V8C18 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C18_The badge of exorcist

The episode in which Ryoko swallowed the energy fruit soon passed. After that, Lin Xiang and the students were chatting and joking for a while, then cleaned up his body and clothes with the cleansing crystal.

The cleansing crystal is a convenient item, and Lin Xiang and the others used it to cleanse their bodies these days. There was no need to take off the clothes, as the crystal automatically released magic to help them clean up, and it could also be used to wash the clothes, a bit similar to dry cleaning. But every time they used it, the color of the white cleansing crystal would turn black. Lin Xiang listened to Azart’s words – as long as the crystal turned completely black, the cleansing effect would disappear.

Lin Xiang looked at the cleansing crystals of Ryoko. Although the girls were using it the same amount of time as the guys, the color was much whiter than that of the guys. Lin Xiang thought that the girls are indeed much cleaner.

After cleansing, everyone leaned against the cave wall to rest. The cave was obviously not spacious enough for them to sleep on the ground. Ryoko sat next to Lin Xiang and soon fell asleep. She slumped and finally leaned on his shoulder. Looking at Ryoko’s side face after falling asleep, Lin Xiang smiled and closed his eyes. And they started dreaming.

“Look at how well Lin Xiang and Ryoko match each other.” Xiao Na looked at Lin Xiang and Ryoko, and said to Azart.

“They look alright…” Azart comforted himself in his heart, that they were more like brother and sister.

“It looks like you don’t want to admit it, right?” Xiao Na naturally knew what Azart was thinking. In the past few days of trial, anyone could see how nice Azart was to Ryoko. And anyone would know why a young master would be so courteous to a civilian.

“No…nothing…” Azart looked at Lin Xiang, there’s no jealousy in his eyes, only admiration. He wanted to be a person like Lin Xiang, he wanted to look at things simply and not to be restricted by certain trivial matters, he just wanted to do his best to protect everyone.

“Even a fool would know that you like Ryoko.” Xiao Na secretly covered her mouth and smiled.

“Who said so…” Azart panicked, speaking a little unnaturally. He looked around. Fortunately, everyone was tired and was resting. No one paid attention to him.

“It’s so obvious! However, it’s not possible between you two.”

“Of course I know about that, I just think she’s cute, so I pay more attention to her, and I don’t mean to do anything else. Also, he’s my master, and there’s no way I could compete with him.”

“No, I’m not talking about brother Lin Xiang. Although brother Lin Xiang is very nice, and the girls like him quite a lot, this kind of feeling is not like a lover, but it’s more like a kind of worship. However, if brother Lin Xiang is fond of one of them, I don’t think she’ll reject him. I think Ryoko just treats him like an older brother, what do you think?”

“Huh? I thought that Ryoko really loves my master.”

“Impossible. Ryoko is a kind girl. She promised Naike that she would give him the opportunity to pursue her when he recovered. I can see that she was very moved at the time.”

“Naike? Why does this name sound so familiar?”

“He’s in the first class, and his family isn’t as rich as yours, but it can also be ranked in the top fifty. The dean of the school last time praised a student for saving the life of Ryoko, and that’s him.”

“Oh, I remember it now. I was just wondering why this name sounds so familiar. At that time, I was wondering who would be so stupid and willing to sacrifice his life to save the others. However, no matter how good the guy is, it is impossible to be compared with my master.”

“It’s indeed the case, but Ryoko doesn’t act casually. Although she has a good impression of Lin Xiang, she still gave Naike a chance. No girls could refuse someone who once saved their lives, don’t you understand it?”

“But…” Azart thought that he’d rather see Ryoko being with his master.

Xiao Na could tell what Azart wanted to say by looking at his eyes, simply because this young master was so easy to comprehend, “I know what you want to say, and I think so too. Brother Lin Xiang won’t lose to that Nike. I’m assuming that Ryoko is feeling complicated herself as well, since she’s not sure whether she really likes brother Lin Xiang or treats him rather like a big brother. Although she looks weak, she’s very strong at heart, and she won’t change once she’s made up her mind.”


“Don’t worry, although Ryoko was very moved by Naike’s behavior at the time, she still wouldn’t fall in love with him. After all, Naike had left a bad impression in her mind. And in that sense, brother Lin Xiang has an advantage. Think about it. Lin Xiang is a strong guy, but he is not arrogant at all. This is what we girls admire the most. Seriously, I was surprised when you bowed your head to brother Lin Xiang. I thought you would act arrogantly with your young master’s attitude or threaten him with your family’s status.”

“Hey, am I that bad in your eyes?”

“At least that was the case before, but I found out that you’ve changed a lot these days.”

“Then what do you think of me?”

Xiao Na looked up and down at Azart, and then shook her head, “please don’t assume that every girl is in love with you, okay?”

“Uh…” Azart was speechless for a moment. He now felt that this Xiao Na was born against him. Other girls cowered when they talked to him, while she talked to him without holding back. Sometimes she even yelled at him, and Azart always felt speechless when she yelled, as it really made him lose face.

“Hey, since you aim at your master, then try to be a person like him. At that time, there will be girls who like you.” Xiao Na smiled.

“And does that include you?” Azart somehow uttered this sentence.

After listening to Azart, Xiao Na looked at him carefully. This made Aizat feel a little uncomfortable. And he dared not look at Xiao Na directly. After a while, Xiao Na said, “Well, well, although I thought that you were no good, after a fight with Lin Xiang, I found out that you are actually quite good. You see, there are very few boys who can bow in front of their enemy. If you really become someone like Lin Xiang, maybe I’ll like you.”

“Really?” After hearing so, Azart jumped up happily.

“Don’t be so loud, okay? Don’t wake everyone up. Also, don’t you like Ryoko? Why are you interested in me now? Are all rich guys like that?”

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