V8C22 Part 2

There was a radiant golden light, and a powerful electric current was emitted from Remi. The demon general was hit in the front, he used his hands to cover his head and he kept moving back. The muscles on his arms gradually burst open.

A million thunder is the ultimate skill of the Reiworth family, and it had super destructive power, but it would also harm the one using it.

Just like dust being blown away, the small rocks on the ground started flying towards the outside. The area of ​​more than 30 meters around Remi all sank. Remi deliberately controlled it, or the range would even be bigger. Even then, Lin Xiang was still affected, but he only wanted to get Aiko cured and he didn’t care about the little rocks hitting his back.

“Okay, it’s done. Now, you just her to drink something that can cure her.” Freed said.

Lin Xiang let go, and he looked at the black substance on her arm. It slowly disappeared, and her breathing also gradually became stronger.

Something that can cure? Lin Xiang looked at his bag not far away, there’s still a bottle of unused potion.

“Ah!” Remi was kicked by the demon general and rolled for more than ten meters. He looked at the demon general who was only slightly injured in front of him. There’s only a little strength left, and he’d die if he continued…

“You! Good! You’re a really interesting human…um…perhaps spirit?” The demon general who felt the power of electricity for the first time gave Remi a thumbs up. He believed that if Remi continued to grow, he would definitely be a demon killer, and he would even be a killer who could kill thunder-type demons. However, Remi didn’t have much strength left, and it’s easy to kill him. The demon general also wouldn’t spare anyone who could threaten the demon race.

Remi went back to Lin Xiang, and his clothes were already burnt to charcoal black after releasing the million thunder. He sighed, “Lin Xiang, I couldn’t defeat this guy, it seems that what the tree soul told you is true.”

“Remi, look at her.” Lin Xiang said and put Aiko in Remi’s arms. Remi didn’t have much strength left, so he couldn’t hold her. He could only put Aiko on the ground.

When Remi put Aiko on the ground, Lin Xiang had already brought the potion. He looked at the demon general not far away and said, “actually, there’s still something that I haven’t used yet. Remi, let Aiko drink this first.”

Remi took the potion and said to Lin Xiang, “Lin Xiang, it’s useless. I’ve even used a million thunder and it didn’t work either. Also, that guy moves at lightning speed, and your dragon’s roar won’t hurt him.”

“Don’t talk nonsense, let her drink it and wait for me.” Lin Xiang clenched his fist.

“Have you finished talking about your last words? Many humans have come here from the east. You guys are already powerful enough to give me this trouble.” The demon general raised his sword. For him, Lin Xiang and Remi were just two moving preys.

Remi opened the bottle of potion and slowly poured it into Aiko’s mouth. Suddenly, he felt an extremely powerful force. When he looked up, there was a silver-white flame in Lin Xiang’s hand. The flame was so powerful, it’s also with endless majesty. This is Freed’s power – the Holy Fire.

As Lin Xiang’s dragon’s energy increased, the soul energy required by the holy fire was also reduced. However, after the fierce battle, Lin Xiang still had to consume a lot of dragon’s energy, and he also gave a lot of anti-darkness energy to Aiko. Lin Xiang had to consume almost all of his soul and create the holy fire.

“This…this…are you an angel…” The demon general’s huge body trembled. He could also use the holy fire, but Lin Xiang’s holy fire was much more powerful than that of an angel. All in all, Lin Xiang had to use his soul to make it burn!

“Is this your last word?” Lin Xiang rushed towards the demon general. He moved as quickly as wind and it’s hardly noticeable. However, the demon general would not give up because of fear, he hurriedly used his lightning speed and fight against Lin Xiang.

“Go to hell!” The demon general waved his scimitar and the breath of sword flew towards Lin Xiang with a whistling sound. Lin Xiang used his right hand to block and the black breath of sword immediately disappeared.

The demon general was not too scared, as there’s still half of his strength that wasn’t used. Also, Lin Xiang looked more and more in pain, so he kept releasing the breath of sword.

“Son, that guy is trying to stall time with you. You must hurry up, the holy fire will keep burning your soul.”

“I know, but I can’t hit it…”

Is this the power of the demon race? Lin Xiang now fully understood what it meant by it. As Qian Libing said, there were huge differences between it and ordinary demons.

“Son, use my power, but you’ve got only one second given your strength.”


Although he didn’t know what Yalide’s power was, Lin Xiang wanted to try even he had only one second.

“Use your left hand and aim at that guy!”

Lin Xiang immediately raised his left hand and aimed at the demon general who was waving his scimitar.

A beam of black light gathered in Lin Xiang’s hands, and with a bang, it instantly hit the demon general.

The demon general was completely frozen.

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