V7C18 Part 2

“So, are you here to make troubles?” The old man called Fantasy waved casually, and several phantom-like humanoid warriors emerged from the floor.


Could this old man be a fantasy spirit? Lin Xiang looked at the few humanoid fighters, and he was a little disdainful. Anyway, it was just an illusion, so there was no need to be afraid.


“My son, I’ve already told you that you shouldn’t be arrogant nor underestimate the enemy. There are two kinds of illusion – mental illusion and real illusion. Mental illusion is to make you hallucinate, but real illusion can make things transform into reality. We also call it summoning. Do you understand the definition of summoning? Do you remember the wolf demons that you’d met before? He is exactly an illusion demon, but he is proficient in real illusion, so the black wolves that he’d summoned were aggressive.” Freed explained to Lin Xiang.


“What? I really don’t know about this.”


Seeing the old man Fantasy summoning the shadow warrior, the chef of fire sect immediately made a gesture to pause, “Fantasy, don’t. Return to the inner courtyard. He came here for Fire Dance, and I’m in charge of that.”


“Those who challenge the majesty of lord Dragon God should be punished, right?” The old man Fantasy pointed at Lin Xiang, and the black shadowed warriors rushed up with their shadow swords.

In fact, the old man Fantasy was just using the majesty of lord Dragon God an excuse to deal with Lin Xiang. Even if Lin Xiang knelt down, he would still find other reasons. The reason is that he hated human beings to the guts.


A long time ago, when he was still young, he took his family out to play. When he came to a place, he saw a large group of humans. After seeing them, the humans rushed towards them like crazy. He later killed all humans, but his wife and son were also injured and killed. From then on, he turned his anger into motivation and trained himself all the time, and finally became the representative and chef of the fantasy spirits.


“I’m telling you to stop!” Sure enough, the chef of the fire sect knew what the old man Fantasy was thinking about. He quickly gathered a few fire balls and threw towards the shadow soldiers summoned by Fantasy.


“Fantasy, return to the inner courtyard. He is here for me.”


“Humph!” The old man Fantasy sneered. A shadow appeared behind Lin Xiang. The shadow held a knife, aimed at Lin Xiang’s back and tried to stab it.


“Ziii~~” A golden lightning flashed from the fat old man’s hand, entangling the shadow warrior like a chain, the fat old man shouted at the chef of the fire sect, “hey, chef.” Afterwards, he pressed the chain violently, and the shadow was like a squeezed balloon, turning into smoke with a click.


Lin Xiang looked at the shadow that turned into smoke, then looked at the three old men in front of him, and couldn’t help but sigh. They were actually all powerful spirits. Let alone defeating them, even if you wanted to escape under their attack, it’s probably a very difficult thing. The spirit with this kind of strength really deserved to become the chef.

“Fantasy, did you hear me? Go back to the inner courtyard. This is my matter.” The chef of fire sect shouted at the old man Fantasy again.


The old man Fantasy was not afraid of the chef of the fire sect, they had similar strength, so if they really wanted to fight, no one could really advantages. However, he thought that the human in front of him was so weak, and he probably couldn’t do anything impressive. If he wanted to kill this human being, then it’d be easier than waving his hand.


“Whatever you want, if he dares to do anything, I will definitely kill him, and I don’t care if he is the human being mentioned in the prophecy.” The old man Fantasy told Lin Xiang, “son, you must not fall into my hands, otherwise, you will die in misery. Do you think that you have proved your ability after coming here? You’re wrong, we never thought that humans would come here, so the barrier here is only aimed for the spirits. Next time, if you return, you’ll definitely die in the forest.”


After these harsh words, the old man Fantasy stared at Lin Xiang and disappeared into the shadows.


“Human, don’t be bothered. That guy hates human beings to the guts, so…don’t worry about it. If you are really a human mentioned in the prophecy, I will definitely protect you.”

“Thanks…” Lin Xiang sincerely thanked the chef of fire sect who looked ordinary.


“What about me? Human, don’t forget that I have saved your life just now.” The old fat man smiled and looked quite kind.


“Uh, thank you too.” In fact, Lin Xiang was 100% able to avoid the attack just now, but he was preempted by the fat old man.


“Reikong, in a few days, you are going to train a thunder-type phantom, so you can go in the inner courtyard. By the way, tell Mukun not to tell Fantasy anymore if he sees a human coming. You understand?” The chef of fire sect said to the fat old man.


Just now, outside the mountain, the first person asking Lin Xiang was the patriarch of the wood sect, Mukun. After seeing a human approaching, he immediately told his good friend, Fantasy.


“I understand.” The fat old man nodded and told Lin Xiang, “if you’ve really contracted Fire Dance, then you have to accept the test of the fire sect. If you fail, we will never set Fire Dance out. You know, her flames are extremely powerful. It might surpass the fire from our sect after a few more decades.”


“Reikong, there’s no need to waste time on words. Get inside now.”


“Hey, okay, you can start the test then.” The old fat man Reikong smiled at Lin Xiang, then turned and left the hall.

Only Lin Xiang and the chef of fire sect were left in the hall at this time. Their shadows became long under the candlelight. There was a breeze, and the candle flame trembled slightly. The chef of fire sect looked at the dark place behind, showing a bitter smile, then said to Lin Xiang, “son, you have contracted Fire Dance, but I can’t feel any fire element in your body. Isn’t it a bit of a problem?”

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