V8C21 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C21_Demon General

“Stupid Lin Xiang, where are you hitting? Hurry up and hold it!” Aiko scolded Lin Xiang. She wasn’t sure why she was in such a bad mood now, but she really wanted to kill that short Sisite, and Lin Xiang just kept failing.

“Sorry, sorry.” It’s not that Lin Xiang didn’t want to stall Sisite, but undoubtedly, Sisite moved way faster. Although Lin Xiang was almost as quick as teleportation, he couldn’t move faster than Sisite.

“Why are you so stupid, don’t drag us behind!” The other soldier also cursed, he found Lin Xiang too useless.

In fact, if Lin Xiang didn’t help them, there was nothing they could do either, as they couldn’t even hurt Sisite a bit, but they just thought that Lin Xiang was dragging them behind and they wanted to scold him.

“Bastard!” Lin Xiang also became anxious after the soldier and Aiko urged him, each time, he could almost hit the injured Sisite, yet it always managed to escape.

“Son, don’t be nervous, the more you’re anxious, the less chance you have to hit it.”

“But Freed, they’re all pushing me, and I feel so annoyed.”

“Yes, and I think this is the magic of the dwarf. As it doesn’t have many attack skills, it can only keep dodging and make you annoyed, it’ll also make you argue among yourselves.

“That’s true…” After calming down, Lin Xiang gradually understood that he was fighting so hard, so how could those soldiers, who were much slower than him, judge his performance? It must be the demon race which wanted to separate them.

He knew that he had to find a way to stop it…Lin Xiang thought for a while and got an idea. Well, although it was a bit dangerous to do so, he had to try anyway. If he successfully destroyed it, people inside the city might be able to help them…

On the other hand, Remi was attacking the dark orc with the captain, and there were four soldiers not far away, with different extent of injuries.

They didn’t expect that the dark orc could use magic in addition to close combat, and that’s even the earth-type magic. The first soldier was killed by its earth magic. These four careless soldiers were only slightly injured, and they were lucky enough to be not be killed.

“You are so powerful, who are you?” The captain was very surprised by Remi’s abilities. This young guy could actually fight against the dark orc while watching other battles. Also, his golden lightning was also extraordinary, as it’s a pure element.

“Just an ordinary person!” Remi said somewhat angrily, and it’s not because the captain spoke to him, it’s rather because he’d been encountering enemies who were resistant to electric attacks.

The damage of Remi’s lightning on the dark orc was not very obvious. He wanted to use Thunder Cut closely, but this dark orc was simply too powerful, and Remi had no chance to get close to it at all. However, aside from being angry, Remi really enjoyed this intensive fight.

“What an annoying fly, go to hell!” The dark orc stomped on his foot, and there’s a crack quickly moving towards Remi. When Remi avoided it, there were sharp thorns protruding from the ground.

“It’s you who’re going to die.” Remi shook his hand, and a bolt of lightning struck the dark orc in the chest.

“Ouch~” The dark orc took two steps back and patted the wound on his chest. At this moment, the captain saw the opportunity to get close to the dark orc, and quickly used an explosive magic to hit the dark orc closely.

The dark orc had an arm blown off immediately, and there was black blood everywhere.

Remi was trying to continue attacking, but he heard Lin Xiang arguing with a soldier, “that’s why I said you should fight it yourself if you’re so capable.”

“You crap. Don’t overestimate yourself just because of your speed. Everyone knows that you suck at attacking. I’m going to kill you!”

“Come on, come on!” Lin Xiang pushed the soldier, looking like he wanted to fight.

What’s going on over there?

Remi didn’t know why Lin Xiang would quarrel with the soldiers. When he was just about to speak, a crack in the ground extended to his feet…

It’s not looking good! Remi jumped aside and left where he was, despite this, his arm got stabbed. In fact, it’s not because Remi was slow, as the thorns always protruded from the ground directly, but now they were all bifurcated, like a coral, and its attack range also expanded. Luckily, this also consumed more power from the dark orc.

“How dare you hurt my hand! Humans! You will die miserably!” The dark orc roared, the voice shaking the eardrums of everyone there.

Lin Xiang glanced at the side with the remaining light, what a good opportunity! With a swishing sound, it disappeared, and the next second, it appeared next to Sisite which was not far away. Before Sisite could react, Lin Xiang successfully punched it in the chest!

Sisite’s chest was severely deformed, and black liquid kept coming out of its mouth. It looked at Lin Xiang stubbornly, with a huge shock in its eyes. It really didn’t understand how this human seized the opportunity. Obviously, he was going to fight with those soldiers, also…how come he knew that its heart was the weakest area?

