V7C21 Part 2

“Then you are a liar. Guards, catch him!” Robin didn’t expect Lin Xiang that he’d admit having no evidence so quickly. He thought that Lin Xiang would at least try his best to find excuses. Robin was somewhat surprised, but he still asked the guards to arrest him the first thing. “Bastard, are you looking for death? I remember that your flames are powerful, right? Well, make some now and throw it to the old guy over there, then they’ll believe you.”


“Oh? What if they smash him to death? Then I will be sentenced to death. You know, he seems to be the chief executive or something.” Lin Xiang shook his head and rejected Asi’s proposal.


On the surface Lin Xiang did not agree with Asi’s proposal, but in fact, he was using another way to stimulate Robin. Robin was a fire spirit, would he be killed by a fireball? Wasn’t that a big joke?


Sure enough, when he said so, Robin became furious again, “wow! How proud you are! Let me tell you, human, if you can hurt me by your fireball and let it burn on me for one minute, then I will believe you.”

“Lin Xiang, don’t do it. Aside from the chef of fire sect and the councilor, he’s the third spirit of the Spirits’ Country in terms of fire control. I wonder if your fireball can even hit him.” Remi knew that Lin Xing was going to help him, but using a fireball to attack a fire-type spirit? And even a high level one? Don’t be kidding anymore. Also, in Remi’s eyes, Lin Xiang didn’t know any other magic skills besides his speed and close combat.


“Thunder, you can rest assured.” Lin Xiang gave Remi a relieved look, then pointed to Robin, “hey, you, don’t be scared in a while, don’t be burned to death, the third fire spirit in the country.” Lin Xiang didn’t care how many spirits there were, or how ridiculous or arrogant his words were in the ears of the spirits. In short, if he wanted to rescue Remi, then he had to prove to the spirits that he wasn’t as weak as he seemed.


“Burning me? What does it feel like being burned? I really don’t know. Come on, burn me to death. Just don’t make a low-level purple flame for a while to make us laugh. Come on, eh? Why are you closing your eyes? Are you scared?” Seeing Lin Xiang closed his eyes, Robin thought that Lin Xiang was scared and he laughed at him even more.


Asi glanced at the nasty Robin, with a childish smile on his face. The Spirt King looked at the boy in front of him curiously, not knowing where his confidence came from. After learning that Robin was the third largest fire spirit in the country, he even told him to burn Robin to death. Remi watched Lin Xiang’s calm performance, and with his own knowledge, he knew that Lin Xiang would definitely not do things that were uncertain. Could he have preserved his ability during that battle? And were there any hidden power? Remi became more interested in Lin Xiang, and he really wanted to know how much power the guy chosen by her sister had.

“So, Robin, right? Are you ready?” Lin Xiang opened his eyes, and the hall became dead quiet instantly.


Robin didn’t mind Lin Xiang calling him by his first name, as he was about to be executed anyway. Robin looked left and right. He didn’t understand what had changed in Lin Xiang’s body. He didn’t even see the slightest trace of flames. So, he walked down the steps and stood not far away from Lin Xiang. He smiled, “come on, stupid human!”


“Well, very good. Wait a minute, I will slowly gather a fireball and give you some time to regret.” Lin Xiang knew that Dragon Flame was a powerful existence for fire spirits. A dragon’s lifespan is a few thousand years, while that of a spirit if a few hundred years, how can they compare to dragons? Although Valarie wasn’t a thousand-year-old yet, she’s still an ancient dragon, and is it possible that her flames are worse than his?


“Make me regret? Son, I will give you time to make you regret. You shouldn’t have lied!”


Without any words, Lin Xiang looked at Robin with a smile on his face. Slowly, a flame emerged from the center of his right hand. After the flame appeared, it looked like a curved thin line, circling in the wind in a circular motion.


As Robin despised Lin Xiang too much, he didn’t really feel what kind of flame it was. He just looked at the little flame that Lin Xiang made, and smiled disdainfully, “you want to burn me to death with such a flame? Oh, I’m so scared, but I am not afraid of being burnt to death. Instead, I’m afraid to laugh to death!” The spirits near him started laughing out loud.

There was still a smile on Lin Xiang’s face. At this moment, the spirit king, his housekeeper, Philip were all looking at the flame in Lin Xiang’s hand and they frowned.


Was it an illusion only?


Slowly, there were more and more flames, and a fireball as big as of a table tennis appeared, constantly expanding.


Robin felt that something was wrong at this time. Why did such a little flame give him such a strong sense of oppression?


Robin tried to understand, he looked at the flame in Lin Xiang’s hand seriously, and immediately let out a cold sweat. Could that be…dragon flame?


“Oh, lord Robin, what’s wrong with you? Why aren’t you laughing? Are you tired from laughing? It seems that laughter is also a waste of energy. Look at you, you are all sweating.” After seeing Lin Xiang condensing the dragon flame, he was a little surprised. He knew that Lin Xiang had a certain strength, but he had never thought that he could control such high-level flames.


Although Remi wasn’t a fire spirit, he could also feel the energy and power of the fireball in Lin Xiang’s hand, and he couldn’t help but feel more curious about Lin Xiang. This boy wasn’t simple at all.

When the fireball expanded to the size of a volleyball, Lin Xiang held it in his hand and played with it, as if he was about to throw it. In the past, he didn’t know that he could even play with the fireball like this. He only knew how to aim at the enemy and throw it out. After seeing the chef of fire sect taking his own fireball, Lin Xiang realized that as long as he concentrated a little bit more, he could control the flames and turn it into a real “fireball”.


After spinning the fireball twice, Lin Xiang asked Robin who was sweating coldly, “so, lord Robin? Excuse me, are you ready?”

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