V8C18 Part 3

After the light passed, more than two dozen people were now in the teleportation array, and everyone there was in a daze. It’s not that they were shocked to see their children, but they had never seen so many trialists appear at the same time. They had seen no more than ten, and now, more than two dozen trialists appeared at the same time, which was really quite impressive.

“Roth.” A middle-aged woman shouted to the trialist on the arena.

The guy called Roth looked at the woman without a smile on his face, “Mom.”

Then, some parents recognized their children, and those who did not see their children congratulated the parents whose children successfully passed the trial.

Aiko carefully looked at the trialists that had appeared. Without seeing Remi and Thunder, she couldn’t help but shook her head, “sigh~how come I really want those guys to show up now? In that case, I don’t have to wait anymore…”

At this time, the teleportation array glowed again. After a while, a guy with black hair and a guy with blond hair appeared in front of everyone. They were panting a bit and looked very tired. With their appearance, those who have passed the trial started smiling. This made the family members there feel very strange. Why did they suddenly become much happier? None of them knew Lin Xiang and Remi, and judging from their appearance, they didn’t look like the people from there. What surprised them the most was that the guy with black hair had such weak spiritual power, just like a child.

Aiko wiped her big eyes in disbelief, and she stared at Lin Xiang and Remi without blinking. She showed a happy smile on her face. Of course, she was not really happy for Lin Xiang, she just felt liberated.

“Congratulations on passing the trial.” The relevant personnel walked up and gave them a few blessings, recording the messages of them having become exorcists.

Recording information is quite a simple task. They took out a crystal and told Lin Xiang and the others to put the ID card on it, and the crystal would automatically synchronize the relevant information.

The parents present were stopped by the guards, watching the moment of their children accepting the honor. The proprietress and boss of the hotel were also there. As there were not many customers over the last few days, they had been waiting for Ryoko since the previous day, and they were thrilled seeing their daughter having passed the trial.

Ryoko was also very happy. She was still worried before, but she finally breathed a big sigh of relief after seeing Lin Xiang and Remi being teleported over.

Just when they reached the ending point, Lin Xiang and the others saw a few big bears. The big bears had a bad temper and attacked when they saw Lin Xiang. Lin Xiang and Remi were covering Ryoko and drew away the big bear, so that Ryoko could be teleported over. Since they were worried about Lin Xiang’s safety, the trialists did not have the joy of success after the teleportation, and they only smiled genuinely after Lin Xiang and the others appeared. Without Lin Xiang and Remi, they’d rather not become successful, and that’s exactly what the students thought.

After recording the information, an old man walked towards Lin Xiang and the others from the corner, holding many cyan badges in his hands. The alphabet D was engraved on the badge.

“Congratulations, everyone, you passed the basic trial of exorcist in Dakhla. Now, on behalf of the Dakhla Medal Administration, I will issue you the D-level exorcist badge.” The old man said so, then issued the badge to Lin Xiang and the others.

Lin Xiang took the cyan badge, which was a little larger than an ordinary one, and found that it’s quite heavy. After receiving it, the other students were all very excited and they attached it to the arm on their clothes. Suddenly, there was a faint cyan light on the badge, which disappeared after a while

“Well, the badge has already recorded your information, and now it is only for your use. Congratulations on becoming a new exorcist. By the way, I haven’t ever tried issuing so many badges in one go.” The old man smiled, his eyes stopped for a while on Lin Xiang, and he left.

Was that the new guy that Qian Libing admired? He’s really someone hard to understand. After the old man left, the guards let the family members approach the trialists.

“My son, you’ve done really well.”


“My Keiko…”

“Mom… I succeeded.”

Most of the students hugged their parents tightly. Possessing the title of exorcist would now be a new beginning for them, as everyone wanted to become strong.

Those students whose parents weren’t there all surrounded Lin Xiang. They were really grateful for his help. If they hadn’t been accompanied by Lin Xiang and Remi, they’d already lost their way when they saw the earth buffaloes. And it’d be impossible to get to the finishing point. Also, Lin Xiang was lucky enough to be guided by tree soul, and they were particularly thankful for him when he drove the big bear away and let them get teleported first.

“Big brother Lin Xiang, big brother Remi, are you going back now? Please don’t go back yet. Please stay here. I believe that you can become very strong fighters.” One of the boys said.

“Right, right, brother Lin Xiang, I believe that you’ll be able to do so.” The students agreed. Lin Xiang and Remi brought them a lot of hope, making them feel that once they were with Lin Xiang, there’s no need to fear anything.

“Oh~I can’t do that, after all, I’m not someone from here. I still have to go to school in my world. Don’t worry, we will definitely see each other again. When there is a trial again, let’s participate together, shall we?” Lin Xiang smiled warmly.

“Well…” The students wanted Lin Xiang and Remi to stay, but what Lin Xiang said did make sense. After hearing Lin Xiang’s last sentence, they all started to hope for the next trial to come.

“Master.” Two of Azart’s entourage squeezed themselves through crowd and came to his side.

“Oh, it’s you guys. Hmph, I told you that I’d succeed. This time, there’s no way for sister to criticize me.”

“Yes, congratulations, master. When your father knows that you’ve succeeded, he’ll be very happy. Also, I’ve already told him about your new master, and he…”

“Don’t tell me that my father is going to look for revenge for me, I won’t accept it. He must know that I like being beaten up by my master.”

“No, no, your father is excited to know that you’ve changed, and he really wants to meet your master, so…”

“No, my master needs to go home now, tell him that we’ll invite master to our place next time.”

“Understood, master, do you want to celebrate with your father now?”

“No, I want to accompany my master, you can go back first.”

“I can’t do that. Your father had already told us that we have to return with you. Don’t worry, we’ll follow you discreetly and we won’t disturb you.” The escort carefully said.

“Whatever you want.” After Azart said so, he joined the conversation of Lin Xiang and the others. Aiko was looking at them from afar and she was very confused. These students were clearly more powerful than Lin Xiang, how come they all treated Lin Xiang as their world?


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