V7C15 Part 3


Yalide! I would kill you once I had the chance!


“Hey, is that Lin Xiang?” I heard the soft voice of Yorikawa too.


Gosh, was Yorikawa there too?


“It’s brother Lin Xiang? Not a demon?” How come Choshi was there too?


Where was this place? Couldn’t it be the bathroom of sister Kaoru?


Damn Yalide! I’m gonna chop you into pieces!


I’d cursed over a dozen times in my heart.


“Is it Xiang?” Satsuki asked again.


“Yes…” I had to admit now.

“Is it really you? You…why are you here?”


“I…I also…”


“Kaka Kaka” “I’m late.” The wooden door in front of me was suddenly opened. Kamiki took off the towel and walked in. She was stunned when she saw me.


Kamiki had smooth skin, and she had perky breasts too. She must have done her maintenance well. Wait, it’s not the time to think about that now. Right?


“Sorry!” I immediately apologized and turned around.


I suddenly saw three pure and smooth bodies in front of me, and they looked particularly attractive in the big bathtub. On the face of the three girls, there was doubt and shyness.


“Ah! Lin Xiang, why are you here?” Kamiki behind me reacted from surprise, went out and closed the wooden door.

“Sorry, I don’t know either.”


Satsuki hid her body in the wooden tank, and I only saw her pure, slender arms. She kept looking at me and asked with a slight sense of interrogation, “since you don’t know why you’re here, then can you explain where have your clothes gone to?”


“Uh…” What should I do now? They were going to hate me for sure. Well, they were right. When they were taking a bath, there was suddenly a rift of dimensional space. They thought that a demon was going to attack, yet it wasn’t a demon, but a boy that they already knew, and that boy was even naked…


I really wanted to leave, but there’s no place for me to go. There was Kamiki outside the door, and there was Satsuki inside. By the way, why were they taking a bath together? Wasn’t it in the afternoon?


At this time, I saw through the exhaust window above the wooden cylinder and it was dark outside…


“Hurry up and explain.”


“Guru.” I swallowed my saliva, looked away and tried not to look at the three undressed beauties on the opposite side. Although their bodies were blocked by the wooden tank, I would inevitably imagine how attractive the hidden parts were…

This is not the time to think about it! Bastard! Are you being the negative influence of Yalide?


I suddenly felt that my mind wasn’t clear anymore. I happened to still think about that kind of things, it must be because of Yalide.


“Hey, don’t put the blame on me. You’re a normal guy, and it’s normal for you to think like that. Ok?”


“How shameless you are. I hope that God doesn’t give me any chance. If I have a chance, I’ll certainly kill you, Yalide!”


Perhaps Yalide saw my painful facial expression, and the considerate Yorikawa finally spoke, “Satsuki…maybe Lin Xiang didn’t do it on purpose…”


Ah~ Yorikawa’s so nice. She looked so cute with her blushed, pink face. I really wanted to kiss her.


“I also think that Brother Lin Xiang is not that kind of person…” Choshi blocked her face with a wooden board. I can’t see her facial expression, but I guess she must be looking cute as well.


“I know too, but don’t you find it weird? I haven’t been able to reach him all day and I’ve got no idea where he was. And he reappeared again when we were taking a shower…”

Yalide should bear all the blame.


“Anyway…I have an important reason. And I’m really sorry!” Afterwards, I bowed, turned around and opened the wooden door. Kamiki wasn’t outside.


“Wait! Don’t think that you could run. You pervert~~~~” Satsuki yelled behind me, then I heard some noise of water, she seemed to be chasing me.


“My Risa, can you not please do that when you’re undressed? I’m going to explain. I’m really sorry!” Then, I closed the wooden door.


“You pervert, Lin Xiang!!!” There was Satsuki cursing at me at the other end of the wooden door.


Fleeing would be the best way! I looked around and there were shelves for them to place their clothes. Their clothes were three, and the exit was next to it.


I immediately opened the door, and it was the long corridor of sister Kaoru’s house. It seemed to be the end of the corridor. Kamiki was looking at me fiercely with a towel wrapped around her body. It was a suffocating gaze.


“Sorry…” I smiled in embarrassment.

“If you want to see my body next time, you have to tell me in advance…Although I am usually bold and brave, I also feel shy if you suddenly see my body like that.” The stern look in Kamiki’s eyes suddenly disappeared and she showed a shy look.


Damn, could this still be Kamiki who usually looked serious? I couldn’t believe it.


“Uh…this is an accident. I’m really sorry anyway. I… I’m leaving now…” I quickly walked past Kamiki.


“Wait. You will catch a cold like this. Although I don’t know why you are not wearing anything, please put on this. We planned to stay at Kaoru Suehiro’s house temporarily and forgot to bring our clothes. This is a set of clothes of Kaoru’s father. Why don’t you take it” I turned my head and Kamiki gave me a set of clothes in the changing area.


“Oh~Thank you. And, sorry.” I took the clothes and bowed to her.


“It’s okay, it’s okay, I was just a bit frightened.” Kamiki smiled at me, “darling, you’ve got a lot of secrets. I wish that you can tell me everything one day.” Afterwards, Kamiki walked into the changing area.


There was the voice of Satsuki in the changing area, “Kuji, where’s Lin Xiang?”


“He left, and he left quickly.”


“Really? How could he appear suddenly like that? Not sure if Yorikawa and Choshi are still there?”


“Oh, from what I’ve understood from you, did you mean that this kind of thing could happen when you were there?”

“That’s not what I meant. Anyway, the guy is just too bad.”


“He’s bad, but aren’t you still sticking with him?”




I didn’t listen to their remaining conversation. I was scared that they would come out anytime, and I didn’t want uncle Sunao to see me either.


If I knew earlier that I’d end up in Kaoru’s house, I would have bought some fire nuts. This damn Yalide…


However, it’s the not the time to scold him yet. I couldn’t return to the Demon Realm without him.


When I got to the courtyard of sister Kaoru, I told Yalide, “Yalide? Here’s a way for you to apologize. Now, set the transmission point near to the city gate.”


“What do you mean by apologizing? Before the transmission, you were clearly obvious to their bodies, that’s why I gave you a good opportunity. If you jumped in and took a bath, they wouldn’t even mind. Wait, that girl called Choshi might mind.”


“No more bullshit!”


“Oh, such bad temper. Okay, here we go…”

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