V8C20 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C20_The plan starts

It was getting very dark, and occasionally, they could see lightning also. Outside the north gate of Dakhla, there were several humans and demons. There were piles of corpses of monsters near them, and there were also broken weapons and arms of human beings. The corpse and blood formed a small lake, showing how fierce the battle had been.

The dark orc grabbed a soldier screaming for help and held him high. The soldier’s companion hurriedly attacked the dark orc. The dark orc had thick skin and didn’t feel any pain. When he pulled it lightly, the soldier turned into two halves, and blood and internal organs slipped from its head. The scene was very bloody.

“What? These guys are much weaker than the ones I met just now.” The ghost face spider only had three arms left, and there was black blood flowing out of the cut arms.

“Even so, a lot of our men died.” The dark orc threw the soldier’s body casually, looking at the very nervous soldiers.

Lin Xiang and the others were guarded by the soldiers.

In the previous chaos, Lin Xiang didn’t know what to do. The soldiers thought that they were demon apostles and attacked them. The demon race also attacked as they were humans. Fortunately, the captain of the soldiers noticed the cyan exorcist badge on their arms in time and knew that Lin Xiang and his friends were not members of the demons, and ordered his men to protect them.

Demon apostles were also ordinary spiritual beings before they became apostles. They also had titles and so on, but after becoming demon apostles, the color of their badges faded and turned dark black.

“You guys, hurry up and send these newcomers back.” The captain commanded the remaining six soldiers.

“We can’t, sir. That Sisite had used special magic. They can’t enter the city gate, and we can’t return to the city either. Also, the teleportation stone has become invalid.”

“Damn! They are just newcomers, and they’re even younger than us, their future is also better than ours. We must protect them.” The captain looked sharply at the three demon lieutenants standing on their brothers’ corpses.

The burly, armored demon general hadn’t moved at all, he was just watching his men fight with the human soldiers. The order he received was to disrupt Dakhla’s stability, so that the apostles could reach the continent and release the demon king. So he didn’t mind whether he could enter the city, and he also knew that the humans that he saw now were of the lowest class, and he still hadn’t seen the most powerful ones. When those humans showed up, then he’d also give the most strength. For the demon race, it’d be an honor, as the demon race was never afraid of death.

“It turned out to be a demon squad…then it’s not looking good, as we can’t fight them alone…” Aiko looked at the seven soldiers around them, five of them were exorcists of level B and one was on level A. The most powerful one, and that’s the captain, was a demon hunter of level D. There were still a few small demon soldiers, and Aiko could handle those of level E, but she could only make one of level D heavily injured with her full strength, but now there were three of them in front of her…

“Remi, what do you think?” Lin Xiang had seen many soldiers dying in front of him, and he felt really depressed. He was furious too, yet he dared not attack without being sure what would happen. Freed also told him that fighting against the demon race would not be like fighting against demons. They had to find out the opponent’s abilities and launch a surprise attack. After all, fighting with the demon race could get them killed anytime.

“They’re very powerful. It’s my first time seeing such a fierce demon.” Remi looked very serious. Since he’s a spirit, he didn’t need to worry about the wellbeing of humans, yet he cared a lot about Lin Xiang, as he’s the master of Reidy. Also, he thought that Lin Xiang was a special human being, and since these dark creatures were even more powerful than the ones he’d seen before, he couldn’t guarantee Lin Xiang’s safety.

“Okay, humans, are you ready to die?” The ghost face spider wielded three weapons, stabbed a soldier who fell to the ground but had not died, opened his bloody mouth and swallowed the soldier’s head even with helmet on.

“Damn!!!” The soldier gasped roughly, he was furious, as he could only watch his companions being killed. The rest of the soldiers who survived were also worried. The strength of the Demon Squad was not too strong. They thought that they could kill the Demon General. Now that the Demon General had not taken any action, half of his companions died already.

However, the companions who died had tried their best to attack, and there were not more than fifty demon soldiers left. There were only three minions and three demon lieutenants, and a demon general holding them against them. By looking at the number, the humans still had some advantages, at least that’s how the soldiers comforted themselves.

————In the city.

“Have you heard about it? The North Gate is being attacked by the demon race.”

“Really? How big is the demon army? Is it a squad or a proper army?”

“It’s a squad led by a general demon, those soldiers are almost unable to hold it.”

“Where are the guards? Where are they?”

There are differences between soldiers and guards. General soldiers are people with relatively low ability. Most of them are exorcists who have not been promoted. As they have not reached a new level, those exorcists can only serve as soldiers, and their usual lives were also quite peaceful, so casualties rarely happened. Now the Demon General was leading a team to attack the city, and soldiers with only the ranking of exorcist naturally did not have the ability to fight back.

The guards were different. Their strength was basically above the demon hunters. Because of their strength, they didn’t need to patrol around like soldiers, they could go outside to practice. They only took action when there were some difficult incidents inside the city, such as someone causing a trouble and when the soldiers couldn’t fight back the troublemaker.

The strength of a general demon squad is equivalent to the strength of twenty exorcists of level B, but if the guards want to attack, a few of them would be sufficient.

Even if the captain of the soldiers with Lin Xiang was a guard, that is, a level-D demon hunter, he could still win when facing one demon lieutenant. However, there were now three of them, including one demon general that they’d never touched…

“The guards are now trying to get out of the city gate. The city gate is frozen by Sisite’s magic. You know, demon races like Sisite really like the fear and anger of human beings, and they grow stronger when people are more scared. I think the reason so many guards could not open the city gate is that Sisite absorbed the panic of the people in the city, and his magic power increased so much that it has become impossible to break through.”

“Just now, someone was yelling in the street. He’s saying something like the demon army is coming to attack Dakhla, which made me scared to death, but now, I stopped worrying so much after you told me that it’s a demon squad. Let’s go and tell the people in the city so that they can stop worrying. After knowing that it’s a demon squad, I think they don’t need to be so scared anymore, and then we can open the city gate.”

“That’s right, let’s go.” Several calmer people took action, thinking to calm down the residents who were panicking.

However, the transmission of the message took time.

For example, after Qian Libing, who was initially resting at home, only learned that the north gate was attacked by the demon race. After knowing that it’s the demon army, he got scared and instantly thought of the safety of Lin Xiang and Aiko. However, since Aiko hadn’t returned yet, it meant that they were still in the south, and that calmed him down a bit.

However, after hearing about the demon army, Qian Libing felt that something got stuck in his chest. He knew what that meant. And he knew that the demon race wanted to take over the city.


“The demon army is attacking Dakhla. The north gate has been lost. Hurry up and run for your life.” In front of the Xixixiu Hotel, a man in a black robe ran past. He yelled as he ran, and people all showed signs of fear when they heard him.

The two dozen students hadn’t left the Xixixiu Hotel. They had planned to celebrate that night, yet after hearing the news, all of them became restless.

“How could this be…the demon army is coming to attack Dakhla…”

“Damn it, how could this be…we worked so hard to pass the trial…”

The students all showed a miserable look.

“Hey! I’m talking about you, what nonsense are you spreading? Why are you all acting like you’re dying? Are you stupid? Even if the demon army has taken Dakhla, couldn’t we run? Do you want to die so much and stop practicing with our master?” Azart yelled and sounded like a real master.

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