“Ahh!” Sisite roared, and Lin Xiang quickly took a few steps back. At this time, Sisite had already turned to black smoke, flowing to the city gate.

“You humans are really annoying!” The dark orc yelled, and the stones on the ground kept climbing up its body, all gathered on its broken arm and turned into stone hands.

“The demon race should live in a dark place! This is Dakhla! Not where you should be!” After several rounds of attacks by the captain and Remi, the dark orc was exhausted. The captain knew that it’d be best the moment to attack when it’s tired. He took a deep breath and kept bombarding the dark orcs with explosive magic. At this moment, it started to rain and there was a lightning in the sky. Remi roared furiously, “Fallen Thunder!”

A golden thunder snake fell from the sky and hit the dark orc on the head.

Although Remi was powerful enough, he couldn’t summon the fallen thunder like Reidy did, he could do so when there’s real lightning in the sky.

The powerful lightning hit the head of the dark orc, and with a bang, its head exploded. The attack of the falling thunder was much stronger than the lightning of Remi itself. The headless, huge body of the dark orc fell to the ground with a loud bang, and it’s washed by the rain.

“Yeah…although he’s a useless human being, he’s worth my action.” The demon general who had not moved before finally did, his sturdy, big hand grabbed the scimitar on his waist, with some squeaking sound, the blade and sheath made a harsh sound. As the blade was unsheathed, some black gas was also released, continuously wrapping around the blade.

“Be careful, everyone, this demon general seems to be very powerful, and he’s a demon soldier of level C.” The captain was panting, the fight with the highly defensive dark orc costed him a lot of energy.

Several wounded soldiers also supported each other and looked at the demon general nervously.

“Damn it! Why can’t the gate be opened yet?!” The wounded soldier said so, while looking at the gate with black stuff attached to it.

“That damn Sisite strengthened the barrier of the city gate before he died. It seems that he didn’t want the people inside to come out.” The soldier who had just argued with Lin Xiang explained.

“Damn it! Why on earth could that be?!”

“I don’t know. Although this squad is quite strong, it is impossible to attack the city. Something must have happened.” The soldier said earnestly.

————Inside the city.

“Sir! The demon apostles all gather in the teleportation area.” The guard ran to the guard who was calming the crowd.

“What!? Did they spread the news which scared the people? What do these damn humans who have devoted their lives to the demons want?!” The captain was furious, “the team outside must be called by the demon apostles. They want to distract us! Go! Let’s see what’s happening out there.”

“But sir, the soldiers outside…”

“Don’t be nervous, there are other teams heading to the north gate, and it will not take long for them to arrive. I just felt that the magic of the gate has suddenly strengthened. It should be done by the demon race which was about to die, and it’d attached its last energy to the gate. There’ll be some time before we can go out, and we must first fight against the demon apostles. Although I don’t know what they’re planning after, we must not let them succeed.”

“Understood!” The guards nodded, and all followed behind the captain to the teleportation area.


“Well, it’s almost time. Humans, are you ready to die?” The demon general raised his devilish machete and pointed it at Lin Xiang.

“Sir, too many of our brothers died, we must revenge for them.”

“Yes, everything will be over after we kill this demon general.” The soldiers thought. As long as everyone united, the demon general would be wiped out soon.

The captain frowned tightly. He didn’t think that the demon general would be weak, “everyone, be careful.”

Aiko nervously wiped the rain off her face. The demon general was in front of her. If she could kill one, her family would be so proud of her. And if the woman in the class knew about it, she’d never look down on Aiko again. However, this demon general didn’t look weak at all, so what to do? No way, I’m Aiko, someone much stronger than Lin Xiang. Since they aren’t scared, how can I be scared?

Aiko was trying to encourage herself.

“Lin Xiang, this demon’s sword makes me feel bad, and it gives me a stronger sense of oppression than I’ve ever felt before.”

“Ah, I also killed a demon with a sword, and this kind of demon is the most troublesome.”

“Then what do you think?”

“The tree soul told me that I must run away when I see the demon race… I am now considering whether to retreat.”

“Retreat? I don’t think so. Look at these people, they all have the determination to fight, even that fierce woman is so determined. As a man, I really can’t retreat in front of a woman.”

“Hey, you make it sound as if I’m not a man. The tree soul has lived for more than 10,000 years. It knows the situation in the sky outside the sky more clearly, and it wouldn’t lie to us.”

“Well, then I’ll admit my fate even if I have to die. Lin Xiang, you’re the master of Reidy, you can leave first.”

“Remi, I really want to beat you up. We shall fight and leave together. Oh, be careful! That guy is starting.”

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