V8C21 Part 2

The demon general lifted the blade and stroked it casually into the air, and a black gas immediately flew out. The blade gas’ momentum was compelling, and it cut off the dripping rain abruptly. It seemed to divide the rainy day in half.

“Everyone quickly escape!” After the captain commanded, the wounded soldiers all escaped regardless of their pain.

With a bang, the sword hit a stone statue beside the city gate, and the statue was split in half immediately. There was also a shallow mark on the city wall.

“This attack power is shocking! Is that a demon soldier of level B?” The captain was startled. When he said this, everyone, except Lin Xiang and Remi, was startled.

There were three hierarchies in the demon race – king, minister, and soldier. Among them, the level S is the king, the level A is the minister, and the rest includes the level of the demon soldiers. Level B is undoubtedly the most senior of the demon soldiers. A C-level soldier can be defeated by an exorcist of level S, but a B-level soldier needs to be defeated by a demon hunter of B or higher. He was still two levels away, obviously not an opponent of the same level.

The demon general did not stop after launching the attack, but continued to swing the scimitar, the devilish breath of the sword kept flying towards Lin Xiang and his mates.

“Huh…ha!” Aiko exhausted all her strength and released a golden shield in front of them. It wasn’t a wide one, but it could well protect the people behind her.

After they escaped the first breath of the sword, Lin Xiang and his mates were split into two groups. Lin Xiang, Aiko, Remi, the captain and two soldiers jumped to the left, and the injured four soldiers jumped to the right.

The breath of the sword flew towards them, and the four soldiers each used their ability to defend. The battle technician attached the element to the sword to split the breath, and the magician released the elemental shield.

“Bang!” A few breaths hit the golden shield released by Aiko. The golden shield that she claimed to be the most defensive among all magic immediately sank, and Aiko’s hands seemed to be hit by something as well. She felt an enormous pain. She gritted her teeth in pain, and the raindrops, mixed with sweat, slipped down her cheeks.

“Kenji! Yong! Haoran! Daos!” The captain watched as his four men were hit by the demon general’s breath of sword.

Before being hit, the four soldiers used their greatest strength to defend against the breath of the sword, but the elemental wall was cut through by it like a piece of tofu, and the weapon attached to the element was also cut off like French fries. They simply failed in defending themselves, looking at the breath of sword piercing through their bodies…

For a moment, they could still stand and breathe, but this was only temporary. “Puff.” After spitting some blood, their bodies were divided into several pieces, and the black substance in the wound continued to erode their bodies. The rain dripped on their bodies, in which black liquid came out.

“Damn it!” The captain and the other two soldiers clenched their fists in anger. That’s why people would rather fight against heretics than with the demon race. The reason is that when fighting against the demon race, almost everyone who lost wouldn’t have a full corpse.

“Huh? Golden Magic? When you grow up, you may be able to become a killer that scares the Demon Race, but it’s a pity that you haven’t fully grown up yet.” The demon general looked at the exhausted Aiko and sneered, constantly waving his machete.

Lin Xiang didn’t know what to do at the moment. After seeing what happened on those four soldiers, he know that he couldn’t fight against the breath of sword directly. Freed also told him that demons using this kind of weapon would be much more difficult to defeat than those using elements. And he didn’t have any usable weapons…

He felt exhausted, as his spiritual power was running out…

Aiko looked vaguely at the demon general who was releasing magic not far away, her hands were shaking…

“This girl can’t hold on anymore, she must find a way.” The captain wants to protect this girl who could resist the breath of sword of the demon general. The demon general also said that this girl would definitely become a demon killer after growing up. As the captain couldn’t grow any stronger because of his lack of capabilities, but this girl could, so he felt like that she must be protected. But what could he do? He couldn’t beat up the demon general and was protected by the girl…

After clenching his fist, the captain made a decision. Seeing the time interval when the breath of sword flew, he rushed out.

“Hey! Damn demons, here, hit me if you can.” The captain who rushed out released explosive magic to the demon general.

The explosive magic had no effect on the armor of the demon general.

Remi also seized the opportunity to release thunder as soon as there was lightning in the sky, and constantly attacked the demon general with lightning. However, it wasn’t very effective, and could only paralyze the general for half a second. Lin Xiang and the two soldiers also attacked the demon general in their own way. The scattered attacks made the demon general no longer concentrate on attacking the protective shield of Aiko, but instead launched an attack on Lin Xiang and his mates who were going everywhere.

Aiko put away the protective shield, and took a deep breath while clutching her chest. If the Demon General continues to attack, then she would really collapse.

“Huh~ha!” Lin Xiang gave a dragon’s roar, and the group of powerful energy hit the demon general’s body. The demon general was hit by this force and took back several steps, looking slightly surprised at Lin Xiang who used the dragon’s roar.

