V7C18 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons


After approaching the stone mountain, Lin Xiang looked in from the path separated by the waterfall. It was dark and he couldn’t see what was in it. When he walked into the path, there was a trace of light coming from inside, and it became brighter and brighter.


The waterfall slowly resumed its flow, covering up its path. Lin Xiang stood at the entrance, looking at the building in front of him in a daze.


The space inside the stone mountain was huge. Although it was a stone, that’s only the surface, and there was another world inside. Something with stars and fluorescent lights was travelling in the grass, and butterflies of various shapes stayed on the flowers. Trees that weren’t too tall were arranged neatly together, like guards surrounding the church-like stone houses, and on the stone wall behind the trees, there was a waterfall, falling on the ground and dividing into two branches. It was flowing on both sides, and finally merged into a river, flowing out of the stone mountain…


“This is really beautiful…” Lin Xiang exclaimed.


Seeing Lin Xiang caught in surprise, the owner in the room coughed, “ahem, human, come in quickly.”


“Oh.” Lin Xiang nodded, stepped across the stream and walked towards the stone house.

When Lin Xiang looked at the stone house from a distance, he had a feeling that it’s relics and that he’d traveled back in the ancient times, but it’s not looking old. When he took a closer look, the surface of the stone house was full of characters and portraits of people, like a scrolled painting. However, Lin Xiang didn’t have time to appreciate them.


The door slowly opened, and a candlelight came out from inside. Gradually, as the door opened, a large chandelier appeared above the hall.


The luminosity of the candlelight was not that strong, but it could still illuminate half of the hall.


When he was entering the hall of the stone house, he saw several steps in front, and down the steps, there was an empty flat ground in the middle. There were two walls facing each other on both sides, and there were some patterns on the walls.


The wall on Lin Xiang’s side was a forest. The forest seemed to be on fire. Many animals and people were trapped, showing a look of despair. And some ugly creatures were holding up their weapons, laughing hysterically.


The opposite stone wall was still the forest. Many animals and people in the forest died. The ugly creatures were killing them. In the sky, a huge dragon hovering on a cloud layer was watching all this, and it stuck out its head. Its eyes were glowing, some of the demons in the front were killing human beings, and the demons in the back showed a frightened expression when they saw the dragon. The faces of the surviving animals and people did not look as scared as those on the first wall. Instead, they felt hopeful about seeing the light again.

“This is…” Lin Xiang looked at the dragon in the painting and thought of Yalide.


“Human, this is the history of demonic invasion. What you are looking at is the great dragon god, lord Yalide.” An old man wearing a hood walked out from a shadowy corner. The old man was wearing a grey robe, and his grey beard was out of proportion to his fiery red hair. He was the representative of the fire spirits, the chef of the fire sect. “Uh…I know.” Who wouldn’t know that it’s Yalide? That filthy guy is living inside me now.


“Hey, you can delete the word ‘filthy’.”


“Now that you already know, why are you kneeling already? Seeing the carving means seeing lord Dragon God.” Another old man wearing a hood and a robe walked out of the shadowed corner. This time, it was an old man with black hair. He had a long and pointed face, looking quite bitter and mean.


“Kneel?” Lin Xiang was stunned after hearing this. Was he asked to kneel in front of a stone? And that’s Yalide…?


“Hey, son, I think I haven’t done anything offensive to you, why are you looking at me like I have owed you two million dollars? Kneel down now, you are facing the great dragon god Yalide. Hurry up.”

“The hell to you. I’ve never even kneeled in front of my parents. Also, I’ve never knelt in front of anyone before. I have never done it and I will never do it. You understand? Also, how can I kneel in front of a statue?”


“Oh, you’ve got such high self-esteem. Forget it, it doesn’t make much sense to ask you to kneel in front of this stone painting, as you are representing me now, it always feels a bit awkward for me to kneel in front of myself.” Yalide was just joking. He also thought that if Lin Xiang knelt to the stone, it would be an insult to the dignity of this dragon god. He might just do it his dream.


“Are you trying to challenge the majesty of lord Dragon God?” The old man with black hair frowned, and his original wrinkled face became like a hamburger, there were multiple layers.


“Fantasy, he is a human, not a spirit. There is no need for him to obey these rules.” That was the owner of the second voice. The old man who came out this time was fatter, and the grey robe he’s wearing looked ridiculous as well.


“I don’t care if he is a human or a spirit. As long as he is in the Deli Temple, he must abide by the rules. Now, human, are you going to kneel or not?” The old man, Fantasy, stood in the center of the hall, exuding a strong momentum. This kind of momentum was enough to make some low-level spirits fall to their knees in panic. It’s just that Lin Xiang was not affected by it at all. He was not willing to be forced by the others.

Lin Xiang shook his head and smiled, “it’s impossible for me to kneel.”


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