V8C19 Part 2

After being teleported from the southern area to the northern area, it would take two hours to go out into the wild and return to the northeastern area. Initially, it’d only take ten minutes, and Aiko deliberately made it more than two hours. However, since she already said so, she could only do so. She couldn’t tell them that the reason why she did that was because she didn’t want them to go to her place.

After they arrived the teleportation area and paid the fees, Aiko, Lin Xiang, and Remi were teleported to the northern area of ​​Dakhla. At this time, it was getting dark and grey, and it seemed that it was going to rain. Aiko took Lin Xiang and Remi to the gate of the North District.

There were no people at the city gate, only a few soldiers were guarding. Seeing Aiko coming over, they asked, “what are you doing here?”

“Get out.” Aiko said simply, since she had a really bad mood.

Getting out of the city was not the same as entering the city. One needed to go through a test to see if the person is a pagan or a demon apprentice. When leaving the city, there was no need for a test, so the soldiers didn’t say much, they just directly let Lin Xiang and the others leave.

The northern part of Dakhla did not have as many trees as the southern part. It had mostly stones. After leaving the city, they saw that the surrounding area was even more rocky. There were only a few old trees stand on the yellow stones not far away.

At this time, Lin Xiang remembered the words of the old tree soul, that the trees in the north area could sense devilish energy. Lin Xiang looked around again. There were small hills everywhere. It felt a bit weird, so he suggested to Aiko, “shall we return to the city?”

“Why are we going back?” Aiko replied without much energy, as she felt a bit numb.

“There may be danger here.”

After hearing Lin Xiang’s words, Aiko immediately became more energetic, as that’s what she was looking for.

“Danger? No way, there are soldiers stationed in the front, it’s okay.” Although Aiko said that it’d be alright, she tried to make it sound as spooky as possible.

“Is that so? But if there is something coming from the demon race, can those soldiers resist it?”

“The demon race?” After hearing Lin Xiang’s words, Aiko was stunned. She thought Lin Xiang was scared, so she said, “ahhhhhhhh, right, the demon race is very powerful. Those soldiers will definitely not be able to resist it. And if you want to come to my place, you can only go around from the outside. There is no other way…”

“Is that so…”

Seeing Lin Xiang hesitated, Aiko continued, “ there’s no need to be afraid, it’s just the demon race, and I can deal with it. Don’t be scared, although I live far, I can still take you over there.”

“Well…or just forget it this time?”

“Yeah! Uh…what I mean is, it’s not a good idea, since grandpa will be unhappy.” Aiko pretended.

“It’s okay, I can explain to him.” Lin Xiang worried about Aiko’s safety and didn’t want her to take risks for a dinner.

“I see.” Aiko looked a bit difficult, yet she’s sooo happy. That’s what she wanted, “okay, then I…”

“The people over there, stop!!!” Suddenly, there was a male voice from behind Lin Xiang. After he turned around, he saw more than a dozen soldiers coming out of the door, all of them wearing armors, they were also with swords and magic wands.

“What are you doing? It’s such a big fuss.” Aiko was looking at the soldiers coming out of the city with confusion, and she said to Lin Xiang a little jokingly, “hey, what have you been doing? Are these soldiers coming to arrest you?”

“No…It seems that what the tree soul told me is true.” Lin Xiang’s expression became serious, and Yalide told him that a devilish energy was coming towards them.

“What tree soul…what are you talking about?” Lin Xiang’s serious expression made Aiko very puzzled. It was her first time to see Lin Xiang look like this.

“Who are you exactly, people from that side?” A middle-aged man with less clothes among the soldiers asked loudly. He was the captain of this group of soldiers.

“We are just passers-by.” Aiko couldn’t figure out the situation at all. Lin Xiang’s expression was so serious, did he really do something bad? If Lin Xiang knew what Aiko was at this time, he would definitely get speechless. Did he really look so useless in her eyes?

“Sir, they are the people who have just left the city. They should not be demon apostles.” said the guard who saw Lin Xiang leaving just now.

“No, safety is our top priority. Who knows if they deliberately lure us into traps?” The captain pointed at a soldier casually and said, “go and check if there is anything suspicious about them.”

The soldier nodded and walked in Lin Xiang’s direction. He felt very nervous.

After Lin Xiang and others went out, they received bad news from the soldiers stationed outside the city. A demon squad was fighting with them. The people on their side suffered heavy casualties. After saying the last sentence, that soldier on the call made a miserable cry, the soldier in charge of taking the news was terrified.

Although the Demon Squad was very common, the soldiers were not particularly strong, so it was a bit difficult to deal with. Upon hearing the news, they immediately asked for support from the city, put on their equipment and went out of the city to resist the demon race’s attack. They happened to see Lin Xiang and the others standing outside the city gate, saying something.

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