V8C20 Part 2

In fact, Azart also felt overwhelmed.

“Wait, have we lost the north gate? Ryoko went to see Naike in the north!” At this moment, a student suddenly reacted.



Like the man in a black robe, there were different people wear black robes on the streets shouting that the demon army would capture Dakhla, and that Dakhla immediately fell into chaos. In fact, it’s not that all people there got scared easily. It’s only that if the demon army was really attacking Dakhla, then it’d definitely mean the end of Dakhla. There were many demon armies, and aside from the demon race on the ranking of demon generals, the monsters and insects alone could destroy a village or feast on human flesh. And since they were always so numerous, when they fought together, even battle angels might find it a headache.


“How are things going?” In a dim aisle, there was a group of men in black robe.

“The eastern district is already in chaos.”

“And the west too.”

“And the south as well…”

“People in the north district are also scared to move to the other three districts. It’d be the best place to teleport now.”

“Well, very good. The plan will now begin. You must hurry up. If you let people know that it’s just a demon squad, then they won’t be scared anymore.”

There is really nothing scary about a demon squad. Instead, a demon army is more horrifying. A large army contains hundreds of small teams. For demon squads, even students with the rank of demon hunter could beat them up.

“Understood.” The men in black robe mobilized themselves and headed to the teleportation area of the northern district.

—The gate of northern district.

“Damn…what the hell is going on? Why can’t we go out? Is it the magic of Sisite?”

“God knows who spread the news about the demon army coming, everywhere is in chaos.”

“Which bastard passed it? It’s just a small team, we can solve it with any number of people.”

“Then what to do? We cannot open the city gate, and the soldiers outside are in danger.”

“Of course I know!” The captain roared.

Seeing some black stuff attached to the city gate, the captain felt helpless. He also wanted to go out and help, but this damn dark matter can only be purified by the light magic of angels. They could do nothing about it. The only thing they could do was to pacify the people. Then, when the black stuff became thinner and softer, they could try to open the gate.

“Everyone, please stabilize the mood of the crowd, after they become calm, we can go out and repel the demon race!”

“Understood!” The guards all nodded.

“Bastards! My brothers outside the gate, you must hold on!” The captain stood in front of the door and looked at the gate, he turned and ran to the chaotic crowd, trying to calm the crowd.

————Outside the north gate

Two soldiers were surrounding Sisite, and only by defeating it could the support from inside the city became available. The rest of the soldiers dragged the other two demon lieutenants. The demon general was not moving, he was just looking at the city gate. He didn’t mean to participate in the battle. For him, except for the captain who could fight with him, he could beat the others up in a few seconds and he was thus not interested.

Lin Xiang and the others participated in the battle, and they were responsible for attacking the remaining three demon soldiers. Lin Xiang was facing a mantis-like demon insect. This demon insect was very disgusting, as it continued leaking black liquid from its mouth. When this liquid hit on the ground, there’s instantly black smoke everywhere, and it’s corrosive too.

The captain was very reluctant to let Lin Xiang and the others fight. He knew that those were still students and had no actual combat experience. Moreover, Lin Xiang and Remi were even people from the other side. Usually, people from that side would be frightened to death in this situation. Although the captain was confused as to why Lin Xiang and Remi would act so calmly, Lin Xiang’s weak spiritual power really worried him. In fact, if the captain didn’t worry about this, there would be more surviving soldiers.

“Huh~” Lin Xiang took a deep breath, and Freed told him that these little matters were easy to handle. The weakness always lies in the head. As long as the head is broken, the monster will die. Lin Xiang disappeared in front of the eyes of the mantis-like demon insect in the state of wind speed. Since the insects had no brains, they didn’t react after seeing Lin Xiang disappear. They turned around and wanted to help their companions being attacked by Remi.

“Huh~ha!!!” As soon as the demon insects turned around, Lin Xiang’s figure appeared behind them. A group of powerful energy lifted the demon insects in the air. Although the other soldiers were curious where the roar came from, they were fighting with the second demon lieutenant and couldn’t be distracted.

Aiko turned and glanced at a demon insect with its head deformed after the dragon’s roar, and she exclaimed about how powerful the roar was. Although Lin Xiang had weak spiritual power, she really underestimated him before. However, the dragon’s roar is still mainly used to fight against dragons, and it’s not the demon race’s weakness.

“Ho!” Aiko’s put together her hands, and her palm was aimed at the demon worm that opened its teeth and claws, and a golden light instantly shot through the demon worm’s head.