Lin Xiang also looked at the demon general in surprise. According to his memory, with the dragon’s roar, he had always been able to roar enemies away, except for the boulder demon that appeared in the arena, but that was because it was a boulder, and it could use the ground to stabilize itself. However, this demon general wasn’t of earth type, and he could stabilize himself after taking a few steps back, making Lin Xiang really surprised.

“Huh~was it the dragon’s roar? It’s a pity, as it’s just the basic type of dragon’s roar, not the roar of the tyrannosaurus or that of the mad dragon. It’s still very poor!” The demon general waved his sword and several breaths of sword flew towards Lin Xiang.

Lin Xiang smiled, he avoided the breaths and came in front of the demon general, “although I can’t do the types of roar that you just mentioned, but can you take the roar of the fire dragon?”

“Hu~Ha!” A heat wave engulfed the demon general in an instant. Under the surprised eyes of everyone, the demon general screamed in pain.

The captain looked at this guy with low spiritual power, he didn’t expect Lin Xiang to have this high of strength, and he even used to worry about him a lot.

The demon general with flames on his body fell to the ground. Lin Xiang, who was originally a little nervous, breathed a sigh of relief. He was really worried that he couldn’t kill this demon general. Lin Xiang wiped away the sweat on his forehead and walked to everyone.

“Lin Xiang, you are really something.” Remi punched Lin Xiang in the chest. He hadn’t seen the power of the dragon race until that day, that sound of roar totally belonged to fire dragons, and dragon race also possessed it.

“It’s right.” Lin Xiang showed a humble smile.

“You are really…be careful!” Remi slammed Lin Xiang to the ground, just now, a black breath of sword swept above their heads and flew towards the soldiers.

“Ah!” A soldier didn’t react fast enough. He was accidentally hit by the breath. The wound was immediately eroded by the black substance, and the soldier fell to the ground and rolled in pain. After a while, he stopped moving. The inside of his body was corroded by the black substance.

“Damn it! Doko!” Another soldier fell, the captain was furious. The last soldier was as angry as him.

Looking at the burnt, charcoal-dark demon general, they rushed toward with the will to sacrifice. The compressed their spiritual power in the hope of creating an explosion, so that they’d die with the demon general.

The demon general really didn’t expect that Lin Xiang, a human being with such weak spiritual power, to have the ability to use the dragon’s roar. Although the temperature of the flames was not that high, it was still like flames of an ordinary fire dragon. What the demon race feared the most were dragons. They had always wanted to enslave powerful dragons, but most dragons wouldn’t attack anyone if they weren’t under attack, that’s why fights between the demon race and dragon race often occurred. In the end, the demon race wanted to eliminate the dragon race.

Although Lin Xiang’s roar could instantly kill demon soldiers below level D, but it could at most cause a certain extent of injury to one of level B.

The demon general stepped on his foot, and the rocky ground immediately cracked open, creating a shock wave that knocked the soldiers up in the air. Lin Xiang and Remi quickly avoided it, and Aiko, who had already been exhausted, released a protective shield and blocked the stones flying towards her.

“Bang!” The captain and the soldier were slammed on the hill and they were almost in a state of coma.

“Damn dragon race. If you think that you’re qualified, come fight with me.” The demon general took off his armor and helmet, revealing his original face.

As the demon race was an evil creature, they all looked extremely ugly. This general was no exception, He had sharp teeth and a hideous face. He looked even more terrifying after being burnt.

“Fallen Thunder!” A thunder struck the demon general who had taken off his armor. The lightning was swiftly transferred to its whole body, but there was no effect at all.

“The human who uses electricity, I’ll kill you after killing the damn dragon race!” The demon general yelled in a hoarse voice. Then he took off the wristbands on his hands and feet, “human kid, are you ready to die?”

In the next second, he came to Lin Xiang and Remi at a lightning speed, Remi immediately at once and struck him with thunder cut. Since the demon general was huge, Remi could only hit his chest and not his head.

“The brat who uses electricity, I think you want to die since you’ve used electricity on me!” Even a boulder would burst open with such a strong current of electricity, yet the demon general still stayed intact. He used the body of the sword to hit Remi’s chest heavily, and Remi was instantly thrown out with black lightning on his body.

After the Remi was thrown out, there was black lightning on the bald head of the demon general, revealing his original look.

“Hoo~hey!” Lin Xiang used the dragon’s roar again, but the demon general in front of him disappeared like lightning, and there were flames in the air, making the raindrops evaporate, and there was a lot of white smoke as well.

Lin Xiang had a bad feeling. He turned around and felt that his whole body got numb. He saw the demon general holding up the scimitar high, “I belong to the Sanites!” Then he slashed down.

Shit, I’ve got numb! That’s what Lin Xiang thought, and he could only see the scimitar waving on his head. Was he going to die?


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