V7C20 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons



After talking with the 100-year-old “boy” for a while, Lin Xiang heard some movement in front of him, and it seemed that someone was coming over.


“Huh? Strange, why is someone here? I remember that no spirit is visiting the Deli Temple.” Asi raised his hand and made a “stop” gesture.


Lin Xiang stopped and looked in front of him with Asi. The noise became louder and louder, and Lin Xiang could hear some spirits talking.


“Why did master Remi do this? He is obviously a righteous person, why should he help humans enter that sacred Deli Temple?”


“I don’t know either. I really admire lord Remi. He is such an excellent person and he even won the competition of the strong spirits. He can obviously get the guidance of the elder of the thunder type spirits and Reikong, but he lost this chance after helping out the human.”


“Think more carefully. It’s possible that lord Remi didn’t do so. Doesn’t lord Myron hate lord Remi? He thinks that he’s better than them and he deliberately did this.”


“Hey, lower your voice. Lord Myron is behind us.”

“Uh, hurry up and ask if any humans have passed by the guards of the spirits in front. If not, then lord Remi must be innocent.”


Lin Xiang was listening to the conversation of the spirits, and he immediately knew that Remi had been sold by the two humanoid spirits he had encountered earlier. He just smiled at the time, and he didn’t expect that Remi would be reported by someone…


Asi’s pointed ears also moved, and he heard the conversations of the spirits, but his hearing ability wasn’t as good as Lin Xiang’s. He could only hear the spirits talking, but not some specific content of their conversation.


After they stood there for a while, there was already someone in front of them. And that person had seen Lin Xiang as well, who soon saw that the figure was running towards them.


“It really is a human being!”


“Brothers, catch him!” The spirits shouted.

When they ran to Lin Xiang, they found that Lin Xiang hadn’t even thought about leaving, and they looked at him in confusion.


“Hey, has this human become stupid after getting too scared?”


“If I found out that so many people are here to catch me, I’d certainly be scared to death.”


“Are you the human brought by the traitor Remi?” The spirit with green hair, Myron rode out of the group of spirits. As Asi wasn’t tall, and since the spirits’ gazes were fixed on Lin Xiang, they didn’t notice that a 100-year-old boy was standing next to him.


“Heh~ traitor? How is Remi doing now?”


“Rather than caring about the traitor, how about worrying for your safety? Come here, grab him and bring him back to the palace for interrogation.” Myron waved his hand, and several spirits came up with a rope.


“Hey, did you bastards deliberately pretend that you haven’t seen me? Or is it something else?” Asi finally spoke. After the spirits heard him, they only saw him after looking around.


“Huh? What is this? A human child?”

After hearing the words of the spirit soldier, the unwilling Asi immediately walked out.


“No, he is not a child, he is lord Asi who serves the elders at the Deli Temple!” A spirit with sharp eyes recognized the identity of the child.


“Master Asi?”


If it were before, they would definitely regard this kid as a different species, but now, he lives in the Deli Temple and serves the elders. In the eyes of the spirits, being able to serve the elders means having a high status.


“Huh? Lord Asi?” Myron naturally knew his identity. Apart from the elders, there were only more than twenty spirits living in the Deli Temple. And Asi was still a spirit who was called a freak before. Myron hadn’t even been born at that time. He’d learnt all this from his father. The reason for telling Myron this wasn’t because his father wanted his son to despise Myron, but he wanted his son to be more careful and not to laugh at him because of his height.


“Excuse me, why are you here?” After clearing his throat, Myron asked.


“I’m just walking out of the forest, why are you blocking my way?”

Lin Xiang didn’t expect this kid to have such a high status, it’s really unexpected.


“We’re here to take away the humans who have sneaked into the Spirits’ Country. I’m sorry that I have to block your way.”


“The human you are taking away is not this one, right?” Asi pointed at Lin Xiang.


“Well, that’s him, he colluded with Reisworth Remi, trying to cause trouble to the Spirits’ Country!”


“I see. Then I’ll leave it to you, I’ll go back first.” Asi yawned, turned and left.


“Hey, you 100-year-old kid, don’t leave yet. Haven’t you seen me in trouble?” Lin Xiang pressed Asi’s head, preventing him to leave.


“Look, he has done something to lord Asi!” Seeing Lin Xiang holding Asi’s head, the spirits pulled out their weapons one after another, preparing to attack Lin Xiang.


“Since they want to take you away, then I don’t have to follow you, right? Anyway, you are now accused of causing trouble to the Spirits’ Country.” Asi shoved away Lin Xiang’s hand and touched his messy hair.

Seeing that Lin Xiang and Asi were talking so naturally, the spirits all showed a confused look. Myron also had a bad feeling. He asked slightly carefully, “lord Asi, may I know if you know him?”


“I don’t know him.” Asi said so with determination.


After hearing Asi’s answer, Myron’s bad premonition immediately disappeared, and he said to his subordinates, “grab him, not only has he caused trouble for the Spirit’s Country, but he also hurt master Asi.”


“Hey, I just touched him once, OK?” Lin Xiang looked at Myron and he was a little unhappy.


Is this spirit going to kill me?


Just when the spirits were about to tie Lin Xiang, and Lin Xiang was about to resist, Asi walked up to Lin Xiang and said to him, “bastard, I’ll now teach you to treat people older than you. Be respectful, just like them. Don’t you judge me by appearance, okay? Bastard!”


After scolding Lin Xiang, Asi pushed away the spirits who came to tie Lin Xiang, and said to Myron, “hey, let me tell you, here I hand him to you, but don’t hurt him or I wouldn’t know what to tell the chef of fire sect.”

“The chef of fire sect!?” After hearing this, Myron was shocked for a while, then he asked, “what does this human have to do with the chef of fire sect?”


“What does he have to do? How do I know? I only know that he really sees the importance of this human being, and he even told me to personally escort him down the mountain.” Afterwards, Asi gave Myron a deep look, as if he was saying, “you may die if you still don’t get me.”


“Um…” There was sweat on Myron’s forehead, he was a wood spirit and the chef of fire sect was the representative of the fire type spirits. Despite this, he still respected the chef of fire sect very much. For the spirits, they respected all the elders no matter what attributes they had. The elders had a much more important reputation than the king. They were the guard of the Spirits’ Country, and there wouldn’t be the Spirits’ Country without them.”


Now, Myron knew very clearly what it meant if the chef of fire sect perceived this human being as a very important one. It means that he’d got the recognition of the patriarch. And if he still caught this human being, wasn’t he looking for trouble then?


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