V7C19 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C19_Little bastard


“This energy, this concentration… Human son…No, boy, who are you…” With Freed’s help, Lin Xiang finally manage to convert the dragon energy into fire energy. The chef of fire sect showed an expression of disbelief, and he couldn’t believe that Lin Xiang could slowly see the fire balls condensed in his hands.


There was first a trace of flames in Lin Xiang’s palm. Under his control, the flame turned around, generating more flames. The spinning flames slowly turned into a ball, and the fireball was the size of an egg, which was expanding continuously, making a whirring sound. When it turned into a fireball slightly smaller than a football, it stopped expanding. At this time, the chef of fire sect was shocked and speechless.


The fireball condensed by Lin Xiang was very bright and luminous, just like a red crystal ball with flames circling inside, and it’s beautiful. Although it looked beautiful on the surface, the chef knew that this fireball was full of power and can be compared to Dragon Fire…No…this was exactly dragon fire. So who’s this human actually?


“Excuse me, is there any problem?” Lin Xiang saw that the chef was terrified. The flames of the ancient dragon species like Valarie were gone, and the dragon flames of ordinary fire dragons alone were considered the best among all flames. He asked this question, just to make the chef react quickly and test him, as he still needed to rush back and save the girls.


“No problem, boy, I admit that I’ve misunderstood you.” The chef tremblingly held up the fireball in Lin Xiang’s hand. His action shocked Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang didn’t expect the chef of fire sect to take away his fireball.

“Son, don’t be nervous. This fire spirit can also control fire. Although she’s not as powerful as Venus’ daughter, she can be regarded as a master for you. Although someone can touch your fireball, he cannot be use it as this is your exclusive flame. After all, you are a half dragon, and the flames of each dragon are different.”


“Is this so…”


“This feeling…that’s really dragon flames…” The chef of fire sect felt the heat that the flame brought him for the first time.


The flame was his partner and part of his body. He has fully adapted to the flames, so they would not cause him any discomfort. But Lin Xiang’s fireball made him feel hot in the palm, which really surprised him. He also no longer despised Lin Xiang.


The elders of spirits who were watching all this in the dark were all taken aback. Although they were not fire spirits, anyone could feel the power of that fireball, it’s just like dragon flames.

The chef stroked the fireball like it’s his baby, and he put the fireball back into Lin Xiang’s hand and told him, “You are obviously a human, but you possess dragon flames. This is really surprising to me.” After Lin Xiang got the fireball, he squeezed the fireball in his hand. It turned into flames and dissipated in the air. He wasn’t going to talk too much with the chef, as he just wanted to pass the test as soon as he could and return to Delsa. He also needed to buy another fire nut to save sister Kaoru.


“I belong to special group of people called dragon race, and we can use dragon roar, so I can control fire as well. Now, please let me pass the test, as I have something else to do.”


“Is that so, you belong to the dragon race… In fact, the so-called test is just to see if your flame can beat that of Fire Dance. You can only pass it if the intensity of your flames is greater than hers. Now, I announce that you are fully qualified. I’ll go in for a while and let them lift the barrier. By the way, I saw that you were condensing the flames quite slowly, is it because you are not familiar with the flames yet?” Spirits didn’t have the bad thoughts of humans, and when ordinary humans see better descendants than themselves, they would do everything to discourage them or choose not to give guidance. However, the spirits would try their best to teach if they saw any talented young people. The chef of fire sect regarded Lin Xiang as a capable junior, and he’s that kind of junior with great potential.


“Yeah, it’s a bit difficult. Well, let’s discuss later. I beg you to lift the barrier first, as I still have to go back to Silent Water and the others.”


“Don’t worry, don’t worry. Let me ask you, do you rarely use flames?”

“Forget it…” Lin Xiang nodded. Indeed, he didn’t use flames frequently.


“I knew that. Listen, with your qualifications as a dragon race, you will be able to become a master of fire control, and your flames are unique. No one or no spirits have flames like yours. Listen, if you want to control fire, you must be fully familiar with flames, you must feel it with your heart, accept it, and make it a part of your body…”


“Wait!! Chef! You can’t teach him, he is not a spirit, but a human!” The old man Fantasy ran out from the shadows, trying to stop the chef of fire sect.


“It doesn’t matter what race he is, as long as it is someone capable and potential, I will teach him.” The chef of fire sect didn’t really care about what Fantasy said. At this moment, he was like a mathematician who has discovered a new formula and he was very excited. He was also eager to understand it, be familiar with it and make it perfect.


“I’m telling you that he’s a human being! If you teach him the ability to control fire, and if he does anything that may put the Spirits’ Country in danger, then will you be able to take up this responsibility?” From the thin face of the old man Fantasy, one could see his muscles twisting and he’s obviously very emotional.


After hearing the words of Fantasy, the chef of fire sect pondered for a while and looked at Lin Xiang.


Lin Xiang shook his head and smiled, “don’t worry, I won’t do anything to harm the Spirits’ Country. I am a pacifist. As long as people don’t hurt me, then I definitely won’t hurt them.”

“Have you heard him? He said so, and it’s because he’ll hurt the Spirits’ Country!” After the old man Fantasy heard Lin Xiang, he immediately summoned dozens of shadow warriors. As soon as they appeared, they surrounded Lin Xiang and the chef of fire sect.


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