V7C18 Part 3


Spirits and humans can convert magic into elements, but the types of the converted elements are limited. Under normal circumstances they can only convert magic into one element. This is why there are attributes of wind, fire, water, etc…


Humans who are proficient in fire magic are most suitable to contract fire spirits, they are generally not suitable for other kinds. The spiritual energy in Lin Xiang’s body is very weak, almost the weakest among all human beings. The chef of fire sect couldn’t believe that he could contract with Fire Dance who’s got such strong power.


“How to say… Actually, I can control fire too.” Lin Xiang’s fire control was completely different from using fire magic. Fire control means that he could control fire, but when one used fire magic, it doesn’t mean that he could control it. For example, people who can control fire can defend against fire damage, but they might not be able to defend against fire mages. They have a certain resistance power to fire, but it can still cause damage. It shows that the ability of controlling fire is much higher than that of using fire.

After hearing Lin Xiang’s explanation, the chef of fire sect didn’t expect that the kind of fire control of Lin Xiang was to control the flames, and since his spiritual power was so weak, he just thought that Lin Xiang could use fire magic only, “human kid, it’s not that I look down on you, but I really can’t find a trace of flames in your body…even if you really contracted Fire Dance, you won’t be able to control her. She’s like a volcano that would erupt at any time. As soon as the flames burst out, they cannot be stopped, unless there’s water or an even stronger fire that can stop her. Otherwise, she can’t even control herself, just like her mother…”


The chef of fire sect actually really admired Fire Dance’s mother. He admired the flames with high purity in Fire Dance very much, it seemed as if she’s born with it, not converted by some magic.


Before, the magic used by the spirits was the result of transforming magic into elements. The spirits themselves didn’t possess that element. When they were very familiar with one element, they could fully control it. The spirits could then produce a certain amount of element in their bodies. Otherwise, there was usually none or only a small amount.


But the body of Fire was full of fire elements, and it seemed that it could be used directly without any magic conversion. This is why the chef admired Fire. After the death of Fire, they originally wanted to execute Fire Dance too, but the chef strongly opposed it. As a result, her life was retained, but had since been isolated in Fireback Mountain since she’s too dangerous.

What the chef of fire sect didn’t know was that spirits like Fire Dance didn’t need magic power. They were elements themselves and they could use their elemental power.


“Is that so? Indeed, her flames are very strong, which is a bit problematic.” Lin Xiang recalled the high temperature of her flames when he held her, and he nodded to show agreement.


“Yeah, so…well, since you know that her flames are so strong, how did you contract her? Also, why would she allow you to contract her?”


“Uh…it happened like this. I was entrusted by the villagers to go to Fireback Mountain and discuss with Fire Dance, so that she would not attack the spirits who were to gather resources in Fireback Mountain. Then I met her, and at that time, many demons were attacking her…”


“A lot of demons were attacking her? Is she okay now?”


“It’s okay, she’s fine. Then, something happened…and I contracted her.”


“Something happened?” The chef of fire sect frowned. Could it be that this human being forced Fire Dance to contract him when she’s weak? No, you cannot force a spirit to contract. Only when the spirits are willing and when they get the approval of God, can they become envoys…then actually happened?

The chef of fire sect looked at Lin Xiang up and down for a while, then asked, “you told me that know fire magic, how about show me once?”


“Oh, no problem.” Lin Xiang nodded. He closed his eyes and tried to convert the dragon energy into fire energy.



Lin Xiang had closed his eyes for a long time. The chef didn’t know what he was doing. He wanted to ask, but he was afraid of distracting Lin Xiang, so he had to stand there and wait.


Hiding in the dark, a few old spirits dressed in the same clothes as the chef were pointing at Lin Xiang, and they were whispering, “see how weak that human is, can he really use fire magic?”


“I don’t know. Why did he come here by the way?”


“Well…I don’t know what happened in the Spirits’ Country, but the barrier in the forest is aimed at spirits, so it has no effect on humans.”

“It seems that we need to strengthen the barrier.”


“Yes, that’s right. Huh? Why has the facial expression of the chef changed?”


“Indeed, he was very anxious just now, how come he’s looking shocked? Is it possible that the human doesn’t know how to use fire magic at all?”



Lin Xiang closed his eyes for a while, and found that he could not convert the dragon energy into fire energy, he was asking Freed helplessly.


“Freed, let’s not mention about entering the state of flames, as I can’t even gather flames now.”


“You’ve consumed a lot of dragon energy. Also, you aren’t very familiar with converting dragon energy, so this is normal. Wait, let me help you.”


After Freed said so, Lin Xiang felt a rush of heat in his chest, which was exactly the feeling of having fire energy.


The chef of fire sect, who had been paying attention to whether there were flames in Lin Xiang’s body, discovered the fire energy in his body at this moment. His eyes opened widely and he was shocked.


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