V7C19 Part 2

“You…” The chef of fire sect glanced at Lin Xiang and sighed. At this time, he was like a mathematician who had discovered that the formula he’d discovered was a wrong one.


“Heh~” Lin Xiang didn’t panic when he saw that the atmosphere was not right. With the same smile on his face, he asked the old man Fantasy, “let me ask you. If someone attacks you, what would you do? Would you let them hit you?”


“Of course not, but the thing is I wouldn’t attack anyone.”


“Wow, then you are really great. So, if a demon attacks you, you won’t fight back but escape?”


“You!” When Lin Xiang asked this question, Fantasy opened his eyes widely. His breathing became a little too quick, as he was obviously pissed off by Lin Xiang, “I’ll never escape!”


“Uh, I know, I know that you’ll fight hard and kill the demon. Well, then if the others attack you, you will also fight back, right? So, it’s the same for spirits. If they don’t attack me, then why would I attack them?”

“The nature of spirits and demons is different!”


“Although their nature is different, but what if he still wants to attack me? Should I just stand there and let him hit me? Just like now, what do you plan to do? I have no intentions to hurt you, yet you want to attack me. Then, should I let you kill me or fight against you?” Lin Xiang asked.


“This is to prevent you from doing things that will hurt us.”


“This is a really good answer. Then, let me tell you now, I won’t do anything to hurt you.”


“You cannot be trusted.”


“Oh? If I cannot be trusted, then should I also doubt what you’ve said? Should I interpret the reason why you’ve summoned so many shadow warriors as wanting to kill human beings?”


“Go to hell!” The old man Fantasy couldn’t bear it anymore. He ordered the shadow warriors to kill Lin Xiang.

“Stop!” The rest of the elders standing in the shadows all ran out, releasing magic to stop the Fantasy. It’s just that they were too slow. The chef of fire sect burst out flames from his body, and the flames quickly dissipated to the surroundings, covering all the shadow warriors that were rushing forward, and even Lin Xiang was submerged by it.


“Hiss~~It’s so hot.” The flames suddenly surrounded Lin Xiang, and a burst of heat was passing over him. Although Lin Xiang tried his best to control the flames, his ability was limited and his clothes were a little burnt. However, the flames soon dissipated.


The chef of fire sect walked in front of the old man Fantasy, and he yelled, “see? He can resist my flame, my flame! I believe in powerful humans, I believe in him! Since you are worried that he will cause damage to the Spirits’ Country, why don’t we lift the barrier now and let him return to the human’s world as soon as we can?”


Fantasy saw that Lin Xiang was not injured, except that his clothes were a little burnt, and he understood what this meant. The flame of the chef of fire sect can burn everything, at least the higher-level demons would burn into ashes in less than two seconds. Now that Lin Xiang could resist his flames, it proved that this human being is a genius in fire. It’s no wonder that the chef of fire sect was never this passionate when he was teaching the fire spirits that had won in the spirits’ contest. However, he’s a human being after all and they’re all greedy creatures. They would surely bring more wars.

“Well, I’ll give face to the chef and spare you this time. However, if you do something that puts the Spirits’ Country in danger, I will kill you myself. Now, we’ll go lift the barrier. Get out of the Spirits’ Country with Fire Dance and back to your filthy human’s world!” The old man Fantasy turned and left in anger.


The rest of the elders breathed a sigh of relief when they saw him leave.


The fat old man, Reikong, wiped the sweat on his forehead and said to Lin Xiang, “son, I think you are quite good, and you’ve got a nice personality. It’s so fortunate to make the chef of fire sect see your ability. It’s just a pity that Fantasy hates human beings so much, as his wife and children were killed by human beings. That’s why…” Reikong sighed and left with other elders.


“Sorry, son, I can’t teach you how to control fire because what Fantasy says actually makes sense to me. I’ve noticed that you’ve got quite strong muscles with your arms, I’m guessing that you are familiar with combat skills, not magic, right?”


“Oh? Do you know about combat skills?”


“Of course, not all spirits use magic. Some of them can’t, but they’d use some close combat skills. If you use combat skills, can you attach fire elements to your weapons?”

“No. And this is my only regret.”


“Well, I can’t teach you the skills of controlling fire, so I will teach you how to attach fire elements to weapons. Hopefully, when the spirits fully accept humans, I can then teach you everything I know.”


“Heh~~If you can teach me how to attach fire elements to weapons, I will be very grateful. But if you can remove the barrier quickly, I will be even more grateful.”


“Ha~ I see. You are the most special human being I’ve ever met. You seem to be really suitable to be friends with spirits.” The chef of fire sect smiled heartily. He brought a wooden stick from nearby and showed Lin Xiang a simple way to attach fire on it.


Lin Xiang was excellent in comprehending matters, and he learned how to attach fire to his weapon at once. He’s the fastest learner whom the chef had ever taught, although he had only taught a human being.


However, Lin Xiang’s learning ability was much better than those of the strong spirits. The chef of fire sect sighed secretly. And he thought that it’d be great if he could teach Lin Xiang more skills.

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