V7C16 Part 2

When the guards received this news, they believed that the spirits were just playing tricks, but as more and more spirits reported the same, the guards in Mantilu started to worry. The number of spirits on patrol gradually increased. However, the guards only started to strengthen their defense after Lin Xiang passed this area. On the path that Lin Xiang was going forward, things were still pretty normal and there weren’t many guards at all.


Soon, Lin Xiang’s journey, which would have taken a day to finish, was over in no time. He came to a large silver-white wall that was more than fifty meters high. The gate in the middle of the wall was protected by many guards, and there were no civilian spirits.


Behind the silver-white wall was a beautiful giant garden with all kinds of exotic flowers and weeds. Some hummingbirds and butterflies were collecting nectar in it. Several bronze-skinned wood spirits were closing their eyes to control the growth of flowers and plants. They were growing regularly, there wouldn’t be longer or shorter branches, which revealed greatly the disadvantages of gardening in human’s world.


Behind the garden, there was a huge, imposing palace. The palace was ten stories high and there were several halls next to it. This was where the king lived, the Palace of Gaston.


Facing the heavily guarded palace, Lin Xiang stood under a tree, thinking about how to enter. Just as he was feeling distressed, there was a spirit with armor showing up on the path where Lin Xiang came. The spirit was running very fast. In just one blink of an eye, he was already in front of the gate of the palace, almost as fast as Lin Xiang when he’s in wind speed state.

The fast running spirit and the guard talked a bit. After the guard showed a shocked look, the spirit who ran fast had left, and the guard in front of the gate became super alert, watching around and pay close attention. “Son, I think that it’s quite difficult for you to arrive at the Deli Temple now.”


Lin Xiang saw that there were more and more spirits guarding the gate, and he frowned, “I know, it’s better to try it again. This time, try to set the landing point behind the palace. ’


“No, you think you can release your spatial ability at will? There are very strict requirements with the space structure. If it is in another place, then I may create a space door, but the space here has been strengthened. It seems that the spirit king living in the palace is worried about the appearance of the rift of dimensional space here. And after some humans intruded the palace, they had to strengthen the space here.”


“Then, since you know the location of this place, I will get out of the city first, and when I come back, you will can then set the landing point here?”


“The same theory applies. Even if you plan to come back after returning to the humans’ world, the space here is still strengthened. If I set the landing point here, you will have no exit after entering the space membrane.”


“Oh… I didn’t expect that the magic of the spirits is so powerful. It can actually hinder the energy of the Dragon God. ’


“How is it possible? It’s just that you have too little dragon power, and as I am not a physical entity, I can no longer create rifts of dimensional space anywhere I wanted, like before.”

“But that’s before.”


Now this method wouldn’t work, what to do then?


Just when Lin Xiang was in distress, he saw an spirit, a handsome male spirit with short blond hair. That’s Remi.


“What’s the matter with the announcement? A human came in Mantilu?”


After Lin Xiang and others left Thunder Castle, Remi had returned to the palace. He was one of the eight imperial guards defending the royal family. They usually patrolled the palace and taught some electricity-type guards who were still new to the palace. He was patrolling around the palace just now, and a guard at the gate told him that a human had invaded Mantilu, and the first person he could think of was Lin Xiang.


“Master Remi.” A man who seemed to be the captain of the guards saw Remi and asked his subordinates to salute him, then he replied, “yes, master Remi, a soldier just reported that there is a human intruded in Mantilu. Many spirits saw him, and the soldier has got the instruction, he told us to be vigilant and not to let this human into the palace. He’ll disturb the rest of the royal family.”

“Has anyone seen how he looks like?”


“Uh…this swift soldier mentioned that this human is a male with black hair, but there’s nothing else.”


Swift soldiers were the fastest among the spirit guards. They didn’t have much fighting skills, but they moved fast and were specially used to spread messages.


“Male, black hair?” Remi murmured, he was sure that it’s Lin Xiang.


“Master Remi, please be careful. If you see a human being, just catch him. It will just be a piece of cake for you.”


“Okay, I’ll take a look nearby.”


After Remi said so, he walked out and headed towards the continent inside the city.


If it’s really Lin Xiang, then there must be a reason why he’s there. He’d be in trouble if he’s caught by someone else.


Remi really wanted to catch him first. If that’s Lin Xiang, there’s no way he’d let anybody else catch him.


Just as Remi was thinking about where Lin Xiang was hiding, Lin Xiang, who’s hiding behind the tree, whistled towards Remi.

Remi turned his head and found that Lin Xiang was standing under the big tree. He looked around and made sure that there were no spirits nearby. After making sure that no guards saw him, he went forward immediately.


“Lin Xiang, it really is you.” Remi smiled and patted Lin Xiang on the shoulder, and after seeing that Reidy was not there, he asked Lin Xiang, “what are you doing here? Where is my sister?”


“It’s a long story. Reidy and the others are with Fire Dance.”


“Fire Dance? No way, how can you keep them together? Fire Dance possesses the strength of her mother, which has been shown ready. She’ll hurt Reidy.”


“No. She…she has a contract with me…” Lin Xiang said embarrassedly.


Remi looked at Lin Xiang, a little stunned. It took a long time for him to show a handsome smile. He touched Lin Xiang’s head and smiled, “sure enough, you are the human in the prophecy. I already knew that it couldn’t be a coincidence when you came here and promised the villagers to look for Fire Dance. And you really contracted with Fire Dance.”


“Prophecy?” Lin Xiang’s hair got a bit messy. He shoved away Remi’s hand and asked in confusion.

“Yes, after Fire was killed, Fire Dance was locked up. People asked the highly respected patriarch of the spirits why he didn’t put Fire Dance to death. And he replied, ‘spirits are peace-loving creatures and if we can avoid murder, we will avoid murder. It is her mother who caused the disaster, not her, so we should not put the blame on her, and she is still so young, just like a little girl. I will set her a special barrier with other patriarchs. We’ll let her live outside, until a human contracts with her one day and change her nature…’ ”


“So, that’s what’s happening, and I’m that human…” Lin Xiang sighed.


“Well, so, Lin Xiang. You are such a miraculous human being. So why are you here? Are you here to lift the barrier?”


“Yes. There is a barrier at the exit of the woods. It hinders Fire Dance and stops her from coming out.”


“I see, so you are here to look for the patriarch…” Remi groaned, “this is the capital of the Spirits’ Country. The spirits here have basically forgotten what happened in other cities. So they wouldn’t care about the barriers you have come to lift. I mean no offense, but I think that humans have caused too much mental damage to the spirits.”


“I am aware of that…but is there anything I can do? Reidy and the others are waiting for me…”


“Well, let me figure out a way. I have never thought of helping a human enter the sacred place of the Spirits’ Country. I wouldn’t help anyone else. Just wait here, Lin Xiang.” Remi smiled at Lin Xiang, telling him not to worry, and he left.


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