V8C19 Part 3

“You are not allowed to move, otherwise we will launch an attack, understand?” The soldier commanded Lin Xiang.

Aiko nodded quickly, since she was still a student, she wasn’t used to feeling pressurized.

“Okay, yes, just stand still.” The soldier slowly approached Lin Xiang and the others. Suddenly, Lin Xiang’s brow moved, and when he wanted to say “caution”, there was a crack under his feet moving quickly to the soldier. The soldier, who was just in front of him, was immediately stabbed through by something from the protruding ground. From the soles of the feet to the head, blood splashed all over the ground, there was also blood spilling out from his eyes and nose, and he died very tragically.

The soldiers present were all frightened. Someone shouted, “they are the bait of the demon race!”

“Avenge for Meyer!” The soldiers rushed towards Lin Xiang furiously.

Aiko couldn’t react, as she could only look at the dead soldier’s horrifying corpse. She was completely frightened. She couldn’t take intermediate quests if she hadn’t reached level A of exorcist. She could just kill usual demons occasionally, which were some ordinary tasks of the lower levels. She had never experienced such an overwhelming scene before, and now the soldier’s death shocked her too much.

Lin Xiang felt the same. When Yalide told him that the devilish energy had approached, the soldier died in the next second. Although it was not the first time he saw a dead person, he couldn’t accept it. Even for Remi, who’d been used to seeing corpses, found this scene very disturbing. He reminded Lin Xiang, “hey, it’s not looking good, these soldiers are all rushing towards us frantically.”

“Ah, those guys in the back must be watching the show.” Lin Xiang could feel that there were a lot of creatures that resembled demons behind the hill.

“Calm down, everyone. The seceder in the demons likes watching humans fighting each other the most. Be careful not to fall into the trap.” The captain said calmly, but the soldiers seemed to be crazy, and the battle technician took up his weapon and rushed towards Lin Xiang, while the magician was getting his magic ready.

“Wait, wait!” Aiko looked at the soldiers waving their weapons toward her, and waved quickly.

“Remi, hold them back.”

“Yeah.” Remi said so, and he condensed lightning in his hand, trying to “awaken” the soldiers who were rushing over.

Upon seeing this, the captain of the soldiers closed his eyes quickly. Then, he put together his palm and released a burst of magic on the hill not far away.

With a loud bang, everyone was taken aback by the attack by the captain, but most of the soldiers were wondering why he didn’t attack the demon apostles.

“Everyone, be careful, don’t be dazzled by your rage. The demon race was best at irritating humans, causing them to murder each other. Haven’t you been too emotional just now? What if you were in an ambush just now?” The captain’s words made the soldiers suddenly realize their risk, and they all retreated, staring at Lin Xiang and the others cautiously.

“Lin Xiang, why did you have to mention the demon race? Now we’re taken as the demon race…” Aiko scolded Lin Xiang. Suddenly, there’s a voice behind them that sounded cold, “how come there’re still a few smart ones among you humans?”

After hearing this voice, the soldiers all looked around vigilantly. After a while, a short, ugly creature walked out from a hill attacked by the captain.

“That’s… Sisit?” The soldiers shouted after seeing the little creature clearly.

“I told you that you wouldn’t succeed, we are the demon army, you actually made us hide for your stupid internal fight.”

A tall humanoid creature walked out. It had strong limbs and a face that looked a bit like a beast. It was flat, with a few sharp teeth sticking out. There were slight scars all over the body. It is easy to see that those were wounds left after a battle.

“The dark orcs have appeared!” The soldiers put on a defensive posture one after another.

“What? Just some garbage. Let us start killing immediately instead of just disrupting their order, I haven’t heard the cry of despair of human beings.” Another spider-like creature walked out and it’s all dark. There were only five arms on its body and each one was holding a weapon of a different size.

“Ghost Face Spider!”

“A D-level demon soldier.”

“There are three D-level demon soldiers, so there must be generals…” The soldiers couldn’t help shaking, and a surge of blood rushed towards their head. They were not afraid, but excited. Although it was not a super powerful demon race, it would still be a great honor if the soldiers could kill one of their generals.

At this time, a C-level Demon General with a huge figure appeared. It was wearing armor, a helmet, and there was a large scimitar hung on his waist.

Generals of the Demon Race were very common in the Demon Race Legion. They had their own teams. And each team had amazing combat power, their power was at least equal to that of twenty exorcists above level B. After fighting with the ten soldiers stationed outside the city just now, the number of the demon squad was obviously reduced by three-fifths. However, those who died were all weaker soldiers. The strength of a demon army mainly depends on the general and the three demon lieutenants. A ten-man squad, under the attack of the demon squads, was able to destroy most of the demons, and they’d really given their best effort.

The Ghost Face Spider waved the weapon in its hand. It was very unhappy. In the battle just now, three of its hands were cut off, and it really wanted to take revenge now.

The demon general used his hoarse voice to utter a word that’s difficult to understand, “kill!”

As soon as he yelled, some strange-looking monsters crawled out from different places. There were more than fifty of them, which was only two-fifths of the demon soldiers remaining after the battle. It was easy to understand how much the soldiers stationed outside had resisted.


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