V8C22 Part 4

“What about the people in the saint temple? Wasn’t it already said that there were people sent from the temple? Where are they?” The captain roared.

“We don’t know.”

“Damn it! Are the people in the temple so arrogant?” The captain cursed.

“Woo~ Brother Lin Xiang…” The half-spirit kept crying and she was crying Lin Xiang’s name.

Many people in the crowd wanted to rescue this girl, but they were afraid to hurt her by using magic, and they were very anxious.

“Please give way.” At this time, there were two people in white robe walking through the crowd, they were two females.

“Yazi, do you think you can hit the apostle?” A woman with her face covered said to her companion.

The woman named Yazi nodded, a ray of light flashed in her eyes. She raised her hand and quickly grabbed the bag on her pale, smooth thigh.

With a “bang”, like the sound of firecrackers, the demon apostle who was talking suddenly stopped moving, and with another “bang!”, the demon apostle spouted blood from his forehead, and he fell without knowing what had happened. No one had an idea of what’s going on, and the girl with her face covered got near the half-spirit and took her to a safe place.

Everyone was looking at the girl with her face covered, feeling dumbfounded. Then, they looked at another girl who seemed sexy and sultry. This time, she was putting her white gun inside the halter, the loud noise was from this weapon.

“The musketeer?” The captain murmured, “are you from the temple? How dare you shoot under such circumstances?” Then, he ordered his men, “hurry up, rush in.”

“Okay!” The guards responded, then they all followed in.

“Little sister, it’s okay, don’t cry. You are safe.” The woman with the gun smiled at the half-spirit. Her smile was really natural and it was comforting.

“Hmm…” Ryoko wiped her tears and looked at the beautiful sister in front of her.

“Can you go home alone? Go home and have some sleep.”

“Understood…Sister…” Ryoko nodded, and Xiao Na ran out of the crowd at this moment, to see if there was anything wrong with Ryoko.

Just now Ryoko was suddenly taken hostage, and Xiao Na was terrified. Since they were in the same team during the trial, they became close friends.

“Xiao Na, I’m fine… let’s go…” Ryoko glanced at Yazi, then left with Xiao Na.

“Yazi, good job. I haven’t seen you for so long, and your skills in using guns really improved.” The girl with her face covered praised.

“Sister Meiko is more powerful, since you’re much faster.” The woman smiled, and it was a stunning smile.

“You used the stagnation bullet to hit the enemy first, stopped the enemy, then shot the armor-piercing bullet. You only used one second to change the type of bullets…you’re really a master in guns now. When Mr. Ijima knows about it, he’ll be thrilled.”

“By the way, where is my grandfather? Didn’t sister Meiko come with him?”

“We received the news from master Qian Libing that the demon race army is attacking Dakhla, and we immediately came here from the school. He told me to look for you first, before joining Qian Libing at the east gate. Then, we’ll fight against the demon race at the north gate. However, as you’ve probably heard already, there’s no such army, it’s only fake news spread from the demon apostles. It’s only a squad trying to confuse people.”

“It’s true, but people there are way too scared, that’s why the magic over the north gate hasn’t been released yet.”

“Yes, creatures get scared when they are in danger. It’s natural.” After that, assistant Meiko said to Yazi, “you look good in the clothes of saint temple.”

The clothes of the saint temple are mainly in white. There were glamorous clothes, just like those worn by the noble in ancient times. Yazi was a woman at her 20’s, and she was a grown up lady. She looked so beautiful in the clothes of saint temple, the clothes looked as if they were made just for her.

“No matter how good I look like, I still don’t look as good as sister Meiko.”

“Humph~ By the way, don’t you teach anymore? Your grandpa and I miss you very much.”

“I don’t really want to. I only suggested teaching as I wanted to train myself.”

“It’s a pity. I think you teach really well. When I was young, I liked to take risks too, just like you. If you don’t want to go on adventures anymore, then come back.”

“Well, I will. Also, sister Meiko is about 30 years old, right? Your skin still looks so good.”

“We all get old one day.”

“Then you should get married soon. By the way, I heard that Xiao Xiang has come to participate in the trial of the exorcist. Where is he now? I haven’t seen him for a long time. I want to learn boxing skills from him.” Yazi was a special magician, a musketeer. She was different from the ordinary musketeer, as she could attach different magic bullets to the gun, creating different negative illusions to the enemy.

After knowing that Lin Xiang had boxing skills, she had wanted to learn boxing with Lin Xiang. After all, she was a musketeer who could only fight far away. When she needed to fight in a short distance, she might fail.

“About him…he just passed the trial today, and he’s master Qian Libing’s granddaughter, Aiko. I think they should’ve come to the house of Qian Libing by now.”

“Is it Aiko? I haven’t seen her for a long time as well. Well, let’s fight these demon apostles quickly and go to Qian Libing’s house.”

“I suppose the guards have already defeated them while we were talking, let’s go.”

The two women in white clothes left the scene when people were whispering among themselves.


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