V7C19 Part 3

Lin Xiang held the stick with flames and waved it. It felt pretty good. Although it looked like the stick was on fire, it wouldn’t burn the wood to ashes. On the contrary, it’d just add a layer of element on the stick. Also, this element would add damage to the wooden stick.


“Then, I’ll go to lift the barrier now. You can leave now. Oh, by the way, don’t take a long way when you go back. I know that you must have hidden from the spirits that were guarding there. So, wait for me for a while here. I will look for a spirit in the inner courtyard so that he could accompany you. And you won’t have to find a place to hide. And you can go and find Fire Dance as well. Oh, by the way, who’s Silent Water that you just mentioned?”


“Uh…she is my spirit.”


“Oh, that’s not bad, you’ve contracted two humanoid spirits already. Young man, I really underestimated you.”


“Actually…” Lin Xiang really wanted to say that there were four spirits, but he decided not to tell after thinking for a while, “nothing, just worry up.”


“Ha~~it seems that you really care about them. They’re really lucky to have you as their master.” The chef smiled and walked into the shadowed area, it must be the inner courtyard that they’d mentioned.

After waiting outside for a while, a short spirit ran out, and it’s a cute boy. After he saw Lin Xiang staring at him, he said like an old uncle, “hey, let’s go, human. Really, what’s the chef thinking about? How could he ask me to go with this bastard?”

“Uh…is he referring to me when he says bastard?” Lin Xiang pointed to himself.


“Isn’t there anyone else? Bastard! Hurry up!” When the boy said so, he opened the door and planned to leave.


“Okay, bastard.” Lin Xiang laughed at himself before following.


After knowing more about this spirit, the fact was quite shocking. The boy was actually 100 years old, and no one could tell that.


“Well~ I am a purebred spirit, and my growth period is relatively slow. After 50 years, I will probably be as tall as you.”


“More than 50 years…” By the way, could Silent Water and the others older than 150 years old then?


“Don’t worry about this. Water spirits are different from this spirit. They are more inclined to humans. Haven’t you noticed that this boy has pointed ears?”


If Freed didn’t say so, Lin Xiang wouldn’t discover that this boy has pointy ears, looks like there’re different types of spirits too.

“You also grow up very fast, that’s really cute.”


“Hey, human, don’t describe me as cute, okay? Otherwise, I’ll beat you up. I’m a spirit from the sky outside the sky, and I’m naturally different from the spirits here. I feel like the spirits here are not much different than human beings. Those living in the sky outside the sky are real humanoid spirits.”


“Are you from the sky outside the sky?” Lin Xiang was shocked.


“Yeah. There are a few spirits in the temple who are from the sky outside the sky, like me. Those demons brought us back to the castle and prepared to eat us when we were young. Some of the unlucky ones were eaten, and I was led to a strange passage with them before coming here. Although the economy here was not developed enough and it was still scarcely populated, I liked it better as it was safe and harmonious, and the demons were also weak. It’s not like the sky outside the sky, anyone general there can destroy a team of capable spirits.”


“Wait, then do you know Fire Dance?”


“She? An elemental spirit. It seems that she and her mother came to live here more than ten years ago, but it was only a short period of time. Then, they returned to Delsa. I have to say that the spirits here are not very smart, but it makes sense since they live in such a comfortable environment. That’s also why we want to stay here instead of returning to the sky outside the sky.”


“Uh…I don’t understand some of the things you’ve said. What’s an elemental spirit?”

“Elemental spirit?” The kid spirit snorted, and he seemed impatient, “she’s a humanoid spirit formed by elements, and she looks quite like a human being. That’s why she grows relatively fast. At that time, she was almost as tall as me, and I think she’s as tall as you now?”


“Uh…that’s right. Then?”


“Then? There’s nothing. She’s a spirit formed by elements, unlike us. We’re real spirits, you know?”


“I don’t understand.” Lin Xiang shook his head. In fact, Lin Xiang didn’t understand what this spirit had told him at all.


“If you don’t understand, then stop asking. Bastards are indeed annoying. Even spirits here don’t know about the sky outside the sky. When they see that our ears are different, and that we can’t grow up, they take us as aliens. Only the elders of the Deli Temple have accepted us. So, you don’t need to know about it, and you don’t need to know too much. All in all, you can’t reach the sky outside the sky, so it’d be useless for you to understand.”

Lin Xiang really wanted to say that he’d go a few days later, but at this time, they’d already reached the center of the forest.


“Oh, Asi, where are you going? Huh? Why is there a human being?” When the guard spirits saw Lin Xiang, they asked.


“It’s all because you have done a poor job in guarding, that’s why he reached the Deli Temple.” The kid spirit looked as if it’s all their fault.


“Who would know that there would be human beings? Also, aren’t there symbols nearby? How could he not trigger any of them?”


“Let’s not talk about this, how are we going to deal with him?”


When the kid spirit heard that the guard spirits were planning something against Lin Xiang, he made a “no” gesture, “stop, don’t ever touch him. He’s someone appointed by the chef of fire sect, and I’m here to escort him out of the forest.”

“What? The chef has appointed this human? Is it true? We’ve been following him for such a long time and he didn’t even care about those powerful fire spirits, how could he have appointed such a weak human?”


“Hey, he is standing in front of you. What are you doing? Get out of my way, let me escort him out first.”


As soon as the kid spirit said so, the guard spirits all gave way. They started discussing something behind Lin Xiang as he left.


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