V8C22 Part 3

Yalide is the son of darkness, and he also has the power of darkness. The light just now is rich in the energy of darkness. The moment it hit the demon general, it disturbed the energy of his body and made him unable to move. For stronger enemies, you’ve only got limited time to stop their action. Also, Lin Xiang didn’t have much power left, that’s why he could only make the demon general freeze for one second after consuming some of his soul.

“Son, it’s now!”

Lin Xiang rushed towards the demon general, and after a second, the demon general was able to move, but Lin Xiang’s fist with holy fire was already rushing forward.

The demon general, who couldn’t evade, used the blade to block Lin Xiang’s fist, and with a snap, the scimitar burst open, and the black breath of sword all dispersed because of the holy fire.

Lin Xiang hit the demon general’s chest with his chest!

“Ah!!!” The demon general took a few steps back. He hurriedly patted away the silver flames on his chest, but it couldn’t be patted away once it’s attached.

That’s how things work. Although some things can be used to restrain some other things, once the quantity of those things increased, they could then be used to fight back. For example, light can be used to purify darkness, but darkness can also devour light. As the demon general was of a lower grade, he could only be purified by the holy fire.

“Ah!!! Damn angel, damn dragon race!!! However, the task has been completed! Soon, the demon race will own the sky outside the sky and the world over there! Long live the demon king!” The demon general almost roared. Afterwards, the holy fire wrapped around his whole body. After about ten seconds, he was turned into ashes and washed away by the rain.

Lin Xiang knelt on the ground, he was almost out of strength.

Remi looked at Lin Xiang, who was kneeling in the distance, and he could feel his heart burning, “Lin Xiang, you’re really strong. We’ll have to fight once more in the future, and you have to try defeating me with all your strength.”

Aiko opened her eyes slightly, and she soon resumed her hearing. Before she was dying, Aiko didn’t completely lose consciousness. She just couldn’t hear and her whole body was in pain. She could feel someone holding her and kissing her for a long time, then her body no longer hurt. Now, after she opened her eyes, the first thing she saw was Remi’s profile, and she thought that it’s Remi who’d saved her. At this moment, there’s a demon insect climbing out of the corpse. It was staring at Remi’s back and approaching him slowly.

Aiko saw the demon insect and hurriedly said, “you…you…behind…” She sounded so weak and Remi couldn’t hear her, “what is it?”

“There…Behind you…”

At this time, Remi also heard the unique breathing sound of the demon insect, he turned around and hit the demon insect which was raising its sharp claws, ready to attack.

The demon insect fell to the ground immediately after being hit, but it hadn’t died yet, and was struggling.

Remi smiled bitterly, “the Broken Thunder Palm is really not as powerful as the Thunder Cut…but there’s nothing you could do about it.”

With another hit, the demon insect died.

“Did you…save me…” Aiko asked weakly.

“I guess so.” Remi nodded. He felt that he had saved her, but it was Lin Xiang who did the biggest part of the job, so he said, “that guy Lin Xiang…” Before he finished saying so, Aiko fainted as she was simply too weak. Remi put her aside and got near Lin Xiang. He patted on Lin Xiang’s shoulders, “Lin Xiang, you’ve made it.”

Lin Xiang didn’t answer, his body slowly fell down. Remi quickly helped him, and he saw Lin Xiang closing his eyes tightly…

“Hurry up, we are here.” At this moment, there’s a man’s voice. Remi looked up and there’s a group of people approaching. Remi murmured, “how come they didn’t come earlier?”

In fact, this resistance team already got there as quickly as they could. It would normally take two hours for ordinary people to reach the east gate, and they only used an hour.

“What about the demon race? Aren’t we told that the demon race army is attacking the north gate?” A man asked after seeing the corpses of a demon insect and three demon generals.

“I just received the latest information. There is only a demon squad outside the gate. They are the decoys used by the demon apostles, and the demon apostles spread rumors everywhere and they scared the public. Now, they’ve occupied the teleportation area in the north.”

“What!? Did they move again? Last time, they failed to sneak in the teleportation area and now they’ve occupied it? What do they want to do?”

“I don’t know, let’s save the injured first.”

————Teleportation area in the north side of Dakhla.

“Don’t come here, or this woman will die.” A demon apostle in a black robe was holding a half-spirit, with a dagger in his hand.

“Sir, what should I do? Shall we attack?” A guard asked the captain.

“We cannot attack directly. Didn’t you see the exorcist badge on the girl’s arm? She is a junior we cannot give up on her.”

“But…if this continues, we won’t be able to enter the teleportation area.” The guard said anxiously.

Just now, when the guards rushed to the teleportation area, several demon apostles were already waiting outside the gate. When they saw the guards coming, they attacked the people who knew nothing about what’s going on. After the guards killed a few apostles, the remaining apostle suddenly grabbed the half-spirit and used her as a hostage.

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