V8C25 Part 2

“Hmph~hmph~hmph~hmph~” Aiko hummed a little song while waiting for Lin Xiang, “I don’t know what clothes he will bring to me. As for underwear, I want the white one…”


At this time, Aiko was imagining Lin Xiang holding her underwear and mouthwatering…

“Lin Xiang! Lin Xiang!” Aiko hurriedly called Lin Xiang’s name, but Lin Xiang was gone long ago.

Gosh! Can you stop playing with me like this?

“Uh…” After opening the closet, Lin Xiang smelt a kind of girly fragrance. He swallowed his saliva after seeing all the girls’ clothes.

“Although I agreed to help her instantly, it’s really difficult to pick clothes for her.”

“It’s true, it’s so difficult to pick one underwear among all these.”

“Yalide, just go to hell.”

After scolding Yalide, Lin Xiang didn’t feel embarrassed. All in all, he’s not a pervert like Yalide, wouldn’t it be good enough if he just took one of them?

After taking a few clothes for change, Lin Xiang returned to the kitchen. At this moment, Aiko stuck out her head and checked for Lin Xiang, and she instantly closed the door after seeing him.

Lin Xiang walked over and knocked on the door, “hey, I’ve got you the clothes.”

“Oh…” Aiko felt a little hot on her face, as it was the first time that she asked a guy to help her get clothes. She opened the door, took the clothes that Lin Xiang brought and immediately closed the door. Afterwards, she spread them out and checked them thoroughly. After seeing that they were in fine conditions, she breathed a sigh of relief, “thank you.”

“Well, it’s nothing.” Lin Xiang continued to wash the dishes.

——In the bathroom

Aiko washed her face and took her own towel to clean it. Suddenly, she thought of something.

That guy Lin Xiang seemed to have used my towel…

She looked at the white towel in her hand, and when she sniffed it, Aiko shook her head, “whatever, I’ve also used it now anyway.”

If it was before, Aiko would definitely throw away the towel, but now, she couldn’t care less. She took off her clothes and started taking a shower.


Lin Xiang quickly finished washing the dishes. When he was listening to the sound of ticking water from the bathroom, Lin Xiang somehow thought of the scene of Aiko taking a bath. He shook his head abruptly, and walked out of the kitchen.

When he came to the living room, Lin Xiang saw that Remi was falling asleep, and he said, “Remi, how come you’re so tired?”

“Don’t talk about it. I was hanging around with those two old guys the whole day and they wanted to test my ability. It’s so exhausting.”

“Test your ability?”

“Yes, didn’t I use my full strength when I was fighting against the demon race? The surviving captain told them about my strength. They said that I reached at least the C level of a demon hunter and they took me for a test. You should thank me, as I didn’t say anything about you. Otherwise, they would have told you to take the test as well.”

“Um…thank you.”

“Well~ it’s nothing. By the way, I heard them say that they have to pass some trials before reaching the exorcist level. But once you reach the level of demon hunter, you are then promoted through battle.”

“Huh? Why are you telling me this?”

“Look, the humans and spirits here are so enthusiastic about this so-called title, and the humans on your side need to come here to participate in the trial if they want to become stronger, so I thought that I should tell you, then you can tell the friends that you know.”

“Oh, okay…well, if you’re tired, go to sleep early.”

“That’s right, then I’m leaving.”

“Well, eh? Are you leaving already? Where are you going?” Lin Xiang felt a little strange when he heard Remi.

“I’m just going to a hotel. I don’t like to live here, because that girl makes me feel so weird.”


Lin Xiang felt a little speechless. He knew that Aiko was really in love with Remi, yet Remi was too slow to understand.

“Then I’m leaving, let’s go back there tomorrow.”

“Okay, no problem.”

—-In the morning.

“Hu~~~hu~~~” In the living room, Lin Xiang was sleeping soundly. As there was a decrease in his soul, his energy level dropped as well and he desperately needed more rest. At this time, he could feel someone patting his face lightly.

“Dusty, stop it…” Lin Xiang patted the hand on his face.

Who’s Dusty? Aiko was stunned.

Whatever, this guy had to get up quickly.

“Hey, slacker, get up quickly, get up quickly.” Aiko shook Lin Xiang’s body.

“Reidy, please let me continue to sleep…”


Are they all girls? And what’s their relationship with this guy? Wait, it has nothing to do with me.

“Hey, get up.” Aiko pulled away Lin Xiang’s quilt…

“Ah~you rascal, bastard, pervert!” Seeing a thing protruding somewhere, Aiko put the quilt on top of Lin Xiang’s head and ran out.

“It’s still so early, what are you doing…” Lin Xiang complained a bit, he took the quilt off his head and saw the strange ceiling, and suddenly remembered that he’s not at home.

“It seems that someone called me just now? Was it an illusion?” Lin Xiang scratched his head and sat up…

“Ha~huh~” Lin Xiang yawned and walked to the closet. He took out his package and found the clean white crystal.

I should’ve used it…

Lin Xiang muttered, then used the crystal to brush his teeth and wash his face. After a few minutes, he walked out of his room.

“Bang!” There was a sound of things falling to the floor from the kitchen.

After hearing the sound, Lin Xiang walked to the kitchen and saw Aiko hurriedly picking up the pan.

“Damn you, Lin Xiang, I can learn cooking without you.” Aiko snorted, washed the pan and put it on the stove. Then, she started washing the ingredients that she’d bought.

“Hey, it’s not a good habit to talk behind someone’s back.” Lin Xiang walked into the kitchen.

Aiko turned her head to look at Lin Xiang, she threw the cabbage into the basin and cursed, “pervert, not sure what I was thinking this morning.”

“Eh?” Lin Xiang asked, feeling totally confused. How come he’s called a pervert early in the morning?

“Huh~” Aiko didn’t explain further, she just said, “come and teach me.”



“Lin Xiang, let’s go back.” It was Remi’s voice outside the kitchen.

Lin Xiang, who was teaching Aiko to pay attention to the heat, responded after hearing Remi, “let’s return after breakfast.”

“Whatever.” Remi responded indifferently, then sat down on the sofa and started drinking tea.

“The cooking temperature is very important. It cannot be too big or too small. If it is too big, the dish will burn off. If it is too small, there won’t be enough taste of the dishes…”

“Wait, wait, I haven’t written down the amount of salt to be put.”

“I have told you that these things can’t be taught just in one time.”

“Then how come Silent Water could do it? I am a genius, you know?”

“Okay, okay, if you’re a genius, then you should learn the basic stuff first.” Lin Xiang put the cooked food on the plate and it smelled so nice.

“Why are you acting as a teacher? You just know how to cook.” Aiko started eating, “if I want to learn, it’ll take me one day, no, one week…no, at most one month.”

“Then, continue learning. I have to return with Remi today, so your plan must be postponed.”

“Who said so? I can also return with you guys, okay?”

“What? Are you planning to come to the human’s world with us?”

“So what? Can’t I do so?”

“It’s not that…by the way, why do you care about Remi so much?”

“That guy rescued me, and… and…he also took my first kiss…”

“Is it the first kiss?” Lin Xiang sighed, then suddenly realized that something was wrong, “when was your first kiss taken?”

“Just after I was hit by that demon general, you have no idea how scared I was, it felt like my body didn’t belong to me and I was aching all over. Fortunately, that kiss…” When Aiko said so, her face blushed and she patted Lin Xiang’s shoulders, who’s now dumbfounded, “why do you want to know so much?”

“What the hell…” Lin Xiang murmured and showed a bitter smile.

Freed, is that what you meant last night…?


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