V8C24 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons


“I’m in trouble this time…” Lin Xiang returned to his room and fell on his bed.

“Son, since she saw your body, you have to see hers too, no?” Yalide said.

“Go to hell!” Lin Xiang shouted.

“Hey, I’m just thinking for you, since you’ve been seen.”

“And why does it matter?”

“Why are women at a loss when their bodies have been seen, but it’s still their loss when they see a guy’s body. Aren’t we in an era of gender equality now?”

Lin Xiang couldn’t refute Yalide’s arguments. And he didn’t want to.

“Hey, Yalide, are you really okay with you’ve said?” Freed said helplessly.

“What’s wrong with it? Wasn’t I right?” Yalide said righteously.

“Okay, of course you’re right. You’re a pervert.”

“Of course…Hey! I am not a pervert!”

—In a room.

The room was equipped with complete furnishings, with a little pink style. It’s quite a girly room. There was a big bed in the center of the room, on which a beautiful girl was curling herself up.

The girl’s eyes were closed tightly and she had a peaceful sleeping face. At this time, her long eyelashes moved a bit, and her bright eyes opened.

The girl sat on the bed, stretched her waist gracefully and got out of the bed.

After opening the door, the girl held the stairs and went downstairs. At this moment, there was a sigh from the living room.

When she came to the living room, she saw a boy sitting on the sofa with a frown. Upon seeing the girl, the boy instantly stood up and he was somewhat agitated.

The girl greeted him briefly, “morning.”

The boy nodded quickly, “Morning.” In fact, it was already at night.

“Yeah.” The girl replied, then walked to the table, picked up the teacup and started drinking tea.

The boy clenched his fists, swallowed his saliva, took a few deep breaths, and he seemed to say so with a lot of courage, “about that…”

Before he finished speaking, the girl spat out the water in her mouth, and quickly walked up to the boy. She grabbed the boy by the collar and yelled, “you bastard, don’t mention it again! Don’t you know that I just forgot it? Why do you want to mention it again, why do you want me to think about it again! Bastard!”

“Uh…” Lin Xiang looked at the angry face in front of him with some confusion. Although Aiko looked cute when she’s angry, he didn’t have the time to admire her face, and he could only apologize.

“What’s the point of apologizing?!” The more she talked, the more agitated she was. Aiko pressed Lin Xiang down on the sofa, her face was getting really close, “let me warn you, in the future…”

“Ahem, Aiko…you shouldn’t let grandpa see this kind of thing…Although grandpa doesn’t object, I still feel uncomfortable to see my beloved granddaughter doing this kind of thing in front of me.” Qian Libing’s voice was like thunder in the middle of the night, which shocked Aiko.

While sitting on Lin Xiang’s stomach, Aiko turned her head and looked out the door…Yazi had returned to the temple. At this moment, Qian Libing, Ijima and Remi were standing there.

When looking at Aiko, she was sitting on Lin Xiang’s stomach in a short skirt, holding Lin Xiang’s collar with both hands, making Lin Xiang’s collar look really messy, revealing his chest. It made Aiko look like she’s molesting Lin Xiang.

“No, it’s not like this, Remi, don’t get me wrong.” Aiko first wanted to make it clear for Remi, instead of to Qian Libing.

She recovered a day earlier than Lin Xiang. After she was able to get out of bed and walk, she had wanted to get close to Remi, but Remi was just as cold as before. He looked like a complete stranger, and now after this…Gosh…what a big misunderstanding…

Aiko quickly jumped off Lin Xiang.

Remi ignored Aiko and told Lin Xiang, “Lin Xiang, just wake up. Let’s go back there. The headmaster told me that there’s a friendly match in your academy.”

“Oh, um, I got it.”

As Aiko was already ignored before, she didn’t care much. She just wanted to explain what had happened, “Lin Xiang is very weak, and he fell down just now. He said that he had chest pain. In fact, I was just rubbing his chest, is that so? Lin Xiang?” Aiko turned her head and stared at Lin Xiang with sharp eyes.

“Um… well, yes, exactly.” Lin Xiang nodded quickly.

“Since you feel uncomfortable, then stay here. The match will last for eight days, and it’s only one day now. I will take care of the things over there, Xiao Xiang, it’d be better if you can come back soon and participate. “Although Ijima knew that Lin Xiang was still weak, he was really looking forward to having Lin Xiang return to the arena.

“Okay, I got it, grandpa Ijima.”

“In this case, then I’m also staying. If I return alone, my sister will be angry.” Remi decided to stay as well.

Seeing Remi staying, Aiko was thrilled. She thought, “Aiko, you’re just so smart, since you managed to make Remi stay and solve the misunderstanding just now.”

After Ijima gave Lin Xiang a few more reminders, he left with Qian Libing, but before leaving, Qian Libing whispered in Lin Xiang’s ears: “you are as popular as your father, but you dad is a dedicated person. If you like Aiko, you must treat her well and don’t mess around with other girls.”

“Well, Grandpa Qian Libing, I think you have misunderstood. There’s nothing between me and Aiko…”

“I don’t want to comment further. Just treat her better.” Afterwards, he left with Ijima.

“Um, Remi…” After seeing Qian Libing and the others left, Aiko said to Remi, “are you hungry? Let’s go find something to eat.”

“Huh?” Remi had been feeling very strange for the past two days. Since the battle with the demons, Aiko’s attitude towards him has changed a lot, making him a little uncomfortable. And before Aiko could get out of bed and walk around, Remi had asked Qian Libing to find someone to bring him the Nora grass. It’s clear that she hadn’t realized that he’s a spirit… Remi really couldn’t understand, “… By the way, Lin Xiang, aren’t you hungry? This girl is inviting us for dinner, you want to go or not?”

When Remi mentioned “this woman”, it made Aiko very upset.

“Uh…” Lin Xiang looked at Aiko, who signaled to Lin Xiang, “say that you’re going.”

“Well, okay, let’s go.” Lin Xiang didn’t know what happened to Aiko, but after thinking about what happened in the kitchen, he decided to follow her decision.

————In the northeast of Dakhla, the place of the inhabitants of the human’s world.

Dakhla is one of the only two areas that can be teleported to and from the human’s world, that’s why many people from the human’s world have moved to live in Dakhla.

Since there’s no high technology in the sky outside the sky, some people who moved there were not used to it, so they also brought some high-tech stuff. There was no electricity, so someone invented something called voltage crystal, but the residents of the sky outside the sky were not interested in high-tech things, technology never became popular there. There were specific areas set up for residents of the human’s world in each region, and the northeastern part of Dakhla is the residence of the inhabitants of the human’s world.

After walking out of Aiko’s place, Lin Xiang felt that he seemed to have returned to the human’s world. Although there weren’t high-rise buildings, they looked completely similar of the residential buildings in the human’s world.

The roads without cars were filled with stalls selling clothes or toys, there’s a rich variety.

Aiko took Lin Xiang and Remi to her favorite ramen restaurant.

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