V7C20 Part 2

“What’s the matter? Hurry up and take him back so that I can walk less.” Asi showed an innocent smile. Behind the smile, there was obviously a merciless sneer. He didn’t like this kind of spirits who look down on people. He was once taken as an alien and he felt sympathetic. Also, this human being had gotten the recognition of the patriarch, so he mustn’t be a simple material.

“Myron dares not do so…Oh, you are going out of the forest, right? Come on, use this, it’d be much faster.” Myron jumped off his horse and told Lin Xiang and the others to get up.


Seeing Lin Xiang standing there still, Asi hit Lin Xiang’s thigh and said, “Hey, I’m tired. If you want me to take you out, then get on the horse.”


“Oh, yes, yes.” Lin Xiang nodded.


At this time, Lin Xiang secretly sighed, that he really couldn’t judge people by their appearance, Asi wasn’t someone to be underestimated.


After riding the horse, they exited the forest easily, and they were even accompanied by some spiritual soldiers. This is something that Lin Xiang had never expected.


That chef of fire sect was really a good guy. He knew that Lin Xiang would encounter some troubles after getting out, and he deliberately arranged a spirit from the temple to escort him…


Lin Xiang thought of the ordinary-looking old man at this moment, and he really respected the chef.


“That guy is not good at all.” Yalide shook his head and refuted Lin Xiang.

“Why? I think that he’s quite nice really.”


‘He didn’t find a woman to accompany you, so what do you think? Look at this boy and he’s so cute, if it’s a girl, then wouldn’t she be a sweet Loli? Although they’re all old, they just need to be pretty and cute.”


“Hey, you filthy guy. You think about girls all the time. I really wonder if you haven’t seen any girls in your last life.”


“Now you’ve reminded me, Freed is quite pretty.”


“Yalide.” Lin Xiang looked disgusted, “I guess you’ve been enlightened sexually. And now you’ve got interest in a dragon that’s of the same sex with you? I am starting to worry the way you look at me when I take a bath.”


“Don’t mess around, I’ve got no interest in your body. But human beings are such amazing creatures, all of them have breasts, but girls’ breasts are so attractive, and down there…”


“Stop it. Don’t tell me what’s on your mind. I just hope that Remi is fine now so that I can look for Silent Water.”


“Hmm, by the way, how do you think of Silent Water? Look at her delicate and smooth skin…and Reidy is quite good too, as for Dusty, her breasts are not bad either…”

“Stop! You just need to think about these yourself, no need to tell me, okay?”


Lin Xiang severely despised Yalide in his heart, then asked Myron, “how’s Remi now?”


“Remi? He’s okay, he’s just trapped.”


“Actually, you already discovered me at the time, didn’t you?” Lin Xiang remembered how Myron looked at his direction, and that couldn’t be a coincidence.


“Yeah. But…” But you’ve been taken care of the chef of fire sect, so you’re really lucky.


Myron sighed slightly in his heart. He thought that it didn’t matter, since the human being didn’t need to be punished after being recognized by the chef, but Remi had to be punished for sure, since it’s a big sin bringing a human being to Mantilu.


“But what?” Lin Xiang asked again. If there was a choice, then Lin Xiang was very willing to be friends with these outgoing spirits like Remi, instead of these spirits who always got jealous.


“Nothing.” Myron shook his head. He had already seen the soldiers guarding the entrance.


“Ha, Myron, I knew you would bring him back, huh? Why did you walk and let this human ride a horse? Don’t you think it’s best to tie him behind a horse and drag him away?” Carey didn’t realize that Myron was winking at him and he looked at Lin Xiang angrily.

“Carey, don’t do it.” Myron walked over and shook his head at Carey.


Carey also saw noticed strange at this time, and he asked with some confusion, “what happened?”


“I’ll tell you later.”


At this moment, Carey also found the kid sitting in front of Lin Xiang, that was lord Asi from the Deli Temple, the child that never grew up.


“Hey, you…where’s Remi?” Lin Xiang asked Carey who was staring at him.


“Thunder? He is currently on trial in the palace. You must know that bringing humans into Mantilu is not a small crime.”


“Damn. This time I’ve really created a big trouble to Remi.” Lin Xiang sighed and said to Asi, “hey, although you took me out of the forest, can you help me explain this to the king of spirits?”


“That’s not what I’m going to do, I’m only responsible for sending you out.” Asi jumped off his horse and walked toward the forest.


“Hey, wait, can’t you help me?” Lin Xiang also jumped off his horse, blocking Asi’s path.

“Help you? Son, first, I don’t know you, second, I don’t admire you, and third, I only received an order to take you out of the forest. So, why should I help you?” Asi crossed his hands, looking at Lin Xiang.


“I know, but… please, help me?” Lin Xiang’s attitude was very sincere. If Remi was really punished because of him, then Lin Xiang would definitely be upset for a lifetime.


“Huh, you should’ve asked me as sincerely as this. Okay, let me go there for a while.”


“Thank you so much.”


Myron and Carey were afraid that Asi would help with Remi. They just heard that he was going back and were both very excited. Now when they heard that Asi was going to help Lin Xiang, they were like mimosa and withered immediately after being touched.




“Reisworth Remi, you’ve really got guts, how could you help a human being?” The palace hall was very spacious. At this moment, a group of spirits in luxurious clothes gathered in the hall, and it’s obvious that they were aristocrats.

There was a middle-aged man wearing a crown sitting on the throne. At this time, he was listening to the chief executive, Robin who was pronouncing Remi.


“That human is trustworthy, and I believe him, so I brought him in. My honorable king, I can guarantee you that he will not cause any harm to the Spirits’ Country.” Remi knelt in the middle of the hall and said in a very sincere tone, completely different from usual. At this moment, he didn’t sound domineering at all.


“Guarantee? What kind of guarantee do you have? We don’t trust you anymore! You are a traitor to the country!” The Chief Executive, Robin didn’t like Remi very much. Those imperial soldiers were all desperate to please him, but Remi hadn’t tried to please him at all. On the contrary, he always acted in contrary to his wishes. Now that he’s got an opportunity, of course he wouldn’t let Remi go so easily.


“So, how about punishing me alone? Lin Xiang really has something to ask the patriarch.”

If it was someone else, he would surely say that he had no idea why Lin Xiang was hiding in the carriage, but Remi was a responsible person and he admitted whatever he’d done. He didn’t refute when he was caught, and when he was in the trial, he only begged the king not to punish Lin Xiang.


“It’s even more a serious crime if you let him in and disturb the patriarch! I…”


“That old man, can you wait a minute?” Lin Xiang walked in and immediately attracted the attention of the spirits there.


“Guards! Where are the guards? The human just walked in!” After seeing Lin Xiang, Robin shouted for the guards.


“Actually, it was a misunderstanding.” A short figure walked in.


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