V8C16 Part 2

“If you want to pee, how come you don’t just go? If I didn’t go, did you plan to endure it all along?”

“I was too exhausted and too lazy to go, but I felt so anxious after resting for a while. Also, I was in the middle and I dared not disrupt them.”

“Um…Azart, you have changed a lot. If it was before, I know that you wouldn’t consider so much.”

“Master, don’t think that I’m that bad. Actually, I’m pretty nice, but when I was in school, they might be jealous of the wealth of my family and nobody wanted to be my friends. In time, I began to have bad temper.”

“You don’t understand. It’s not that they’re jealous, they just don’t like your arrogant character.”

“Is that so…” Azart began thinking deeply. Those who’re involved usually don’t see things clearly. It took some time for him to get it.

I took him to the big tree not far from the cave and told him to do his business quickly.

“Hey, master, aren’t you going to pee?” Azart asked me when he saw that I didn’t mean to piss.

“I didn’t drink much water today. I am not going to do it. Return by yourself later on.”

“Master, where are you going?”

“I am going to walk around.”

“Wait, I’ll come with you.” Azart lifted up his pants and chased along.

“Don’t come, there may be danger.”

“But master, I worry about you.”

“You still worry about me with my strength? It’d be me worrying about you if you follow.” Although I had never used full strength in front of Azart, they were already impressed with me speed and power.

“That’s right. Master, don’t go too far, if something happens to you, those girls will definitely not spare me.”

“Ha, Don’t exaggerate.” I waved at Azart and left after seeing him go back to the cave.

Seriously, I had no idea where to go, as when I came, there was no river or anything on the road, and I didn’t even see a fruit tree. Suddenly, I didn’t know what to do.

The rain was getting heavier, and the robe helped me a lot. After walking for a while, I still didn’t see anything edible. Although I could go on without eating, the students probably couldn’t.

Freed and Yalide didn’t speak. All in all, we weren’t in the demon realm and they couldn’t give me any hints.

“Who said I can’t give you any hints? Son, climb up the tree and take a look. ’

It was Freed.

I looked up at the big tree. It wasn’t a fruit tree. There should be no fruits on it, right? With doubts, I climbed up a tree of more than five meters high with ease.

There was nothing on the tree, only branches and green leaves. I couldn’t help cursing, “hey, Freed, are you too bored? You want to see me climbing a tree only? I’m not a monkey.”

“You’re indeed a monkey. Come on, climb higher.”

According to what Freed instructed, I continued climbing up a little bit. I thought that he wanted me to climb to a higher place to check the terrain. Unfortunately, the big trees here were almost of the same height, and I couldn’t stand on top of the branches. That’s why my view was blocked by other trees. It was dark all around.”

Wait. No, there seemed to be a stream of green light…

Through the gap between the dense leaves, I saw a burst of green light. It was very small. If it weren’t for my good eyesight, it would be impossible to see.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“I don’t know, although I can hardly feel it, I know that there is an old spirit at least ten thousand years old. ”

“Ten thousand years? ’Which spirit has such a long life?”

“Do you want me to go there and check it out?”

“Yes, if you can.”

“Hey, don’t be kidding. You said that the spirit has lived for more than ten thousand years, so can’t it kill me easily? Do you want me to get killed?”

“Is there grass in your head? When did I ever harm you? That spirit isn’t evil and I can feel it from its weak aura. Also, it’s got spiritual power.”

“Maybe it’s a tree spirit with a beautiful face.” It’s Yalide’s horny and filthy smile again.

“To hell with it. After living tens of thousands of years, anyone would become an old lady. Yalide, don’t just think about beautiful girls all the time. Can’t you entertain yourself?” Freed got angry.

“I’m not interested in my own body, nor in your… ”

“I’m so mad at you. Son, you should decide whether you want to go or not. ” Freed thought that it would be a waste of time to talk to Yalide.

“There is a tree spirit with a beautiful face~” Yalide laughed. Fortunately, he was dead and he’s no longer a dragon god, and he could no longer become a human being either. Otherwise, he would be the first most wanted criminal ever.

“Who said that I can’t change back? As long as the dragons can, then I can as well, and I’m still the admired dragon god, Yalide. However, kid, you’re just too disappointing as you’ve got only a bit of dragon’s energy. Sigh…”

“Oh~ then I am contributing to women all over the world. ”

On a moonless night, the ancient road maze looked eerie. The surroundings were extremely dark, there was heavy rain and the leaves were rustling in the wind. Any girls left alone here would be scared to death.

The green light I saw on the tree just now had become invisible, I could only move vaguely towards its direction.

After walking for a while, I felt that I had reached the place where the green light was emitting. But my surroundings were still very dark, there was no light at all. I saw only the bushes with thorns, could I be inside?

I looked at the thorny bushes and they were like a grassy wall instead.

The big trees next to the road were about two meters next to each other. These thorny grasses stretched from one big tree to another, forming a net-like shape, seeming to stop people from entering. I burned the dense grass with flames for a long while before it dried up.

There were no roads deep in the woods, and there were luxurious flowers and trees, making it difficult to move forward. The deeper it was, the more luxurious the trees were. The rain stopped. At this moment, I saw the woods glowing green. Did I arrive there? I speeded up, shuttled between the trees, and soon reached the source of the light…


After I walked through the woods, I came to a vacant land. This vacant land was heavily surrounded by the ancient trees. I didn’t know where the green light came from, and it lit up everything around me. At this moment, I saw a human face on the opposite side. It was carved on an old tree.

The facial features were very distinct. The eyes, nose, and mouth were all engraved just like a real human face. Its eyes were squinted, and the wrinkles on the trunk were the wrinkles on the forehead, making it look like a grandfather.

“It’s really disappointing, he’s a male.” Yalide found it a pity.

“Hey! It’s not the point!”

At this moment, the squinted eyes on the tree trunk slowly opened, then I heard an old voice, “hey…here you are.”


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