V8C16 Part 1

V8C16 Trial of the exorcist (5)


There were a few holes in the clothes and a few cuts in the arms. We walked on the road while feeling extremely tired. Unfortunately, it started to rain and we all got soaked. However, it also washed away the mud and blood stain on me. I didn’t know how long we’d walked, but we soon arrived at a cave.

The wild life in the sky outside the sky was worse than I expected. We even saw the iron-tailed wolves in the evening, what a dangerous scene.

They had strong defense power and they were resistant to lightning. Remi’s high-voltage lightning could only paralyze them for a few seconds, and they could continue attacking again. They were agile, and had with very sharp teeth and claws, especially the iron tail. If it was thrown into the air when coming forward, it would then be thrown at the enemy. If it was thrown inadvertently, the enemy would feel like being caught in an iron fan. If you ask me why I know it so well, it is because my chest still aches.

These iron-tailed wolves are not afraid of powerful enemies. When their companions die, they continue to move forward. We have killed more than two hundred of them, and the wolves behind them started being afraid. Actually, it’s not even fear, it’s just that they had enough food – the corpses of their companions.

Seriously, if I had a choice, I would rather choose to fight against the three werewolf demons I encountered in Fireback Mountain. Although there was a huge number of phantom wolves released by the werewolf demons, they were definitely easier to deal with than these iron-tailed wolves with life and a certain level of intelligence. They were also very cunning, as they specifically aimed at our joints and throat to bite. These places are the most important parts of human beings. Three guys were bitten into the arms, and the wounds were very deep. These wolves are apparently very powerful.

Now, I also understand why there can be no more than five people in a team, and that’s because when there’s danger, it could be difficult to escape with too many people. If there were only me and Remi, then we could either escape or attack without reserve. However, with more than 20 students, I was afraid to use my dragon power and so I didn’t use the dragon’s roar. Also, Remi dared not use a wide range of electric magic. That’s why we were in such an ambiguous situation. Apparently, it’s not that I wanted to get rid of them, as they all worked hard in defending against the wolves.

“I don’t know if there are any wild spirits inside. Just wait for us here, and Remi and I will take a look. When I see something outside, we’ll yell. Okay?” I told the exhausted students.

“Well, brother Lin Xiang, you have to be careful.” Ryoko said and she’s trembling a bit.

We were just fighting fiercely, and now it was raining lightly. It was getting dark and the temperature had dropped a bit. Our clothes got wet and they were pressing against our skin. It’s not strange that Ryoko and the girls were trembling.

“Let’s go, Remi.”

“Ok.” Remi nodded.

It was very dark in the cave, and when there was wind, it was making an eerie sound, and the sound of water droplets came from inside from time to time, making us feel uncomfortable.

“Remi, do you have any magic for lighting?”

After listening to me, Remi condensed lightning in the palm. There was golden lightning forming as a little ball in his hand, making a crackling sound, and it instantly lit up the dark cave.

The cave was two meters high, four meters wide and more than ten meters deep. Except for some moss, there were no other creatures inside. After making sure it’s safe in the cave, I called the students outside to come in.

The people outside immediately sat on the ground and rested against the cave wall, regardless of whether the cave was dark or bright.

Since I had good eyesight, I quickly adapted to the darkness. Although I couldn’t see very clearly, at least I could see how tired everyone was. The rain was getting bigger and bigger, and the girls were trembling more and more, I had to look for something to make fire.

I walked out of the cave and knocked down a big tree. I tried to ignite the tree with flames, but as it too wet, my flame only ignited for a few seconds before it went out. It didn’t work.

After cutting the tree into sections, I carried the logs back to the cave. By the time I returned to the cave, the students had recovered a little bit and were talking about interesting things about themselves. They didn’t mention how many iron-tailed wolves had been killed just now. It didn’t seem to matter anymore. Perhaps they’d got used to it and didn’t find it worth mentioning anymore.

This is the difference between the sky outside the sky and my world. If the people over there killed so many iron-tailed wolves, they would have been excited about it. While in the sky outside the sky, people living in such a dangerous environment and they must stay strong.

I put the logs down and wanted to use flames to ignite them. The students pulled me aside, sat and told me to rest. Those who could use fire magic began to use flames to ignite them.

It’s worth mentioning that their flame were not red, but yellow. I remembered this was caused by some pure elements.

When the mages were transforming their power into elements of nature, some of them couldn’t completely transform it into a certain element, such as the fire element. The flames released by the primary fire mages were purple. The temperature of this flame was relatively low, and the damage was naturally not that high. Therefore, only those who were innate or proficient in certain elemental magic could turn their power into this element.

When I was in class one day, I was bored and I started flipping through books. I remembered seeing a description of the ranking of the colors of flames from weak to strong – purple, blue, yellow, orange, and red.

Several students took turns to release yellow flames at the damp pile of logs. They didn’t look like they were going to be ignited at all. It was not like I did before, when the flames burned for a few seconds.

The boys releasing the magic did not give up, they continued to release the fire to bake the logs. After a while, the water inside was evaporated and the logs ignited.

As the place was not wide enough, we were divided into two groups and sat together.

Ryoko sat next to me, her lips turned slightly purple with the cold, and her face was quite pale. In the battle just now, she didn’t contribute much. Ryoko was an alchemist, her attack power was thus relatively weak. However, she still worked hard to help, and she expelled a lot of wolves who wanted to attack me sneakily. This really touched me.

After the battle, everyone had used a lot of energy. Although everyone was talking about some irrelevant topics at the moment and that they seemed fine, I knew that they must be cold and hungry.

There was a fire for heating, and we must find something to fill our stomachs. I quietly told Remi to stay there and protect them. He nodded, and I stood up.

Ryoko asked me where I was going. Of course I wouldn’t say that I was looking for food. I just smiled and replied, “I’m going to pee, do you want to join?”

“Brother Lin Xiang is so bad!” The girls scolded me lightly, and the guys laughed.

A girl lent her robe to me to keep out the rain. It was red, had a hood and quite big. I put it on and it just fit. After thanking her, I walked outside, and Azart followed me at this moment, pushing me out of the cave, “master, hurry up, I can’t hold it anymore there.”

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