What Aiko used is a golden type magic, which is quite rare. Those having it can use magic to make weapons. Of course, if a certain magician is proficient in a kind of magic, he can turn the element into a physical weapon, but its hardness would still be far inferior than the golden type magic, as the latter is famous for its defense and attack power.

The golden type magic is divided into two forms, one is entity, and the other is intangible. The physical gold magic is suitable for magicians who have practiced combat skills. Aiko obviously had no combat skills, so she used the intangible type.

Although the hardness of the intangible type was not enough, it still had a high extent of destructiveness, it stabbed through the hard shell of the demon insect in front of her easily.

Remi looked at the demon insect with a hard shell in front of him and smiled bitterly, “when lightning meets insulated items, it can’t do anything…however, once it’s powerful enough, it can still stab through this kind of things! Thunder Cut!”

The crackling lightning was condensed in the palm of Remi. He hit the demon insect’s head with a palm, and the head instantly split. When his lightning hit its brain, it was instantly smashed.

“You’re really powerful. Brothers, we’d underestimated them, and we have to fight harder too!” The captain shouted.

The soldiers who survived were the stronger ones, and they weren’t killed so easily. They all attacked their target as best as they could.

“Hey, it hurts, don’t you know that I don’t have many hands left?!” The Ghost Face Spider had another hand chopped off, and it went crazy.

“Damn demon race, just because you had those little soldiers to sacrifice, so many of our brothers died! Now, it’s your turn.” The soldier flashed past the weapon that the ghost face spider had thrown, slashed it sideways, then cut off its other hand.

At this moment, his companion also saw the opportunity and cut off the last remaining hand of the Ghost Face Spider.

“Aw!!! You damn humans!” With a kick, the Ghost Face Spider jumped more than five meters high. White spider silk spurted out of its bulging belly.

“Get away!” The soldier yelled, pushing away his companions away, and he was hit by the spider silk.

“Kenji!” The soldier who was pushed away looked at his companion, and saw that he was completely wrapped in spider silk, like a mummy.

“Assholes! You are all assholes! Weak humans!” The ghost face spider roared and slowly shrank, gradually becoming a dried spider.

“Kenji! Kenji!” The soldier hurriedly helped his companion who fell on the ground, and desperately pulled the spider silk away from him, but the silk was as hard as an iron net, and the soldiers failed to cut it with the sword.

“Use fire! Hurry up, or he will suffocate!” The captain shouted, and he was the one fighting with the dark orcs.

“That’s right!” The soldier hurriedly attached the flame to the sword and slowly cut the silk, his companion immediately gasped, “hah, heh, you bastard, why didn’t you use fire earlier? I almost died.”

“You bastard!” The soldier lifted up his companion and hugged him hard.

“You fools. If you want to play Brokeback Mountain, then play it at home. We’ll first solve this, okay?” The captain cursed, avoiding the fist of the dark orc, and the ground hit by the fist immediately got hollowed.

The captain was confident to get ordinary demon lieutenants killed within ten minutes, but this demon lieutenant was obviously much stronger than ordinary ones, seemingly reaching the level C.

At this moment, the soldier looked at the demon general standing not far away. He was very puzzled, why didn’t he help even after his subordinates died?

The more indifferent the enemy, the more terrifying it is. The soldier felt that he shouldn’t underestimate this demon general.

“Hey! Be careful!” Because of a moment of distraction, the soldier was almost hit by the dark orc. A golden lightning struck the dark orc’s fist, making it impossible to hit the soldier. Although the dark orc was huge, it could attack quite fast.

“Oh~Thank you.” The captain looked at Remi in front of him, and suddenly thought that this guy had been on a battlefield more than himself.

It was getting completely dark, even so, people could see their enemies clearly.

“Hey! This damn thing simply moves too fast!” Lin Xiang wanted to punch at Sisite, yet he missed it.

Seceder, also called Sisite, are a kind of demon soldiers that can use human beings’ negative emotions. They are usually short, proficient in magic, they’re eerie and cunning. With their nature, they can instigate the internal fighting of various human armies. They could also sneak in the camp of humans’ armies. However, if their transfer of magic failed, they would lose their attack power.

Lin Xiang and Aiko came to help the two soldiers to fight against Sisite after killing the demon insect, while Remi was fighting against the dark orcs. It’s just that Sisite was too quick, and Lin Xiang couldn’t hit it.


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