V8C25 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C25_I didn’t touch anything

“I didn’t expect it, Lin Xiang, you really make delicious food.” Aiko reached an agreement with Lin Xiang. Although she already ate a large bowl of ramen, Lin Xiang’s cooking was so good that she started eating a lot again.

“Of course, it’s much better than ramen, isn’t it?” Remi asked while eating.

Hearing Remi say this, Aiko had an idea. Since Remi liked homemade food, wouldn’t it be good if she started learning it? Aiko wasn’t worried that Lin Xiang wouldn’t teach her.

Aiko always acted at once after deciding on one thing, and she made up her mind to ask Lin Xiang for it.

After the meal, Lin Xiang cleaned up the dishes and took them to the kitchen to wash them. At this time, Aiko wanted to take a bath too, so she went to the kitchen with Lin Xiang.

“Lin Xiang, teach me to cook tomorrow.” Aiko said.


“Because I want to learn.”

“Learning to cook is not easy…plus you aren’t Silent Water.” Lin Xiang said randomly.

“Silent Water? Who’s that?”

“She’s the most important person in my family.”

“Really? How long did it take her to learn cooking?”

“One day, in just one day, she could cook all the dishes that I have cooked. Isn’t it amazing?” Speaking of Silent Water, Lin Xiang felt a little proud. He hadn’t seen her for so many days, and Lin Xiang missed her very much at the moment.

“Really? I don’t believe it.”

“Believe it or not.”

“Your attitude is very bad, and you make it sound like that Silent Water is really good. Well, I can do the same.”

“You? Forget it. By the way, what are you doing in the kitchen?” Lin Xiang put the dishes in the basin and asked Aiko.

“Of course I’m taking a shower.” Aiko looked at Lin Xiang, and suddenly took two steps back, “let me tell you, although you are a dragon race and that you have high destructive power, if you ever peek at me, I will kill you.” Aiko raised her fist while talking, emphasizing how much she meant it.

“Well, rest assured, I am not interested in you.” Lin Xiang nodded in agreement.

“Hey, what do you mean? I am also a little beauty.” After hearing Lin Xiang say that he wasn’t interested without hesitation, Aiko was irritated.

“Yes, yes, little beauty, now please go and take a bath, don’t stop me from washing these dishes.” As he said so, he pushed Aiko away.

Aiko was originally talking to Lin Xiang from her side, and Lin Xiang was meaning to push her shoulders. However, after he said that he’s not interested in Aiko, she turned and was facing Lin Xiang directly. That’s how Lin Xiang turned out touching the little beauty’s chest “luckily”.

“You…” Aiko covered her chest, looking at Lin Xiang with a flushed face, unable to say a word.

“I…I didn’t touch anything.” As soon as Lin Xiang said it, Freed sighed in his mind, “son, congrats on breaking her defense line.”

“What do you mean?” Lin Xiang was stunned, and then he thought of something.

If he hadn’t touched anything, then did it mean that…

“You…you…” Aiko was pissed off. She grabbed Lin Xiang’s hand and he knew very well that she’s going to bite him again. However, he didn’t resist and he was just closing his eyes, sighing…

Hmm ~ what is this soft little thing? Lin Xiang unexpectedly found out that his arm wasn’t bitten, but it was pressing against something soft, like a ball. He opened his eyes and saw that his hand was on Aiko’s chest, and Aiko looked like she’s ready to escape any moment, she panted heavily and lowered her voice, “it’s not NOTHING!”

Lin Xiang nodded quickly, “yes, yes, you’re right, you’ve got something. I’m sorry, I take back what I’ve said.”

After hearing Lin Xiang, Aiko raised her nose and looked as if Lin Xiang was saying bullshit. When she was about to say something, she suddenly thought of another matter, and her face flushed again. She shoved away Lin Xiang’s hand and yelled, “Lin Xiang, you’re a bastard!” Then, she ran into the shower with tears.

“Oh, it looks like that she hates me even more…but it’s really not my fault…” Lin Xiang shook his head helplessly. He looked at his palm which was still warm, and he sighed before washing the dishes.


Aiko rushed into the bathroom, at this moment she was so embarrassed that she really wanted to die.

Why would she do such a stupid thing? Was she out of her mind? Lin Xiang had taken all the advantages…

Aiko wiped away the tears from the corners of her eyes, as she decided not to think about it anymore. She took a bath and decided to forget about everything. It should be the unluckiest day in her life, since she’d seen someone naked, she made Qian Libing misunderstand her, and now that…Aiko sighed and took off her shirt.

Huh? At this time, Aiko found that something was wrong.

What am I doing in the bathroom? Take a bath? No, I just came over first to fill the bathtub with water, then, I was going to take my clothes in the bedroom…shit…I forgot to fill water in it and I took off my clothes too early…

Aiko looked at the skirt on the ground, it already got wet by the water on the ground. Aiko put it back on and it felt very uncomfortable. It also became very tight after being wet, and it also made her bottom stand out…she couldn’t walk out like that, what to do then?

“What should I do? It seems to be horrible this time, as I made her so angry.” Lin Xiang smiled bitterly while washing the dishes.

“Well~ Don’t be nervous, just find a suitable opportunity to apologize.” Freed said so, then asked, “also son, haven’t you found out anything?”

“About what?”

“The incident about that thunder spirit kissing that girl.”

“Oh…did you want to say that it’s impossible for Remi to kiss Aiko?”

“Damn it…let me tell you, can you at least know yourself better?” Freed stopped saying anything after this, no matter what Lin Xiang said.

“How come you’re acting so mysteriously?” Lin Xiang scolded Freed and continued washing his dishes. At this time, Aiko yelled from the bathroom, “Lin Xiang, are you there?”

“Yeah, what are you doing?” Lin Xiang was relieved as there was nothing wrong in her tone.

“You…” At this time, Aiko’s face was so red that she couldn’t bear it, “can you…”

“Well, say it, I’m listening.” Lin Xiang put down the plate in his hand and listened carefully.

“Can you go to the closet in my room and get me some clothes to change…” The voice of Aiko was so low that only Lin Xiang could hear it, since his hearing ability was better than the others.

“Sure.” Lin Xiang readily agreed.

“Really? That’s great…” Aiko breathed a sigh of relief, “my room is upstairs, there’s a sign that says ‘Aiko’.”

“Yeah, I see.” Lin Xiang nodded and walked out quickly.

“Huh~ great, if I go out like this and if he sees me, then I’d be at a great loss.” Aiko was a little happy, and she sighed, “I can’t let him do that anymore.”

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