V7C17 Part 3

“What? Are they?” Remi was also taken aback when he heard what I said. He closed his eyes and listened carefully. Then, he opened his eyes and said to me, “yes, many people are coming. Lin Xiang, get in quickly. They’ve disliked me for long, but they can’t do anything to me without proof.”


“Well, okay. I’m leaving now.” Leaving would be the best way. If I stayed, I’d get Remi into trouble.


After patting him on the shoulder, I ran away and rushed into the woods.


——————In the woods.


I never thought that the palace was so luxurious, and the plants were so beautifully arranged. However, the mountain behind this palace was like an undeveloped ancient forest that no one had ever visited. The vegetation grew messily and there were many varieties, many of which grew on the road, some even blocked the road.


I tried to avoid the grass, there was the path where only a few people walked again. The road stretched into the depth of the forest.


After walking for a long time, I gradually found traces of creatures moving nearby. I held my breath, slowly moving forward. After a while, I saw that several spirits were sitting under the tree, chatting. It seemed that they were the guards. They looked similar to humans and there were both male and female. Judging from their appearance, they should be at the human age of 0 only.

“It’s so boring. When can I swap with them?” A female guard hit her own shoulders.


“How long have we been here? Three months, right? Well, it’s almost time to swap, there’s one month left.”


“Really? That’s really fast.”


When I was hiding behind the tree, I heard their conversation and I almost made them see me.


It seems that spirits live longer, so the concept of time is different from that of humans…


I bypassed the spirits and continued to walk forward. Without the obvious signs along the way, I was afraid that I would be lost in the densely planted woods, and I also found a lot of magic charms. There’s one in about every two steps that I made.


However, I managed to walk out of the woods.


A breeze was blowing towards me. On the endless grassland, there was a big rocky mountain with waterfalls flowing down the rocky mountain. The waterfall turned into a river flowing past my feet, flowing all the way to the distance. Looking at the scenery here, I felt relieved and emotionally stable. It seems that there would not be any threats here.


Where was this place? I asked Yalide, who told me that it’s the end of the mountain behind the palace.


Since it was the end, then where was the temple? I looked around and found nothing like a house. In this endless prairie, except for the big rock mountain and the distant peaks, there was basically nothing protruding.


With some doubt, I felt a little thirsty at this time, and took a few sips of the running water at my feet. It was very sweet and unpolluted.


The temple must be nearby. Where is it? In that stone mountain? Well, it’s very possible.


Just when I was about to approach the stone mountain to find out, I heard a thick male voice, “who are you and why are you here?”


I looked around and there was no one. Strange, it’s not Yalide’s voice…could it be my illusion? I shook my head and continued walking forward.


“Who are you? Why are you here?”


At this time, I finally heard it clearly. The sound came from the direction of the stone mountain, and that sound was like ringing in my ears.

“I…” As soon as I spoke, the voice interrupted me immediately, “human? Why would a human be here?”




Before I started speaking, there’s another voice, “a human is coming? Impossible! Let alone crossing the barrier, I think he won’t make it to the palace, right? Is it possible that the spirit king is willing to make peace with human beings now?”


“It shouldn’t be the case. Human, what are you here for?” That’s the third voice.


“Me? I’m here for Fire Dance.” I planned to tell the truth.


“Fire Dance? Fire Dance?” There’s a sense of confusion in the third voice.


“I seem to have heard this name somewhere.” From the second voice, he seemed to be recalling.


“Is it the daughter of a royal family?” The first voice asked rhetorically.


“No, I remember this Fire Dance seems to be the daughter of Fire, the same one that burned Delsa fifteen years ago.” The third voice finally remembered.

“Oh? Is she? A spirit from the sky outside the sky?”


“Is it Fire? Well, then why are you here? Why are you here for her daughter?”


“I want you to help remove the barrier that trapped Fire Dance. I am not sure if it can be done.”


“To remove the barrier? Who are you, son? You know the strength of Fire? She could fight against the three city lords. Her daughter’s strength is naturally not bad either. What if she is released and causes another disaster?” The second voice sounded a bit agitated.


“Reikung, don’t get irritated, do you remember what the patriarch Alston told us? He said that a human being would contract with her…”


“Wait, chef of the fire sect, do you mean that this kid is that human? Well, it is indeed possible. But I feel that his spiritual power is quite weak. It would be difficult for him to contract with Fire Dance, no?”

“I don’t know about that. Human, have you contracted with that Fire Dance?”


“Uh… yes.”


“Then it is in line with the prophecy. Come into the cave and I want to test whether you really have the ability to control the fire girl.”


After the “chef of the fire sect” said so, and the waterfall of the stone mountain was separated, as if the curtains were opened, and there was a passage in the middle.



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