V7C17 Part 2

Was I scared? When Remi talked with the two spirits just now, I was very nervous, who knows if they would check the carriage? And the green-haired spirit seemed to be looking this way, not sure if he saw me…


“A bit. I was worried that they would check the carriage. I don’t know how to stealth. If they wanted to check, I would surely be caught.” “Ha, see how scared you are. They will never have the guts to do so. Also, it’s not my carriage. I got it on the street.”


“Hey, is it okay for you to take someone’s carriage?”


“It’s okay. At least 90% of the people know me. I told the owner of the carriage, that I needed the straw on your carriage to be a bed for the newly recruited. He was so happy that I asked.”


“Is that so? Maybe it’s an honor for you spirits.”


If it’s in the human world, I don’t think anyone would accept it if a stranger wants to take something from him. Could this be the difference between human beings and spirits…


“Lin Xiang, you have to be nice to my sister. She has been spoiled, and she has never suffered. She’s occasionally very unreasonable, but you have to bear with her, do you understand?” When he was talking about her younger sister, he sounded so gentle. I was sure that he loved her very much.

“Or he’s just a control freak or his sister.” Yalide ruined the atmosphere.


“Go to hell. You think all people are as filthy as you are? And they like all girls?”


“You’re wrong. I only like beautiful women. Whether it’s a wife, a sister or whatever, as long as it is a beautiful woman, I would like her.”


“Oh, I’m not talking to you anymore. Doing so will make me live a few years less.”


“Lin Xiang? What’s the matter? Can’t you even do this?” Remi asked again when he saw that I didn’t respond.


“No, I can definitely do that.” In fact, I have always treated Reidy well.


“Well, that’s good then.” Remi nodded without saying anything further. Then, he drove the carriage attentively.


Looking at Remi’s back, I suddenly felt that it’s so good to be loved by family. Although I didn’t have fatherly love or maternal love, I still had my old uncle, and I wondered how he’s doing.




After driving for a while, a huge palace appeared right in front of me.


The palace was about ten stories high. The walls were covered with silver-white porcelain blocks. The corridor extended from the main hall to the side halls, at least one kilometer away, that is, the corridor had a length of at least two kilometers. In front of the main hall, there were six thick pillars, and there was a stone statue next to it. The statue was a middle-aged man with a long beard. The sculpture was vividly carved. Some outlines could already be seen from a distance. I was sure the statue was the king then.

“Lin Xiang, this is the main hall of Umbre, and usually all meetings are held here. The statue in front of the door is the first king, the great spirit king, Abraham. He was the first to establish the Spirits’ Country. He made the spirits unite and not be killed by the demons…the Deli Temple is on the back mountain of the palace, but it’s very difficult to get there. First, there are spirits guarding, even if you enter, the barrier will also hinder anyone from entering. The Deli Temple is a sacred place, and the current spirit king cannot easily enter it either. Only when the patriarchs inside are willing to meet you, the barrier will then be lifted.”


“Is that so…”


“Well, so, I can only bring you here. As for whether you can reach Deli Temple, it depends on the wish of the patriarchs.” I could hear that Remi wanted to help me, but that’s already all that he could do.


“I see. Thank you, Remi.”


“It’s okay. You can reach the back mountain in a while. Hold on for a while.”






After about a few minutes, the carriage stopped. At this time, we were at the end of the corridor on the far side of the palace.


“I’ll stop here. You have to be careful.” Remi told me after getting off the horse.


“I will.” I climbed out of the straw, jumped out of the car, and patted the straw off my body. I saw a winding road leading to the mountains.

“As long as you walk along the road, you can reach the center of the mountain forest. There are spirits guarding at the center of the forest. You can try bypassing them. Be careful with some charms. Do you know what a charm is? That’s a magic charm. A kind of traps.”


“I know, magic charm is a kind of words formed by magic. It is usually burned on the ground and can be activated as long as it is stimulated by the outside world. Generally, magic charm is relatively transparent. If you don’t look carefully, you can’t find it, am I right?”


“Well, that’s right. There are usually signs in places that the guard spirits can’t see. You don’t want to trigger them. I don’t want to watch you burned or turned into ice cubes.”


“Ha! Don’t worry about it. Oh?” At this moment, I heard many people coming from a distance. What happened?


“Lin Xiang, what’s wrong with you? How come you’re looking shocked?”


“Remi, it seems that your ‘friend’ has reported your suspicious behavior to the others. Now many people are coming.”

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