V7C21 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V7C21_The third fire-type spirit in the country


“Misunderstanding? Huh? Asi? Why are you here?” The chief executive was only two levels below the king in the Spirits’ Country. He would never be so polite to a servant who served an elder.


“Okay, I’ll just make it simple. This human being knows the chef of fire sect, so he came to the Spirits’ Country to look for him. Who would expect that he was blocked outside the city gate? And your attitude towards humans isn’t very friendly, that’s why he sneaked out. And he met this…um, Remi? Ok, he wanted Remi to help out, and as he did help, he came to look for the elder…sorry, I suppose that you should understand what I mean given your intelligence level?” Asi didn’t like Robin at all, he even despised Robin a little. When he first came to the Demon Realm, he was going to execute this kind of aliens.


Robin was furious, and there were flames behind him, “damn it, this is the main hall of Umbre, not a place where you can go wild. Could a human being know the great chef of fire sect? Don’t be kidding!”


“Oh, then do you want to kill me now? And that’s because I’ve helped a human? Then, the chef of fire sect might be at ease, since I won’t be beside him nagging. But you, since you’ll have killed this human, then perhaps you’ll turn into ashes. You know why? That’s because the chef of fire sect will be so upset and he’ll burn you into ashes.”


“What do you mean by that?”

“I’ve already said that the chef of fire sect really likes this human being. Before he left the Deli Temple, he wanted me to escort him out. Do you understand what I mean?”


“Damn it, of course I understand. What do you mean? How could the chef of fire sect know this human?”


“Well, wait a minute, I will invite him over. Wait, no, it’d be better that you come with me, then everyone will be convinced once I bring your ashes here.” Asi turned around, walked two steps and turned back to Robin.


“You…” Robin was speechless for a moment, and the flames rising behind him were also dissipated by the stimulation. If what this little bastard said was true, then he really couldn’t afford the chef of fire sect getting upset, but if he was just exaggerating, then the Spirits’ Country would be in danger…


“Robin.” The king, who was sitting on the throne and looking at Lin Xiang, finally spoke.


“This boy looks so weak. He’s not anyone who has the ability to put the Spirits’ Country in danger. Also, Asi has been in Deli Temple for so many years, we should be more respectful to him. Asi, can you swear in front of the almighty Dragon God and say that everything you’ve said is true?” The king of spirits looked at Asi sharply, as if he could tell immediately if Asi was lying.

“Of course it is true. I dare to swear to lord Dragon God. If I lie, then I will never grow taller.”

Although Asi was making an oath on the surface, he was thinking inside, “sorry, but I don’t believe in Dragon God.”


“Such an effective oath!” The king smiled, “well, it does match your personality. Then, what are you here for, human?”


“I don’t know if you know about Fire Dance, king?” Lin Xiang asked.


“Fire Dance? I seem to have heard this name before. Philip, do you know who it is?” the King asked the old man standing next to him.


This old man was called Philip, the housekeeper of the King, responsible for taking care of his daily life.


“Let me think about it. Oh, it’s the daughter of Fire who caused a disaster to Delsa 15 years ago.” Philip thought for a while, then said.


“Oh? Her? I remember the elder Alston had a prediction. What is it again?” The Spirit King frowned, as if he’s trying to think about the content of the prediction.


“My king, it was predicted that there would be a human being who’d contract with Fire’s daughter 15 years from then.” Philip reminded him.


“Oh~~That’s right, then, are you that human being?” The spirit king smiled to Lin Xiang.


“Probably so.” Lin Xiang also smiled at the spirit king.

“Heh~ You are such an interesting human being. You don’t know how to kneel when you see me, and you are not afraid of the many spirits here. You are very courageous. Now I somewhat understand why the chef of fire sect sees you as an important person.”


“Honorable King, please don’t be in a hurry to believe him, since all humans are creatures full of nonsense. If Asi said that he’s appreciated by the chef of fire sect, then there should be some evidence at least, what do you think?” Robin looked at Lin Xiang and his eyes were full of hostility.


“Well, it makes sense, then, young human, can you show evidence that the chef of fire sect likes you?” The spirit king supported his chin and he looked interested.


“Well, about that…I forgot to ask him to prepare some proof before I left, so I cannot provide any.” Lin Xiang smiled while shaking his head, looking pretty much at ease.


“Then you can’t prove that what you are telling you is the truth.” The Spirit King has seen countless spirits and all kinds of humans. He’s seen many young humans like Lin Xiang and he also killed some of them. Only Lin Xiang could act so calmly, he felt like he’s talking to an ordinary person, and he didn’t have the kind of enthusiasm when human beings met spirits.


In fact, Lin Xiang didn’t have the enthusiasm for the humanoid spirits as he’d transmigrated. At the beginning, a simple person like Lin Xiang would run toward Silent Water with excitement…

“You’re right. I can’t prove it.” Lin Xiang nodded.


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