V8C24 Part 2

“What is this place?” Remi asked when he looked at the ramen on the signboard, since he’d never eaten ramen.

“Why are you so stupid?” Aiko usually just said whatever on her mind. She realized that she’d said something wrong, “Sorry, Remi, I didn’t mean that you’re stupid. Oh, it’s something called ramen.”

“Is this thing delicious?”

“Oh, it’s the best.”

“Lin Xiang, do you want it?” Remi asked.

“Sure, sure.” Seeing Aiko whispering to him again, Lin Xiang nodded quickly.

—Inside the ramen restaurant.

“Uncle! Bring me three bowls, the usual ones.” After entering the ramen restaurant, Aiko told the ramen master in a familiar manner.

“Aiko? Hey, you’ve got friends here today? Not bad, they are both guys, which one is yours?”

“Uncle, don’t be kidding, what the hell is it…really~” Aiko said embarrassedly and looked back. The first one who followed was Lin Xiang, and Aiko looked at Lin Xiang.

That’s not him.

Then, Aiko looked at Remi who’s behind Lin Xiang and her gaze was fixed there.

Three bowls of steaming ramen arrived. Remi didn’t know what Aiko was planning, so he dared not sit next to her. As long as she sat next to him, he would move to another seat. Then, it turned out that Lin Xiang sat between them, Aiko was on his right and Remi was on his left.

After noticing the strange behavior of Aiko, Lin Xiang also started wondering if Aiko had fallen in love with Remi.

“It’s so disgusting…” Remi put down his chopsticks, and stopped having after two bites of ramen.

It’s not that the noodles are disgusting, it’s just that everyone has their own taste, and Remi didn’t like ramen.

“No, it’s delicious.” Aiko usually ate things randomly, but she tried to act more elegantly in front of Remi.

“It’s really horrible, I prefer to eat Lin Xiang’s food. Lin Xiang, let’s go, you can make something briefly when you go back.” Remi said and stood up.

“Don’t~” Aiko couldn’t continue eating after seeing Remi leaving.

After seeing Aiko’s reaction, Lin Xiang was even more sure of what he had just thought, that Aiko had indeed fallen in love with Remi.

Remi was relatively indifferent to people who didn’t interest him. Lin Xiang found Aiko quite pitiful. Also, he knew that she really liked the noodles there, that’s why he suggested, “Remi, I’m really hungry now. Can we leave after I finish?”

“Okay, but I really can’t eat this kind of thing.”

“It doesn’t matter, just sit down.” Lin Xiang patted the chair, and Remi sat down.

Aiko looked at Lin Xiang and Remi with suspicion, and started wondering if they were…

Lin Xiang tried his best to eat as slowly as Aiko. It took fifteen minutes for him to finish. Originally, it’d only take him 3 minutes.

Aiko knew that Lin Xiang was taking care of her, but there was no trace of gratitude in her heart. Instead, she felt that Lin Xiang should be doing it, since he let her see something disgusting, no? Whenever she thought of that, she felt her face blushing.

After paying the bill, Lin Xiang went to buy some vegetables. Aiko looked at Remi and felt regretful. How come she never learnt cooking?

After buying some ingredients, Lin Xiang and Remi returned to Aiko’s place. Since there was no signal, there was no TV in her place. While Lin Xiang was cooking, Remi had to sit in the living room with nothing to do. This was a godsend opportunity for Aiko to be alone with Remi. Aiko perceived herself as a pretty girl, how difficult could it be to pursue a guy?

“Remi, where is your hometown.”

“The demon realm.”

“The demon realm? Why would you live there? Aren’t there only spirits?”

“Do you have any comments on where I live?”

“No, no. So, where is your family?”

“I think that you are very annoying.”


—-In the kitchen.

“Um, not sure how Silent Water is doing…let’s go back tomorrow then?” Lin Xiang, who’s cutting vegetables, really wanted to go home. No matter where he was, he found his home the most comfortable.

“Bang!” The kitchen door was kicked open. Lin Xiang turned his head and saw that it was Aiko, so he said, “I haven’t started yet, wait a while before food is ready.” After that, Lin Xiang turned around and continued cutting vegetables. .

“Stretch out your hand.”

“Huh?” Without waiting for Lin Xiang’s reaction, Aiko grabbed his hand and bit it.

“Hey, it hurts, what are you doing?” Although Lin Xiang’s physical condition improved a lot, it’s just comparative to his state after the battle, and he’s still no different from an ordinary person.

“I’m not in a good mood right now.” Aiko released her mouth and yelled.

“What’s wrong?” Lin Xiang looked at his arm, there were two rows of marks with a little saliva stuck to it.

“It’s all because of you!”

“What about me?”

“Tell me, what can I do to make you leave Remi.”

“Uh… sorry?”

“I mean, what can I do to make you leave Remi?”


Aiko ignored Lin Xiang’s, who’s speechless at this point and continued, “I really like Remi, but he keeps ignoring me. Tell me, am I pretty enough?”

“Huh?” Seeing Aiko stopping and looking at him, Lin Xiang didn’t know what she meant.

“Am I pretty?” Aiko repeated.

“Yes…yes, you are.” Lin Xiang hurriedly answered.

“That’s right, I’m pretty and since I already talk to that Remi sincerely, yet he’s acting so arrogantly. Why would he do that, so that’s why I tried to find the reason, and it turns out…”

“Turns out what?” Lin Xiang had a bad feeling.

“Finally I found out. It turns out that he likes you. I was wondering why a guy would not be interested in a pretty girl, so perhaps he’s gay?”

“Wait…Did you misunderstand something?”

“There’s no misunderstanding. I’ve already understood everything. Now, tell me, what can I do to make you leave Remi. I promise you that I’ll help you with one thing.”

“Uh…” Lin Xiang really had nothing to say, and could only look at Aiko stupidly.

Seeing Lin Xiang staring at herself blankly, her face blushed, and she put her hands were on her chest, “I can’t do such things…as I can only do it with someone I love, also, I’m still so young…”

Well, it’d be better that Lin Xiang just kept his mouth shut, since he’s already a homosexual and a pervert in Aiko’s eyes, and if he said anything further, he might even be a shameless filthy guy…

“You really think too much. There’s really nothing between me and Remi. It’s just that he doesn’t talk much to people that he doesn’t know well.”

“Really?” Aiko looked at Lin Xiang suspiciously.

“Really. Besides, why do you like Remi?” Lin Xiang asked.

“I…” Aiko became embarrassed when asked by Lin Xiang, and she stuttered, “look, he is handsome. Although I used to think that being handsome is useless, if there is one who’s handsome and capable, don’t you think that it’d be great?”

“Hmm… indeed…”



“And he kissed me.”

“Kiss you? Remi? That’s not possible.”


“When?” Lin Xiang was really curious, why did Remi kiss Aiko? Was he in love with her as well? It didn’t look so possible.

“Really, don’t worry about that. Anyway, I love Remi and you have to help.”

“Help you? How can I help?”

“I don’t know, anyway you have to help me. I promise you, as long as you can make Remi like me, I can help you with one thing, except that thing…”

“Hey, aren’t you being too difficult…?”

“If you don’t help me, I won’t forgive you for what you did this afternoon…”

“I did not do it on purpose……”

“Who cares whether you meant it or not, I’ll bite you to death if you don’t help me.” Aiko showed her teeth after saying so.

“Are you a dog or what? Hey…okay, I promise you…”


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