V8C23 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C23_This is a dream

When Aiko woke up, she found that she was already lying on the big bed at home. Her grandfather Qian Libing was standing next to her, and there was also a filthy-looking guy checking her pulse.

“Well, I feel much better. Although I don’t know how the dark matter in her body was removed, as it was cleared, and she took the therapeutic potion in time, she will recover after a short rest.” The filthy-looking old man told Qian Libing.

“Really, thank you so much, Onion.” Qian Libing nodded and smiled at Aiko who just woke up.

“For precaution…” The filthy-looking guy suddenly said, “she’d better get naked so that I can examine better.”

Aiko was so shy after hearing that. What’d happened to this old guy? Wait, had he already seen her naked when she passed out?

Qian Libing knocked on the old man’s head and scolded, “how come you’re still the same?”

“I’m just kidding…” The old man smiled and pouted, it didn’t seem like he’s kidding at all.

“Grandpa…” Aiko still sounded weak, and she wanted to sit up.

“Aiko, lie down, lie down. You can’t move yet.” Qian Libing quickly held down Aiko.

“Yes, listen to your grandpa, or I will do a full-body examination for you.” The filthy-looking old man threatened Aiko, which immediately worked. After seeing her lie down, he said to Qian Libing, “then, I’ll go to check the son of Lin Fan.”

“Well, go.” Qian Libing nodded. After the filthy-looking old man went out, Qian Libing sat down by Aiko’s bed and told her, “Aiko, you’ve been very brave this time, but you have to do everything within your power. Next time, when you see the demon race, you should run away. Understand?” Qian Libing, who rushed to the north gate, suddenly saw his granddaughter lying on the ground, and he felt like his heart being pulled by something. Fortunately, he discovered that Aiko was still breathing and not dead, and Qian Libing’s mood eased a lot.

“Huh, Grandpa underestimated me…” Aiko said unwillingly.

To be honest, without Lin Xiang’s kiss, Aiko would have been gone already, she understood it.

When Aiko was in pain, the kiss was like rain in a drought, nourishing her and slowly alleviating the pain. By the way, what about the one kissing her, the blonde one?

“Grandpa…Where did that blonde guy go?” Aiko thought it was Remi who kissed her, so she asked.

“The blonde guy? Oh, Remi, right? He is resting in the guest room now. That guy is really amazing. He still has consciousness after the battle of the demon race, and the surviving soldiers agree with him very much and think that his ability is equivalent to C level of demon hunter of above. And for Xiao Xiang…”

When he talked about Lin Xiang later, Aiko didn’t want to listen to it at all. At the thought of the kiss, Aiko’s heart beat violently, could this be the feeling of love?

————In the guest room.

“Um… it’s strange, his body is fine, but somehow the vitality of his soul seems to be particularly weak…” The old man checked the pulse of Lin Xiang and said in a serious look.

“Hey, Onion, what do you mean?” Ijima asked.

“I don’t know, I just said what I felt. This guy seems to have reduced his soul energy for some reason.”

Remi, who’s sitting aside, raised his brows when he heard the what the filthy old man said, and he seemed to have understood something, “no wonder he never used it, is it a kind of suicidal skill?”

Remi was looking at Lin Xiang worriedly, “I owe you, Lin Xiang. You must get better.”

“Remi, do you know what happened?” Ijima asked.

“I don’t know.” Remi shook his head.

It seems that this old man didn’t know that Lin Xiang could use that strange flame, and Remi thought that he’d better not say it. He thought that Lin Xiang would say it if he wanted to.

“I feel that you are hiding something… How did that Demon General die? You said you don’t know, and you also have no idea of Lin Xiang’s body.”

“There’s no other way, I got an electric shock from the demon general. When I woke up, it was gone. If you didn’t tell me that he was dead, I really wouldn’t know what those ashes are.” Remi didn’t want to explain further.

It was not that he deliberately hid the fact, but when the human troops arrived, he was very worried about Lin Xiang’s physical condition, so he didn’t communicate much with other people. Now he heard that Lin Xiang had consumed the energy of his soul to eliminate the demon general, Remi obviously no reason to explain further, since he knew what kind of person Lin Xiang was. He hated troubles. And if he revealed the truth, Lin Xiang would be in trouble.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I am just worried about Lin Xiang. Onion, could you cure him?”

After hearing what Ijima said, the filthy-looking old man rolled his eyes, “if I can heal the soul, then people no longer have to worry that their soul will be sucked away by the demons.”


“Don’t be nervous, it should be fine, there is energy in his body that is slowly repairing. Have you contacted Lin Hao?” the old man asked.

“I can’t reach Lin Hao, he is busy in other areas…”

“Grandpa…” It was a magnetic female voice. It was Yazi.


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