V8C23 Part 2

After a few months, Yazi stepped forward and hugged Ijima. Ijima showed a smile and patted Yazi’s back. At this time, Yazi saw Lin Xiang lying on the bed and asked, “what happened to Xiao Xiang?”

“It’s nothing, he’s hurt and he’ll get better.” Ijima didn’t want Yazi to worry, and he said perfunctorily.

“That’s it.” Yazi couldn’t see anything from Lin Xiang’s appearance, and didn’t think much. At this moment, she saw the filthy-looking old man who was smiling at her.

“Yazi, long time no see, come, let me hug you.”

“It’s better that we don’t, Doctor Immortal, Grandpa Onion.” Yazi let go of Ijima, holding her hands on her chest, and refused.

“Ijima, the older your granddaughter is, the less lovable she is. She was willing to let me hold her when she was little.” After being rejected, the old man complained to Ijima unhappily.

“My granddaughter has grown, and she understands a lot of stuff without being explained. Onion, if you still act like this, I’ll tell your wife.”

“Don’t. Well, it’s okay if she doesn’t want a hug. You don’t need to scare me. Next time, don’t find me when you’re injured.”

“Oh, so you are threatening me.”

“It’s not a threat, it’s just that your behavior disappointed me too much. Okay, I’m leaving. Lin Fan’s son should be fine. If anything happens, let me come again.” The filthy-looking old man said and left.

“According to grandpa Onion, it seems that Lin Xiang is quite seriously injured. Why was that?”

“After a fight with the demon race, do you think that he would stay unharmed? I didn’t tell you before, Xiao Xiang is amazing, he’s a dragon race…”

“Dragon race? It turns out that the strange breath that I sensed at the beginning was not his spiritual power, but dragon’s breath?” Yazi knew something about the dragon race. When a certain area was invaded by evil dragons a few days ago, several people of the dragon race came to help. Yazi remembered that there were five people, two women and three men, and they were all young people.

“Well, it’s Qian Libing who found out. But now, I don’t know what’s wrong, it seems that he’s covering that breath and I can’t sense it.”

“That’s it, hey, this handsome blonde guy is…” Yazi saw Remi sitting by the bed.

“It’s Xiao Xiang’s friend, Remi, he helped a lot in the fight against the demon race. According to the surviving captain, he has at least the strength of level C of demon hunter, or above.”

“Huh…Is that so?” Yazi looked up and down Remi. Remi and Yazi looked at each other for a while, and both said impolitely, “what the hell are you staring at?”

“Are you a spirit?” Yazi said nonchalantly.

“Why are you…” Remi subconsciously touched the nora grass on his neck and found that it was gone. Was it gone when he used the million thunder…?

“Sure enough, you are a spirit, but your ears are not pointed, you are an elemental spirit? Can you contract a master? Don’t tell me that Xiao Xiang is your master.”

“No.” Remi shook his head. Since he was found to be a spirit, he simply admitted it frankly.

Ijima knew that Remi was Reidy’s brother, so he knew that Remi was a spirit too, but since he was very worried about Lin Xiang just now, he did not notice that Remi’s spiritual breath was exposed. Others were already used to spirits, so he didn’t mention it.

“So, I don’t think it is possible either. Xiao Xiang and Risa are a couple, how can he contract with a male humanoid spirit?” Yazi breathed a sigh of relief.

“How are you related to Lin Xiang?”

“Well~ how do you say it, a sister-like figure?”


“Son, the battle just now was really dangerous. If you insisted on using the holy fire, then your soul would be gone.” In the grey space, Freed told Lin Xiang.

“Ok, I know.”

“It’s good that you know. Fortunately, you have a lot more dragon’s energy than before, or you’d have died already. I assume that you’ve already known how powerful the demon race is.”

“Yes…they’re very terrifying enemies…”

“Fortunately, there are no other demon race, otherwise you would have become a corpse now.”

“Yeah…Freed, I’m too weak as expected.”

“Of course, but you can’t help it either.”

“Freed, I think…”

“Don’t tell me what you want to become stronger. I can’t help you. You can only help yourself. Tell yourself that you want to become stronger.”

After Freed finished speaking, he disappeared with Yalide. Lin Xiang opened his eyes, and what caught his eyes was the ceiling that he had never seen before.

Lin Xiang felt a bit tired. He sat up strenuously and looked around.

The furnishings of the room looked very simple – there was a large bed, a wooden table and wooden chairs next to the bed, and a wardrobe not far away. Lin Xiang could see that it was a guest room.

The window was opened, and there was sunlight from outside. Lin Xiang looked around, but he did not find a clock. He could only guess from the sunlight that it was evening.

How long have I slept? Lin Xiang scratched his head.

“It’s been two days. When we were talking, you had been in a coma for one day, then you continued to be in a coma for another day, until you finally woke up now.”

“Really, how about Remi? Where is he now?”

“He watched you here for two days and left with your headmaster.”

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