V7C17 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C17_Behind the mountain


I wasn’t sure what Remi was going to do, but he disappeared on the other side of the road. However, since he could help me get inside, it means that he’s out there preparing.


Sure enough, after waiting for a while, I saw Remi riding a carriage and coming over. The horse stopped in front of me.


Remi, sitting on the back of the horse, shook his head and asked me to get on the back.


The carriage brought by Remi wasn’t meant for humans, but used for carrying straw. I climbed into the back seat and hid in the straw. After Remi shouted, the carriage started moving forward.


“Stop, huh? Lord Remi? What are you doing?” After driving for a while, the carriage was stopped. Through the gap of the straw, I saw that the carriage had now reached the gate of the palace. We were only a few steps away from the gate. If we succeeded, then I could get in, but if we failed, I wasn’t sure what the consequences would be.”


“Do I need to report to you for what I am doing?” From Remi’s voice, he’s not happy.


“We dare not, it’s just…” The guard at the gate looked at the pile of straw on my side, and said timidly, “the general just ordered us to guard this place strictly. If there are vehicles, it must be checked before getting passed.”


“Do you mean that I’ll do something evil with a human being and let him into the palace?” Although I couldn’t see Remi’s face, he must be looking furious now.

“No, no, I don’t mean that. But, lord Remi…” The guard’s voice trembled a little

“But what? I just brought some straws in and used it as a bed for some newly recruited. Hurry up and get out of the way, otherwise the training of the newly recruited will be delayed and they wouldn’t be able to defend against the demons. Is it something that you want to see?”


“No, I dare not…” The guard lowered his head.


“Then why come you’re still in my way? You don’t believe me, do you?” Remi added some strength in his tone.


“I do, I do.” The guard quickly gave way.


“Huh.” Remi snorted and drove the carriage forward.


Ha, I had to admit that Remi was good at threatening the others.


Just when I was happy about entering the palace smoothly, I heard an unfriendly voice, “how arrogant, master Remi.”

Two male spirits who had ordinary looks were riding on horseback and they came towards the carriage.


“Huh, why do I have to meet those two at this time?” Remi cursed.


It seems that their relationship with Remi was quite sour.


“What’s up? Myron, Carey.” Remi turned his head and looked at the two spirits who were approaching.


“Nothing, we’re here to see my friend.” The green-haired spirit smiled. Although he was smiling, I could feel the jealousy and hatred behind his smile. “I’m not your friend.” Remi continued walking forward after saying coldly.


“What’s the matter? What do you seem to be hiding something?” The green-haired elf still chased up with a smile.


“I haven’t, and it’s none of your business.”


“Let’s not discuss this now, why are you walking in such a hurry? We are both imperial soldiers, can’t we talk for a while?” Another gray-haired spirit rode to the other side of the carriage, and the green-haired spirit stood next to him.


This atmosphere wasn’t okay, these two guys definitely had a bad relationship with Remi.


“I have nothing to talk about with you.”


“No, no, no, think about it, you are so handsome and you are so popular among the various female spirits. You won the contest of strong spirits a week ago. You will soon be guided by the patriarchs to become stronger as well. We really want to learn from you, and I want to exchange some tips with you.”

“You guys have no morality, don’t bother me, I’m going to send straw to the newly recruited.” Remi was a little impatient. From the impatient voice, I also heard a trace of anxiety. I knew that he was nervous of being seen.


“Just leave the straws to the soldiers. You are a captain. You are a handsome man, a strong man who has to accept the guidance of the patriarchs. How can you do these things? We are friends, and you are so powerful, do you want us to help you?” The green-haired spirit was giving compliments to Remi on the surface, but it’s very obvious that he’s saying this sarcastically to Remi and he was jealous.


“Myron, please be more careful. I’m not your friend, and I don’t need you to help me. Well, if you want to help, then stay away from me. So do you, Carey.”


“Is that so? Well, I’ll do whatever I can to help master Remi. Carey, let’s go. Master Remi is going to send very good straw to the newly recruited. I think those people will really admire this gesture. This is also one of the secrets of his success. He likes to please people. Oh no, I’m sorry, it should be that he’s considerate to his subordinates.” The green-haired spirit smiled, glanced at my side and left with the grey-haired one.


“Troublesome guy.” Remi cursed as he looked at the two spirits who were leaving, and he moved on.

“Lin Xiang, how do you feel? Did you feel scared just now?” Remi turned his head slightly and asked me hiding in the straw.


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