V8C19 Part 1


Simple Life of Killing Demons


Lin Xiang and Remi bid farewell to the students after returning to the hotel with them.

“Brother Lin Xiang, brother Remi, you have to come back some day.”

“I look forward to participating in the trial with my big brothers next time.”

“Take care, brother Lin Xiang, brother Remi.”

More than two dozen students said goodbye to Lin Xiang and Remi. They obviously had a lot of words to say, but they couldn’t say them loud. They also understood that Lin Xiang was only returning home, it didn’t mean that he’d never come back, so they weren’t too sad.

“Ryoko, be a good girl, okay?” Lin Xiang patted Ryoko, who lowered her head silently.

Ryoko raised her head to look at Lin Xiang. She felt somewhat strange, and she could only nod.

“Well, everyone, we shall see you soon.” Lin Xiang didn’t think that he would be back to the sky outside the sky in a short time. After all, it’d soon be summer holidays. According to Qian Libing, he was going to Dragon Race Village to learn Dragon’s Roar or something.

“Brother Lin Xiang, brother Remi, goodbye.”

“Well, goodbye, everyone.” Lin Xiang waved his hand to these students a couple of years younger than him. After spending so many days together, Lin Xiang really enjoyed the time with them a lot. He felt like his lost childhood was back. All in all, he spent most of his childhood on fights, aside from Takahashi, he didn’t have many friends…

Remi was not good at talking, and after saying goodbye to everyone, he left with Lin Xiang.

Aiko was standing outside the door and waiting for Lin Xiang, she put down the mind stone in her hand and sighed, “grandpa, you’re so stupid!”

She was just using the mind stone to talk to her grandpa just now, and he was thrilled to learn that both passed the trial. He told Aiko to invite them for celebration at home and it made her upset. She initially thought that she wouldn’t have anything else to do with them. Also, since she’d never brought any guys home, this made her even more unwilling. Although Remi was handsome, he’s not her type…

The handsome guy that Aiko was referring to was of course Remi. Thanks to his blonde hair, he’s one of the most handsome guys for the girls. Also, since Lin Xiang didn’t pay attention to his outfit, he looked more ordinary.

Seeing that Lin Xiang and Remi came out so late, Aiko immediately vent her anger on Lin Xiang. Why not on Remi? Because Lin Xiang was easier to be bullied.

“Seriously, what have you been doing? It’s really rude to let a girl wait for you.”

“Sorry, sorry.” Lin Xiang saw that Aiko was angry again and he immediately pacified her, he really didn’t want Aiko to bite him again.

“Huh~” Since Lin Xiang admitted being wrong, this put Aiko in a great mood. Sure enough, people with poor ability are easier to be bullied. Although Aiko was a little curious about why Lin Xiang could be recognized by those two dozen students, she did not want to ask more. If she had to explain why, it’s all because she had little interest in Lin Xiang. Many girls wouldn’t want to find out more of things that they weren’t interested in, Aiko was just one of them.

“Then let’s go back. Thanks for all your hard work.” Lin Xiang said sincerely.

How Aiko wanted to smile and nod, saying it hadn’t been hard work at all. But now, instead of taking Lin Xiang back to the human’s world, she was going to take Lin Xiang back home. Aiko could have just brought them back to the human’s world, yet she had to convey Qian Libing’s message.

She didn’t know what Lin Xiang had done, since her grandpa, who’d been spoiling her all the time, started to control her because of Lin Xiang. When she thought of that expensive bottle of milk and that woman’s evil look, Aiko made up her mind, “grandpa told me to invite you for dinner at my place.”

Please, tell me that you don’t want to go.

“Um…well, I want to see grandpa Qian Libing too.” Lin Xiang nodded after thinking for a while.

“Ah…” Aiko looked at Lin Xiang blankly for a while, then said, “my place is quite far, you know?”

“Oh, it’s okay.” Lin Xiang thought that Aiko was worried about their physical strength after the trial, and he had no idea that Aiko just didn’t want them to come over.

“It’s really far away.”

“I”ll be okay.”

“It’s on the northeast side of Dakhla.”

Lin Xiang and the others were now located to the south of Dakhla, and it’d be indeed a bit too far to go to the northeast.

“No problem with that.”

“Oh, by the way, now I remember, the teleportation array is broken, and we can only be teleported to the north. Then, we’ll need to walk in the wild and get back to the east. It’ll be quite dangerous.”

“Well, it’s okay.”

“Ah, you guys…” After saying so much, Lin Xiang still insisted to go, he really couldn’t read girls’ mind.

“Hmph, don’t tell me that you’re tired then.” Aiko dropped a word and turned away.

Lin Xiang didn’t know what was wrong with her, and he didn’t say much. He asked Remi to follow and walked behind Aiko.

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