V8C23 Part 3

“Your sexy beautiful teacher is also here. I haven’t seen her for a long time, she’s still so pretty.” Yalide never forgot any beautiful girls.

“Beautiful teacher? Lin Xiang felt a bit confused. He had no idea who that was and only reacted after a long while. It was Yazi.

When he got out of bed, Lin Xiang opened the door. The style of the house was similar to that of a residential house on the mainland. Lin Xiang’s room was on the first floor. He saw electric lights hanging in the corridor, and he probably understood that this was Aiko’s home. He heard Ryoko said before that somewhere in Dakhla, there were people who were from human’s world. Although Aiko grew up there, she belonged to the human’s world.

“Is there anyone?” Lin Xiang asked in the corridor.

There was no response from the house.

“Anyone?” Lin Xiang shouted again and walked to the living room.

“It seems that no one is there.” Lin Xiang murmured, his clothes were a little sticky because of the sweating, and he suddenly wanted to take a bath.

The bathroom, where is the bathroom?

He patted his heavy head and came to the kitchen. The furniture in the kitchen was all from the human’s world. There was a bottle of milk in paper on the wooden table. Lin Xiang felt thirsty. After all, he hadn’t drunk any water for two days, and he’s also starving.

He picked up the milk. Since he hadn’t fully recovered yet, when he tore the bottle open, he accidentally spilled some milk and splashed it on his clothes. Lin Xiang looked around, looking for something to wipe and found the bathroom behind him.

He thought that he might as well take a shower. He put down the milk and walked into the bathroom.

The decoration of the bathroom was not much different from that of the human world. Lin Xiang took a shower briefly, turned off the switch, and took a white towel from the hook.


Suddenly Lin Xiang noticed something very important. He had no clothes to change. He looked at his previous clothes, and they were already on the floor, all wet.

Forget it, now there is no one, just go to the closet in the room and get some other clothes.

After hanging the white towel around his neck, Lin Xiang walked out of the bathroom.

Looking at the milk on the table, Lin Xiang walked over and took a few sips.

“Squeaky~” Someone opened the kitchen door, Lin Xiang looked over, Aiko was standing at the door, looking at Lin Xiang with a flushed face.

They were looking at each other for a while, and Lin Xiang still hadn’t realized that he’s naked, “hey, good morning.”

The only response was, “pervert!!!”, and Aiko stormed right out of the room.

Looking back, Lin Xiang didn’t find anyone else, who is the pervert?

Lin Xiang looked down on himself and realized that he’s the pervert.

After putting down the milk, Lin Xiang hurriedly ran out of the kitchen, as he hadn’t recovered completely, he almost fell. As he passed the stairs, he heard a sound of “bang!” from upstairs.

He went back to his room, closed the door and opened the closet. As expected, Lin Xiang had all his clothes inside. He got one and quickly put it on…

————Twenty minutes ago

“Is there anyone?” A guy asked, and Aiko was awakened from her sleep.

“Is there anyone?” This guy asked again, and it’s the same person.

Is that guy awake? It’s really annoying.

Aiko buried her head in the quilt, and fell asleep again. Well, it’s more like she’s half-asleep.

Fifteen minutes later, Aiko was finally awake. She was a little worried that she couldn’t hear Lin Xiang.

That guy just woke up, could he have fainted? Grandpa and the others all went out…

Aiko got up, changed her clothes and walked downstairs.

There’s no one in the living room…Where did that guy go? When Aiko heard someone moving in the kitchen, she walked inside. When she opened the door, she suddenly found that Lin Xiang was drinking her milk. This was not the main point. She also found that Lin Xiang was having her towel around his neck. And that’s still not the main point – he’s completely naked!

Aiko was frightened. It was the first time she saw a boy’s naked body and she even forgot to scream. Lin Xiang, who had not found anything wrong, broke the silence, “Oh~morning.” Only then did Aiko start yelling…

“Bang!” When she’s back to her room, Aiko closed the door and jumped onto her bed, “my God, that’s not true. I didn’t see anything. This is just a dream. That guy didn’t drink my milk and didn’t use my towel. He wasn’t naked, I must be dreaming. Aiko, close your eyes, and when you open them again, you will find that this is just a dream. Yes, this is just a dream. Now once I count down, you will forget what happened just now. One, two…” Aiko was hypnotizing herself, as she wanted to forget what happened just now. At this moment…

“That…” It was Lin Xiang outside the door: “Sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

“Three…Ah! Go away! I know that I’m just dreaming.” Aiko picked up her pillow and threw it to the door.

Lin Xiang showed a wry smile, he did not speak any more and left, leaving Aiko repeating to herself, “this is just a dream…”


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