V8C22 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C22_The saint apprentice

Fire Dance was crying and looking for Lin Xiang, and she got exhausted from crying. She fell asleep on the sofa. These days, when it was about Fire Dance acting up, she’d cry whenever she couldn’t find Lin Xiang. At this moment, Fire Dance twitched abruptly after falling asleep.

“Huh? Sister Reidy, did you feel anything just now?” After seeing Fire Dance twitch, there was a bad feeling in Dusty’s mind.

“It must be an illusion…” Reidy also felt something strange, as if she was very scared, but that was just a temporary feeling and she wasn’t sure why.

Silent Water, who was cutting vegetables in the kitchen, accidentally cut her fingers because of that strange feeling. She was sucking her finger, and she closed her eyes and tried to feel Lin Xiang. She tilted her head after making sure that he’s fine, and she didn’t understand what that was about. Then, she continued cutting the vegetables.


Lin Xiang thought that he’s going to die, and there was suddenly a golden shield on his forehead. There were cracks on the golden shield.

Freed and Yalide breathed a sigh of relief immediately, and hurriedly helped Lin Xiang relieve the numbness. In less than a second, Lin Xiang could finally move. He quickly took a step back and the protective shield was immediately cut to pieces. Then, the scimitar hit the ground and many little rocks were splashed.

“Huh~wei!” Lin Xiang let out another dragon’s roar at the demon general, but the demon general once again avoided it with lightning speed, and it kicked Lin Xiang in the chest. Lin Xiang had used up a lot of dragon’s energy after using the dragon’s roar three times in a row. He started to react more slowly. He was hit, spat out a mouthful of blood and was thrown out.

The demon general looked at Aiko sitting on the ground not far away. She’s panting, and he smiled, “I’m sorry that I forgot about you.”

With a wave of the knife, he shot out the breath of sword to Aiko.

Damn… Aiko didn’t expect that the demon general would work so fast. She raised her palm and tried to block it, “huh!” A golden shield appeared in front of her.

The breath of sword hit the golden shield, and Aiko immediately looked in pain. With noises of glass being shattered, there were a lot of cracks on the surface of the golden shield, and Aiko didn’t have the strength to repair it.

However, even though the shield looked like it’s about to break, it still blocked the breath of sword. If there’s a second time, there could be unimaginable consequences.

“Oh, do you still have strength? So, can you take another breath?” The demon general swung his sword, Aiko hurriedly got up from the ground and avoided it.

“Well, it’s going well, I really enjoying watching you humans trying to survive. Come on, continue the show.” The demon general swung his sword twice…

“Cough cough…” Lin Xiang’s chest seemed to be cracked in general pain. He sat up and found that Aiko was desperately evading the breath of sword of the demon general, and her shaky body seemed to be hit at any time.

Lin Xiang knew that he had to help her! He looked at Remi lying on the ground ten meters away. The moment Remi was hit by the demon general, his body was infused with black lightning. Remi felt numb all over his body, and he was trying to use his thunder to get the black current away, and he’d almost done with it.

Aiko escaped one breath of sword after the other, and she wasn’t sure whether she could still hold on, as she felt like dying at any moment.

When avoiding the eighth time, Aiko slipped a bit because of the rain. She got her arm cut a little, some black substance instantly appeared on her arm, which kept eroding her body.

“Hmm…” Aiko felt that she’s losing her strength. She fell on the ground and she couldn’t any noise anymore…

Father, mother, grandpa… The sight of Aiko gradually became blurred.

“Asshole!” Lin Xiang straightened up and rushed to the front of the demon general, attacking him with all his strength, but the demon general could withstand it, and he even Lin Xiang’s chest heavily with the hilt of the knife. Lin Xiang was thrown away and fell near Aiko.

“Weird dragon race, why could he move?” The demon general was a little surprised to see Lin Xiang being able to get up after being hit with the current.

Lin Xiang ran over to pick up Aiko, her face was pale at this moment, and she’d almost stopped breathing.

“Damn…Damn…” Lin Xiang looked at Aiko’s face and was very angry, yet there was nothing he could do. Since the dragon’s roar didn’t work, what else could he do?

“Son, this girl has been eroded by the demon, and there are only a few seconds left to save her. ”

“Really, Freed, can she still be saved?” Lin Xiang asked immediately when he heard that Aiko could still be saved.

“There’s not much time. Kiss her on the mouth, then I’ll infuse the anti-demon energy of Yalide. Be quick, you have 3 seconds left.”

Three seconds? Hearing that Aiko would die in such a short time, Lin Xiang didn’t care about anything else, and he kissed Aiko immediately.

“Oh, is it the kiss before death? Master Mendoza might be very happy to see it. She really likes romantic relationships of human beings.” The demon general murmured, and he wanted to give Lin Xiang a final blow, but then, he suddenly avoided the thunder cut of Remi from behind.

“You still don’t understand it. Thunder cut is useless to me. And you know why I’d pause after being hit by it? That’s only because your thunder cut is too delicious.” The demon general grabbed Remi’s neck and lifted him. He took his sword with his other hand and aimed at Remi’s waist.

“Really? Then let’s stuff you to death.” Remi showed a smile. Suddenly, the demon general felt that his hand got numb, and he looked at Remi with disbelief. That’s the first time he ever felt numb because of thunder. He saw Remi emitting golden lightning all over his body and he said while struggling, “I don’t want to use this either, since it really hurts. A million thunder!”

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