V7C15 Part 2

After listening to me, the spirits who blocked my way immediately turned around, bowed their heads, and squatted down, which was probably a meeting ceremony. Taking advantage of this opportunity, I hid in the bushes. I had to say that their IQ level wasn’t high.


A spirit raised his head, and immediately stood up when he saw that no spirit had come over, “there’s no noble spirit at all. What about that human? He’s fled!”


“All humans are very cunning, they’re bad, and we’re right!”


“That guy wants to look for the chef of the fire sect? That’s ridiculous. You know, the patriarchs of the temple won’t meet people easily. The spirits and princesses have the same treatment, let alone a human being. Go, let’s ignore him, anyway, he’ll be stopped at the gate. Then we will see how he will be executed.”


“Just in case, let us inform the guard at the city gate first.”


“Well, that’s right. Although this human looks weak, who knows if he would bring harm to the Spirits’ Country?”

“Yes, let’s go tell the guard now.”


The spirits walked away.

“Will I be stopped at the city gate? It seems that the capital of the Spirits’ country is much stricter in defense than other cities.” I muttered and looked around.


The city wall here was so high that I couldn’t climb it. Even if I did, there was a barrier on it. What was I supposed to do?


Just when I was feeling distressed, a carriage came over. The carriage here was no different from the ancient carriage shown on TV. Except for the carriage, the other parts were made of wood. Maybe I could go in and hide?


With this thought in mind, I followed the carriage secretly. Of course, I didn’t climb up immediately because I was worried that if I did, the spirits inside would find it. Even if they didn’t see me, perhaps the guard would check the situation inside too.


I leaned on the trunk to cover my body, avoided the sight of the spirits passing by and I followed the carriage.


Out of the woods, there was a long straight road leading to the gate of the city. I stayed behind the tree and watched the carriage moving forward.

Sure enough, when the carriage entered the gate of the city, the guards had to check it. Fortunately, I didn’t hide inside…


But it’s not the time to rejoice now, if there was even no way to hide even the carriage, then how could I get into the city?


It would be great if I could walk through the wall, otherwise I might as well fall from the sky…wait, fall from the sky?


At this time, I thought of a way to enter the city, but I just didn’t know if it would cause a lot of troubles. However, as long as I could enter, it was still better than being intercepted at the gate. Even if I could fight, there was still no reason to knock down the guards, right? There seemed to be hundreds of them in Reidy’s house. As the palace located in the capital, I think there should be more…I had no other ways.


My idea was to return to the human’s world first, then let Yalide set the landing location inside the city wall, so that I could enter the capital, but there was a drawback – if I didn’t choose the right place when landing, I would cause riots. For example, if I accidentally chose the palace as the place of landing, then when I landed through the space membrane, I wouldn’t fall to death, but I might see some prince or princess changing clothes or taking a bath while smashing through the buildings, and I might get a death sentence…


“It’s not a bad idea since you get to see these noble spirits naked.”

“Yeah, you can see it yourself. You’re the dragon god, an administrator of the Demon Realm. I don’t think they’re do anything to you, the king might even call upon a few beautiful girls for you to see.”


“Eh? That’s right~ Sigh~ It’s a pity that I died early. Otherwise things would definitely turn to be like this. If you’re caught like this, you can tell them my name. You just need to tell them that I’m the chosen one, Yalide the dragon god! And I’ll need a few gorgeous princesses.”


“Forget it. Anyway, I won’t talk to you about this, pervert. Let me get to the human’s world now. Let me remind you – don’t make me land on the top of the palace, as I’ll really die then.”


“Um, I don’t know about that. I haven’t been to that capital called ‘Mantilu’. And I don’t know its inner structure. If that happens, you can’t blame me.”


“Hey, don’t scare me…then you just set the landing point near the city wall. Ordinary residents should be living nearby.”


“But it’ll make it easier to get caught.”

“When did you start caring about me so much? It’s still better than getting a death sentence.” This damn Yalide, he only cared about looking at girls, although I was quite curious too…


“Curious? Then, let’s find a place with nobody and release the energy of the dimensional space.”




After looking for a while, I came to a relatively remote place. I saw that there were no spirits around us. Then, I closed my eyes and according to the instructions of Yalide, I created a rift of the dimensional space.


After walking into the dimensional space, I immediately felt a strong power of suction which continued flowing upwards. In a while, I saw some light…


“By the way, Yalide, where’s up here?” At this time, I remembered that I hadn’t asked Yalide where to set the ascending point of the human’s world. “I don’t know~~” Yalide’s voice was a bit strange, I had a bad feeling. But no matter how bad it was, he would never hurt me, right?


A strong light —


When I opened my eyes, I found that the surrounding area seemed to be getting foggy, and the air felt moist. Where was this place?


What’s in front of me was a sliding wooden door, surrounded by a dark yellow wooden wall, a glued floor, and a cabinet next to it with some shower gel on it. There was a faint sound of water flowing behind me, and I also heard Satsuki asking me in disbelief, “Xiang?”


My heart seemed to have fallen to the ground from high, I felt some sort of intensity, as if my heart had become flat. If I made the correct guess, this…this was a bathroom. That damn Yalide, how could set the ascending point in Satsuki’s bathroom?

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