V8C17 Part 2

“Wait, wait.” The old tree suddenly mentioned five turning points, which made me a little confused. It turned out that we were so far from the correct route.

After the old tree soul slowly explained to me the routes, I wrote it down, but it still didn’t mean that I’d still remember it the next day, so I asked Freed to help me remember it. That guy’s memory and insight was always good so I believe him.

“One more thing, this is the purpose of my conversation with you.” Finally, the voice of the old tree soul became serious.

“What is it?” I also knew that the old tree soul wanted to tell me something other than the way to reach the exit, so I paid more attention.

“The trees in the north told me that they felt an evil breath, and they seemed to be the demon race…”

“The demon race?”

“Yes, I don’t know if their feelings are correct. After all, the demon race has not been close to the city for a long time. Maybe they feel it wrong, but if the demon race is approaching, you and the guy with blonde hair better run.”

“Run?” The old tree soul’s words surprised me, “why did you say this suddenly?”

“The high-level dragon’s flames are quite effective to fight against the demon race. As I said, your flames are similar to that of dragon’s flames, so if you cultivate with heart, you may become a strong one in the future, but you are not yet mature. And that blonde boy also has amazing fighting power. I really don’t want to see people with potentials getting destroyed. The demon race is a horrifying enemy. Just remember what I told you, run if you see any.”

“Isn’t it a bit too early to say so? Also, it isn’t a must that the demon race will come, right?”

“It is true, but trees are the most sensitive to demonic energy. I am really worried that the demon race will come to attack Dakhla. The demon race has not made any large-scale actions for so long. What I am most afraid of is that they can replenish their troops and prepare them to attack in one blow. Just believe me, if you feel something is wrong or if you see the demon race, then run away. Your dragon’s flames will one day bring wounds to the demon race, but it’s still too early for now.” I firmly remembered what the old tree soul said.

The demon race? Are they going to attack Dakhla?

I had never seen what the demon race looked like, but I have been here for a while, and I could feel that the people here were afraid of them, just like the people over there who were afraid of demons. Even the strong ones here were afraid of the demon race, it must be much more terrifying than the demons…

“But the trees just said they felt the devilish energy. I don’t know how many demons there are in the demon race, so you don’t need to worry too much either. Maybe they’re just here for exploration…”

After talking about some more about the demon race, I thought of Ryoko and the others who were still starving, and I told the old tree that I had to leave.

The old tree soul reminded me a few more things, telling me that I was a good material and I mustn’t be destroyed by the demon race. Then, it gave me dozens of little fruits, “these are small nuts but they’re good to fill your stomach.”

I wrapped the fruit in the hood and bid farewell to the old tree soul, then walked out of the woods. After I did, it started to rain again, or I’d rather say that it’d been raining the whole time, it’s only that the rain was absorbed by something just now.

Looking back at the woods, the grass wall that I burned down grew out again, forming a new grass wall. Looking at the fruits in my hand, I thought of what the tree soul had told me…

When I returned to the cave, some students were standing in it, seeming to be looking for something. After seeing me, their nervous looks disappeared and they looked more relaxed.

“Master, where have you been and what took you so long?” Azart looked at me with a bitter face.

“I told you that I was out for a walk.”

“I should’ve come with you.” Azart said so, leaning against me and whispered, “master, after you left, the girls all asked me where you’d been. They started scolding me after I answered them, as they asked how I would let you go alone. But you insisted, and with your strength, what’s there to be afraid of? They’re really over worrying.”

“Azart, what are you talking about? Why are you lowering your voice? Are you gossiping about me?” Xiao Na stared at Azart angrily.

“No, no way.” Azart shook his head vigorously, as if he was afraid of his wife.

Although he looked domineering, he’d be afraid of his wife in the future, I seemed to perceive his future already.

After walking into the cave, Remi was sleeping with his head against the wall, he’s not worried about me like the students. I said, “Remi, they were all looking for me, yet you’re sleeping here.”

Remi opened his eyes slightly and said nonchalantly, “I told them not to look for you. But they were so worried. They knew how powerful you are and still over-reacted.”

“Even so, I am still very moved. It proves that everyone cares about me.” I glanced at the students there, and they all smiled.

“It’s really mind-blowing. By the way, have you found any food? I’m so exhausted without thunder crystals.”

“The guy who doesn’t care about me has no share.” As I said, I took out the fruits from the hood.

The fruit was green, about the size of a ping-pong ball. I really didn’t understand how these things that can be eaten in one bite could fill up the stomach. Despite this, I distributed them to the students, “I’m sorry, I found nothing else but this.”

The students took the fruit and held it in their hands. They didn’t mean to eat it at all, they just looked at the fruits. Did they dislike them as they were too small?

“They’re too…thank you, brother Lin Xiang.” After a while, Ryoko, who was standing next to me, said with a little bit of tears, she looked sideways and tears were flashing in the corners of her eyes.

“Sorry, Ryoko, I could only find these.” Did she cry as these fruits were too small?

“No, no, you were already great to have found one, also, now we have so many of these energy fruits…” Ryoko sniffed and tried to stop herself from crying.

At this time, I also found that some students were a little excited, and some were grateful, nobody disliked them. Azart also looked at me with lots of appreciation. Did they really not mind eating these small fruits?

“Excuse me, is this fruit very powerful?” I asked.

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