V7C15 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C15_Killing Yalide

Although I really wanted to rush to the capital of the Spirit’s Country immediately, look for the chef of the fire sect and asked him to lift the barrier. However, the reality didn’t always turn out as we wanted.


The Spirits’ Country was far away from Fireback Mountain, and the dragon energy in my body was almost all consumed, I had to stop and take a rest. It wasn’t my original intention to make the girls stay there. So, why didn’t I just stay there for one night with them?


Regretting is useless, and it’s impossible to be back now.


The temperature at night in the Demon Realm was very low. In the grey sky, there were a few black shadows flying by from time to time. I sat by a big tree.


The hazy moonlight shone on the ground, and I was a little worried about the girls.


“If you’re worried, can’t you feel their mental fluctuations?”


“Freed, what do you mean? Can I also feel the mental fluctuations like them?”

“Yes, you are in a relationship between a master and spirits, so you can naturally feel each other’s spiritual energy. It’s just that they wouldn’t feel it actively, but they’d know once you have any mental abnormality, as for you, you will have to actively feel them.”


“Is it like that…I really didn’t know…”


“Don’t you know now? By the way, son, that fire spirit…” Freed was going to say something, yet he stopped.


“Fire Dance? What’s wrong with her?”


“Well, I think that she’ll take revenge after she exits.”


“Revenge? But to whom?”


“The spirits that killed her mother. I just have this feeling.”


“No way…didn’t you hear her say that she just wanted to exit as she didn’t want to live alone? I don’t think she’ll take revenge.”


“I didn’t say that she would definitely do so. I just have this feeling. Also, the mother of thunder spirit died because of the mother of fire spirit, I’m guessing that the thunder spirit doesn’t like her.”

“Reidy’s mother used to be friends with Fire Dance’s mother. And although Reidy acts unreasonably sometimes, I think she’d understand.”


“Indeed, after all, she doesn’t hold much hostility towards Fire Dance.”


“Oh, so there’s still a certain extent of hostility?”


“Of course, there is hostility. Well~you don’t understand. Anyway, you should rest now. When your dragon energy is resumed, continue your journey.”




After talking with Freed, I closed my eyes and felt Silent Water and the others in my heart. To feel mental fluctuations isn’t an easy thing. It’s like I need to find words written with white crayon on a piece of white paper. Although it was difficult, I still managed to catch that miraculous feeling.”


There weren’t much mental fluctuations among them, but there was still something abnormal. I didn’t feel any danger, and I was a little confused. What was happening with them? Anyway, it’s fine as long as they weren’t in danger.


Since they weren’t in danger, I then began to rest.

Although it was summer, it was still extremely cold at night in the Demon Realm. Unfortunately, Yalide helped me generate some heat by using the dragon energy. This heat energy was enough for me to feel warmth in the Demon Realm.



In the morning, I was awakened by the sunlight shining through the leaves on my face. I stretched, yawned and stood up. The energy in my body recovered a little.


There was still a long way to go before I reached the Spirits’ Country, but if I ran with wind speed, I should be able to get there before noon. I was hoping that the spirits there would welcome me.




On my way, I avoided many demons who came and went. For the first time, I felt that demons were just like spirits. Apart from the devilish energy that emanated from their bodies, they seemed to have nothing to do with the spirits. Maybe it’s really like what grandpa Qian Libing had said – the demons here were just like spirits when comparing to those in the sky outside the sky.

The sun was shining straight down from my head, it was noon, and I came to a forest near the city.


There were many spirits in the forest, some still unhumanized, they were ordinary animal spirits, and there were also some alien-like spirits. They all seemed to be hostile to my arrival, and many wanted to attack me. But if the spirits didn’t do anything, I would never provoke them. It seems that the spirits of the Demon Realm really hated humans.


“Hey! The human being without clothes! Where do you want to go?” When I was about to walk out of the woods and I could see the tall city gate not far away, several spirits of different races blocked my way.


“Me? I want to find a spirit called the chef of the fire sect.” I thought for a while before answering honestly.


“The chef of the fire sect?” The few spirits were stunned and asked, “do you know who he is?”


“He’s the patriarch.”


“Of course we know about that. We’re telling you, he’s the most prestigious among all the fire spirits. He is now the elemental patriarch of the fire element in the Deli Temple. Why are you looking for him?”

“I cannot tell you that. Anyway, there’s something urgent.” I originally wanted him to help Fire Dance lift the barrier, but after thinking about it carefully, Fire Dance was considered as evil to these spirits.


A wolf-headed spirit said fiercely, “you weak human. Tell us why you’re here now! Or we’ll eat you.”


“Yes, hurry up and tell us your intentions, or let him eat you.” The rest of the spirits began to roar.


“Although I don’t like meat, but I think I can make an exception this time.”


“Since I am a wicked human, you will have diarrhea if you eat me. Really, I can’t tell you why I am here, but I need to see the chef of the fire sect.”


“Hey, son! Just call you, how come you’ve got so much nonsense? Don’t you know that this is the capital of the Spirits’ Country? Since we haven’t killed you, we’re already very merciful.” The wolf-head spirit showed me his fierce-looking teeth.


I couldn’t go on like this. I didn’t want to hurt the spirit, so I yelled at them while pointing at their back, “look! Some noble spirit is walking over!”

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