V8C18 Part 2

“Don’t talk nonsense, I just think that you are a bit special. Until now, no girl except my sister dares to speak loudly to me.”

“Are you trying to tactfully call me bossy?”

“No, no.” Azart shook his head for fear of her misunderstanding.

“Okay, I know, young master. Just go to bed earlier, you’re still too young for a relationship.” After Xiao Na said so, she stopped talking with him further. Instead, she walked back to the group of girls and started resting, leaving Azart alone.

Remi listened to the conversation between them, as if he’d entered another strange world. He was not very interested in romantic relationships. For him, it is more important to fight with powerful people. Although he didn’t quite understand what Xiao Na meant, he also understood that Lin Xiang was a likable guy. After all, doesn’t his sister also like him?


When it’s late at night, the temperature dropped again, and the fire almost finished burning. Remi opened his eyes, looked outside the dark cave, and looked at Lin Xiang and the others.

Ryoko felt so cold that she completely withdrew herself into Lin Xiang’s arms, as did the other students, who were cuddling with each other.

After standing up, Remi walked outside, the rain had stopped, and the sky looked particularly bright. The stars were shiny. Remi knocked down two big trees, snapped off the branches and blasted the water dry with lightning. Then, he took a large pile of logs and returned to the cave, and he added the dried log to the fire which was about to burn out.

After doing everything, he returned to his corner and lied down. With the increase in firewood, the fire became much bigger. The students were not as cold as they were, and they didn’t need to curl up anymore. Looking at Lin Xiang’s sleeping face, there’s a smile on Remi’s face, “no wonder you like taking care of the others, it’s a really good feeling.”


As Ryoko was too cold, she hugged Lin Xiang with her whole body, just like a child holding a teddy bear bigger than herself. In the middle of the night, she felt better after Remi added the firewood. After sleeping all night, she woke up and felt a bit blurred. She felt that there was a hard object on her head. She touched her face and immediately woke up totally. At this moment, Lin Xiang was sleeping with his chin against her head. At this moment, she also felt something pressing against her in her lower abdomen, and after she looked down, she immediately pushed Lin Xiang away, and her heart was beating fast.


Lin Xiang felt something warm in his arms which was pushing him away, so he opened his eyes and saw Ryoko sitting not far away with her head down. Her red ears were moving and she used them to “knock” on Lin Xiang’s back, “good morning.”

Ryoko nodded and didn’t speak. Now she couldn’t say anything and her mind was empty. It was the first time that she had such close contact with boys. She was hugging Lin Xiang and slept all night in his arms…especially when she thought of what Lin Xiang had said last night, that he didn’t mind Ryoko’s saliva. When she thought of his smile, Ryoko felt that her lips had turned dry. In fact, Xiao Na had made the wrong guess, as Ryoko wasn’t thinking too much. It’s just that she had a rather innocent personality and she really enjoyed the time being with Lin Xiang. As for Naike, she only felt that he’d saved her and that she must pay him back.

“Ryoko? What’s the matter?” Lin Xiang asked, seeing Ryoko blushing.

“No, no, nothing.” Ryoko looked at the people around her, everyone was digesting the energy fruit that they were eating, and they hadn’t fully woken up.

Fortunately, no one saw it, otherwise, how could she face Xiao Na and the others…?

“Really? Did you sleep well last night?”

“Ah!” Lin Xiang’s casual question scared Ryoko and his head was even lower, “um…”

“Really?” Lin Xiang didn’t mind trivial matters and he didn’t think too much. When seeing the atmosphere was getting a bit embarrassing, he smiled, “everyone seems to be getting later than usual.”


“Uh…” The atmosphere was still not quite right, Lin Xiang asked, “are you hungry?”

“Hmm~” Ryoko shook her head.

“By the way, this fire has been burning for a long time.”



————The end point of D-level exorcist in Dakhla

The end point of the trial was set in the city of Dakhla. At the end of the maze, there was a teleportation array. As long as the trialists reached the end of the teleportation array, they could return there and accept the title. If the trialists felt that they couldn’t pass it, or if it took more than ten days, they would use the teleportation stone to return to another place in the city.

The destination was set up in a hall, and the hall was filled with all kinds of people, including commoners, nobles, elves and humans.

They were all waiting for their children to appear in the teleportation array.

Aiko was no exception. She was sitting in one of the hundreds of seats, playing with her hair with boredom.

“Really, that stupid grandpa. How could that kid pass the trial? Does he assume that everyone is like me and all of them can pass?”

Aiko had good luck. She and a few of her companions basically found their way out without encountering any wild spirits and teams. And they won the honor in just three days.

She had been there to wait for Lin Xiang since a few days ago. This was not her wish, but Qian Libing was nagging her the whole time and reminding her to pick up Lin Xiang. Otherwise, Lin Xiang might not know what to do. The most outrageous thing for her was that Qian Libing had asked her to pick him up since the second day, and she was really speechless, “grandpa, am I really your granddaughter? Back then, when I was in the trial, how come nobody picked me up? And how come you asked me to pick up an outsider? Also, it’s only the second day, you really think that he could complete it so soon?”

Qian Libing didn’t waste time in persuading Aiko. He just used pocket money to threaten her. Aiko had no other ways but to wait for Lin Xiang there. In the first few days, she just arrived there to sit for a while and left. However, Qian Libing got some news out of nowhere and told her to wait until the evening. Aiko saw that the sun was going to set and she yawned. She stood up and was ready to leave. Suddenly, someone said, “coming, coming.”

Aiko stopped curiously, as she wanted to see who had completed it first. Could it really be Lin Xiang? That’s impossible!

There was a dazzling light emitted from the transportation area, and everyone there squinted their eyes. Some even put their hands together, as if they were praying, as they really wanted to see their kids.

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