V8C26 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

V8C26_Recycling energy

“Why are you smiling so strangely?” Aiko felt very strange to Lin Xiang’s bitter smile.

“No…nothing…” Lin Xiang shook his head, as he didn’t know how to resolve this misunderstanding.

“You’re being a lunatic. Hurry up, we will go to the human’s world after breakfast. I just want to see how the students over there fight.”

“Uh, um, okay.”

“You want to go back with us?” Remi asked strangely after hearing Aiko’s decision after breakfast.

Doesn’t she hate the human’s world?

“Yeah, what’s the matter? Am I not welcomed?”

“Whatever you want, it’s none of my business anyway.” Remi said indifferently. Aiko could only hold her grudge by herself and stare at Lin Xiang.

“Well… Remi, don’t be so indifferent, Aiko helped us a lot, didn’t she?” Lin Xiang said with embarrassment. He had been thinking about how to deal with this matter from now on.

“Anyway, let’s go.”


On the way to the teleportation area, the three of them didn’t talk. Remi was originally not a talkative guy, and Aiko was still angry of the matter just now. She found that Remi was really not easy-going at all. And Lin Xiang was thinking about the matter between Remi and Aiko.

The three of them didn’t have much to say, and they soon arrived the teleportation area in the east.

After the demon apostle’s occupation of the teleportation area a few days ago, the area in all parts of Dakhla had entered a state of strict security. There was a long queue at the gate of the eastern teleportation area where Lin Xiang and the others were located. They were all teleported to other places. Due to the upgraded security, the inspection for transmission became stricter, so now, it’d take twice the time to finish teleporting all the teams.

“Please line up in an orderly manner, and don’t cause disputes because of jumping in line. Anyone who makes trouble will be punished.” A guard in the teleportation area shouted.

“It’s really annoying, those demon apostles are really annoying.” Aiko grumbled as she watched the long queue.

“By the way, I have always wanted to ask, what did the demon apostles come from?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Oh, about them? They are the fallen humans who dedicated their lives to the demons. Although they have relatively stronger power, they have already lost their qualifications as humans. They are our opponents, and they’re trying to let the demons dominate the entire universe.”

“Is that so…” Lin Xiang didn’t understand why there would still be humans doing things for such evil demons. Shouldn’t everyone resist the demons together?

Seeing Lin Xiang thinking deeply, Aiko didn’t say anything, she only hoped that the queue would go faster, after all, it was too sunny in the morning.

An hour later, it was finally Lin Xiang’s turn. At this moment, Aiko’s face turned red from the heat, and there was a layer of sweat on her forehead.

The inspector was a middle-aged woman, her eyes were very sharp, and she had a pointed face which made her look unfriendly at the first glance.

“Next, come forward quickly.” The middle-aged woman told Aiko.

Aiko stepped forward and stood within an aperture. The aperture began to glow with white light, shining on Aiko. After a while, the white aperture slowly turned golden.

“You can…” The middle-aged woman didn’t have enough time to say the word “pass”. Then, the golden aperture turned darker and it became black.

After seeing this, not only the middle-aged woman, but even Aiko looked shocked. Her clear pupils were filled with confusion, as if she was saying, “that’s impossible.”

“There is some dark energy in her body. Guard, this is the demon apostle, hurry up and catch her.” The middle-aged woman quickly yelled.

“No, I’m not…” Aiko waved her hand quickly, backing away in shock, and bumped into Lin Xiang’s chest.

Is she a demon apostle? Lin Xiang would never think so. Lin Xiang guessed that the aperture just now should be a substance that can identify the attributes of her body. As long as someone is proficient in one type of magic, then the color of that attribute would appear. That’s why it just turned golden. However, why did it turn dark afterwards? Lin Xiang was wondering if she had some kind of dark energy in her body.

“Is she? Catch her.” The guard who heard the middle-aged woman ran over.

“No, I am not a demon apostle, I am not!” Aiko yelled, and she’s very scared now, she acted as a young girl in a horror movie, being chased by a serial killer.

After the people around her heard that she’s a demon apostle, they all took a few steps back.

Seeing that the guard was about to catch Aiko, Lin Xiang pushed the guard away abruptly and stood in front of her, “wait. Have you misunderstood something?”

Remi turned around, turned his back to Lin Xiang and Aiko, and watched vigilantly at the guards coming in from the entrance.

“Misunderstanding? Absolutely impossible. The aperture never lies.” The guard said, “are you also demon apostles? Please, someone catch them.”

The guard didn’t listen to Lin Xiang’s explanation, he rushed forward, reached out and grabbed Lin Xiang’s left shoulder.

Lin Xiang glanced at the hand on his shoulder and immediately pressed it with his right hand, and slammed his left elbow up and hit the guard’s arm. The guard felt painful and loosened Lin Xiang’s shoulder.

“What do you mean, kid? So many guards are here and you still want to resist me?” The guard didn’t expect Lin Xiang to resist under such circumstances, as he had such weak spiritual power.

“Give me a chance to explain, please?”

“As a demon apostle, do you still want to explain? Okay, I’ll let you explain then.” The guard rubbed his arm and thought that this kid wasn’t easy to deal with at all.

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