V8C17 Part 3

“It’s not just powerful, it’s super powerful.” Azart said excitedly, “master, this kind of fruit is called energy fruit, which is rich in energy, one with ordinary spiritual power can increase a certain amount of spiritual power after eating it. Aside from filling the stomach, anyone who’s heavily injured would have his body recovered more than half.”

“Is it that magical?” I didn’t expect such a small fruit would have this effect. Then, I suppose Ryoko cried as she wanted this fruit to help her classmate who’s injured.

“Yes. But master, how did you find so many energy fruits? As far as I know, these fruits are not produced here.”

“Uh… how to put it, a spirit called Tree Soul gave them to me.”

“Tree soul!?” The students called out excitedly after hearing my answer.

“Really? Is there really a tree soul?”

“I told you that the tree soul exists and you never believed me.”

The students all started discussing.

Azart even gave me a thumbs up, “master, you are so lucky that you have met the tree soul.”

“What is that tree soul? Is it powerful?”

Azart told me everything about the tree soul.

Tree soul is mutated from a tree spirit, it is said that there is a tree soul guarding every big forest, but few people have seen it, so not many people believe in its existence. Now, after I said that I saw the tree soul, some of the students who didn’t believe in the tree soul now completely believed in it, and they begged me to bring them to see it. I smiled and shook my head. Since the tree soul was not visible to ordinary people, it proved that it didn’t want to be in contact with other people. All in all, it had helped me before.

After the students saw that I refused to take them to see the tree soul, they asked if it had told me the exit of the maze. I nodded, and they all jumped up happily. They all said that it’s good to have me as a lucky star, while they hadn’t realized that they’d already passed the trial.

The students got even hungrier, and after earnestly appreciating the energy fruit, they reluctantly ate it. I have to say that it’s really a nice name, as I could see them getting obviously more energetic afterwards. They didn’t look tired anymore, and they all smiled happily.

“What’s wrong, Ryoko? Don’t you want to eat it?” I asked Ryoko.

“Mmm~mmm~” Ryoko looked at everyone’s happy smiling faces, then looked at the fruit in her hand, and shook her head.

“Do you want to use it to treat the person who helped you?”

“Yeah.” Ryoko nodded, “well, if it weren’t for him, I would be the one injured now, and maybe I would die.”

“That guy is a nice person.”

“Yes, he is.”

“But, Ryoko…”

“What’s the matter? Brother Lin Xiang?” Ryoko raised her head and looked at me, her blue eyes were twinkling.

“If Ryoko doesn’t eat now, then you’ll starve and you won’t be strong enough to deliver the fruit nuts to that person.” Afterwards, I gave my fruit nuts to Ryoko.

Ryoko looked at the energy fruit on my palm in surprise, then smiled a little, “brother Lin Xiang is such a nice person, but Ryoko can’t do so.”


“Because Brother Lin Xiang needs it more than I do. Think about it, brother Lin Xiang and brother Remi have dealt with so many things these days. You both must be tired.” As she said so, Ryoko glanced at Remi leaning against the cave wall. At this time, he was holding the energy fruit, facing the fire, as if he wanted to see through what’s inside.

“You guys didn’t eat today. And brother Lin Xiang had to use so much energy when he was fighting against the iron-tailed wolves, you must be hungrier than Ryoko. Ryoko is a girl and it’s okay not to eat one or two days.”

After listening to Ryoko’s words, I felt so warm. Since I’d given so much, of course I wanted to be appreciated too. I guess that’s what the nerdy Lin Xiang wants the most…

“Eh~Ryoko, you seem to have a bad tooth.” I pointed at Ryoko’s teeth.

“Really? Ryoko brushes her teeth every day.”

“Open your mouth, let me check for you.”

“Okay.” As she said, Ryoko opened her small mouth. It’s quite pink also. Yalide the filthy dragon obviously got curious again. He told me to put something in…well…that’s what I was going to do actually…

“Huh!?” Ryoko, who sensed a foreign body in her mouth, closed her mouth abruptly and looked at me with her eyes wide open, “brother Lin Xiang, you!” She stuttered, as if she’s a kid having a candy in her mouth.

“What’s the problem?” I pretended to not understand.

“No, brother Lin Xiang, I can’t eat your energy fruit…”

“Oh? Then, Ryoko.” I leaned my face towards Ryoko’s, “then return it to me.”

“Ah!” Ryoko was scared and stepped back, her round face blushed. What’s more interesting is that her pointy ears were moving and when I saw her like that, I smiled sneakily, yet I still said seriously, “I don’t mind your saliva on it.”

“I…” Ryoko was speechless for a while, and she was just staring at me blankly. After she yelled, some students looked at us. I stopped teasing her and patted her head, “Ryoko, you’re so cute, please don’t stop being cute. I am really not hungry.” Afterwards, I sat straight up again.

“Gu Dong~” With the sound of something being swallowed, Ryoko coughed, “cough~cough~”

“Hey, are you okay?” I quickly patted Ryoko on the back. Did she swallow the energy fruit I gave without chewing? That’s not good, although I reserved the smallest one for myself, it’d be bad for the body to swallow it like that.

“No…cough cough…Lin Xiang…brother…I…cough cough, I’m okay.” Ryoko answered with some pain.

“Sorry, Ryoko.” I patted her back gently, rubbing it from time to time.

“Really… Brother Lin Xiang, don’t tease me~”


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