look for that chef of the fire sect?”


“Look for the chef of the fire sect? How?”


“The fire spirit once said that he’s the patriarch, then he must be something with status. Ask the thunder spirit, and she’ll know.”


“Reidy, who’s the chef of the fire sect?”


“Oh? He’s the patriarch of the fire type spirits. He’s living in the Deli temple…what about it? Are you going to look for him?”


“Yes, it seems that we can only find a solution from him.”


“But you’re a human, and you can’t even enter a palace, let alone the sacred Deli Temple.”

“We haven’t been there yet, how do you know? Silent Water, why don’t you stay here to be with Fire Dance? I am going to that temple.” “Master…” Silent Water seemed to have thought about something but she didn’t say anything. She looked at Fire Dance and nodded, “master, please be careful.”


“Hey, Silent Water, are you really letting him go? That place is dangerous. Human, you aren’t allowed to go there.” Reidy grabbed my hand and didn’t let me go.


I looked at Fire Dance who seemed worried about me. Although it has just been a short time since I knew her, she’s become my spirit. Also, even if she wasn’t, I had already promised her that I’d set her free.


“Reidy, listen to me. I have to go there.”


“I won’t let you go.” Reidy turned her head and told me that there’s no space for discussion.


“Although I don’t know what you’re worried about, I have already promised Fire Dance.”


“It’s dangerous there, I won’t let you go. Also, this girl…” Reidy glanced at Fire Dance and didn’t say anything further.

“Reidy, let our master go.”


“But, Silent Water…” Reidy looked at Fire Dance and let go of her hand, “go then, but you have to be careful.”


“Don’t worry.” I smiled, then said to Fire Dance, “don’t worry. I’ll make you leave here. I’ll keep my word.”


“Okay.” Fire Dance nodded with a smile.


“Then you have to be more careful tonight, if the barrier is lifted, you will be leaving for Delsa.”


“Got it. Master, be careful.” “Master, be careful.” “Return soon.” “Thank you.”


They were all smiling at me at the same time. I felt somewhat weird. Silent Water and the girls seemed to not getting along well with Fire Dance, I would understand that if it was Reidy, but it seemed a bit strange with Silent Water. Obviously, she’s such an easy-going girl…I shook my head and told myself that it must be an illusion.


After asking Reidy the approximate location of the Spirits’ Country and letting Yalide find the destination on the map, I entered the wind speed mode and ran towards the Spirits’ Country.


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