V7C16 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons


After putting on the suit, Lin Xiang closed his eyes, feeling the spatial structure of Yalide. After a while, a rift of dimensional space appeared in front of him. Just in case, Lin Xiang still talked to Yalide first. If he was curious enough to make Lin Xiang land in a bedroom of some princess, then he’d be surely doomed.


“Hey, Yalide, let me warn you, this time you really can’t…”


Before he finished what he was going to say, Yalide looked impatient, “I know. I know. I know what I’m doing.”


“You know what you’re doing? Really? You know how evil human beings are in the eyes of the spirits here, if you make me land again in somewhere strange, I…”


“Son, trust me one time, okay?”


“It’s because I trusted you, so I didn’t ask you thoroughly. Sigh…not sure how Yorikawa is going to perceive me then.”


“Don’t worry, there will be no judgement. They will only worry whether there’re any imperfections with their bodies.”


“What are you talking about? Anyway, I don’t want this to happen again.”


“Don’t worry. It won’t. Trust me.”


“It’s all because I trusted you too much.”


Forget it, I’d go ahead then. Yalide, don’t trick me again.


Lin Xiang prayed silently in his heart, and walked into the rift of dimensional space.


The rift was as dark as usual. And once Lin Xiang entered, he quickly slid down. After a while, he saw an exit transmitting light, and that exit was getting larger as well.


“Yalide, it’s not that I don’t trust you, but can you tell me what’s underneath?”


“Don’t worry. According to your demands, there is a lake underneath, near to the city wall. Son, it’s daytime in the Demon Realm now, and you have to adjust your body quickly after sliding down, then you have to swim back to the shore and not be seen by the spirits.”

“Okay, I’ve got it.”


Lin Xiang breathed a sigh of relief after hearing Yalide, and he was going to see the exit anyway.


After having adapted to the darkness of the space membrane, the luminosity of a normal place made Lin Xiang feel dizzy. With a loud noise, Lin Xiang fell into a clean lake.


Lin Xiang was complaining that his newly changed clothes got wet again. However, it’s still better landing on a continent.


Lin Xiang quickly surfaced, shook his head to wipe the water off his face. What appeared in front of him was a house made of stones and wood. The houses were of different shapes, but most of them had two floors, with the highest having no more than four floors. What’s behind Lin Xiang was a towering wall that stretched into the distance. It seemed that this was the city wall.


He’d made a loud noise just now when he fell into the water, he must’ve attracted the attention of the spirits, so he had to run quickly.


Lin Xiang swam towards the shore. After climbing to the shore and after taking a few deep breaths, he heard some movement not far away. It seems that some spirits heard him.


Lin Xiang couldn’t care about that anymore. He squeezed all the water out of his clothes and hid behind a house.


“Did you hear it just now? Something seems to have fallen into the water.”

“I have heard it, could it be a demon?”


“Impossible. Every city here has magic barriers arranged by the patriarchs. It is impossible for those demons to enter through the magic barriers.”


“That’s right. Huh? I’m seeing nothing.”


Four or five spirits nearby have heard the noise, they rushed to check and found that there was nothing unusual except for the rippling water on the lake and a few water-based flowers floating on it.




“Could it be a naughty child who was throwing rocks in the lake?” One of the spirits thought that it’s done by a child.


“Impossible. Would throwing rocks into the lake make such a big movement? You see, the lake is still rippling, and something should have fallen into it.”


“Don’t scare me, wait, remember that when it was noon, a few spirits told the guards that a human had come to the Demon Realm. Could it be him then?”

“Yes, yes, it is really possible. The barrier is to prevent the invasion of demons. Who knows whether humans can penetrate the barrier?”


“Go and tell the guards, humans are not a good thing.”


“Go, go now.” The spirits became more and more scared as they continued thinking about it, they rushed to the street, and went to the gate to inform the guards.


Well, he was going to be seen after all, no?


Lin Xiang, hiding behind the house, sighed.


Forget it, no matter what, let’s go to the Deli Temple first.


Lin Xiang looked around and found some houses. The doors of these houses were all locked, and only some windows stayed open. From the outside, it seemed that all the basic furniture was there, including wooden chairs and tables. There were no spirits in the house. It looked as if the spirits living in the house were out selling items or collecting resources.


Lin Xiang looked around like a thief, and only after making sure that there were no spirits nearby, he moved to the next roof and he was indeed very slow.


“Hey, when will you be done at this speed? If I guess right, the temple is behind the magnificent palace in the distance. At your speed, it will take at least one day to reach there. Until when do you want Silent Water and the others to wait?”

After listening to Yalide, Lin Xiang was in deep thoughts again.


Right, Silent Water and the others are still waiting for me, they’re waiting for me in the wild where there’re demons. No way, I must hurry up.


Lin Xiang speeded up after thinking about of his spirits who were waiting for him anxiously. He dodged everywhere, avoided the spirits’ sight several times, and came to an alley. There were a few spirits standing and chatting in the alley. Lin Xiang had no way to go. After looking around, he climbed onto the roof. Just when he jumped from one roof to another, one of the spirits saw him and immediately yelled. The rest of the spirits looked over when they heard the yelling. Lin Xiang, who caught their attention, gave a helpless smile, “sorry to have disturbed you.” Then, he fled and those spirits had already seen a human in the city.


After knowing that he’d been discovered, Lin Xiang didn’t care so much. He jumped off the roof and rushed straight across the street. He didn’t have time to walk on the long road, as he just hoped to solve the problem quickly.


Lin Xiang, who had entered the wind speed state, was only an afterimage in the eyes of ordinary spirits, and some did not even see the shadow, but they only felt a gust of wind blowing in front of them. On the contrary, some wind-type spirits could see Lin Xiang and feel his human breath.


The news of a human’s presence in Mantilu spread quickly.

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