V8C26 Part 2

“What is the basis for you to say that we are demon apostles?” Lin Xiang asked.

“You helped that girl, so what are you if you’re not one of them?” After the guard said so, he gave Aiko a fierce look, as he hated demon apostles the most.

When Aiko was watched like this, her body trembled, she grabbed Lin Xiang’s clothes and hid behind him.

“Lin Xiang, I am not a demon apostle…you know that…don’t you?” Aiko’s lips were a little purple, as being identified as a demon apostle was no different from being sentenced to death.

“Yes, of course I do. Don’t be nervous.” Lin Xiang tilted his head and said to Aiko, then turned back and said to the guards, “everyone, please look at the badge on her arm.”

After hearing Lin Xiang’s words, the guards all looked curiously at the badge on Aiko’s arm. Well, it’s just a cyan B-level exorcist badge, what’s so strange about it?


Wait, the badge of demon apostles should be black. The girl’s badge was in a normal color, didn’t it already say that she’s an ordinary person?

The middle-aged women are also aware of this, but even so, what’s so special about it? Even badges took some time to fade, “even if it doesn’t change colors, it’s only temporary. It’ll fade after some time.”

The guards were still wondering if the aperture was wrong, after hearing the explanation of the middle-aged woman, they stopped doubting, “that’s right, kid, don’t you think that you can confuse us, you’re still too young for that.”

Lin Xiang smiled helplessly. When he was at the city gate before, the captain didn’t attack Lin Xiang because of this point. Instead, they protected them. Lin Xiang thought that it would solve the misunderstanding, as he didn’t know that it’d take time to get the badge to change its color.

“Well, finally, let me ask you something.”

“Do you still have anything to say? Captain, just catch them.” A guard said.

“Yes, anyway, as long as we catch them alive, it will not affect the interrogation.” The other guard was also ready to move.

“Yeah.” The captain of the guards nodded, and raised his hand when the guards approached Lin Xiang, “wait, let him ask his final question.”

When the guards heard what the captain said, they stopped and listened to Lin Xiang’s last question.

“Do you know Qian Libing?” Lin Xiang asked.

“Master Qian Libing? Of course we do. How could we not know him? He’s a famous demon killer.”

“Well, it’s good that you do.” Lin Xiang breathed a sigh of relief after hearing the answer from the captain of the guard, he was afraid that they would not know Qian Libing.

“Little devil, the question is over. As long as you cooperate, we guarantee that you will not be harmed.”

“Well, the question is over, but let me add one thing. The girl behind me is Aiko, and her grandpa is Qian Libing.”

“That’s right!” After hearing Lin Xiang’s words, Aiko suddenly recovered from despair. She let go of Lin Xiang’s clothes and stepped forward. Then, she said to the guard and the middle-aged woman, “my grandfather is Qian Libing. Are you sure that you want to catch me? If you treat me as a demon apostle, then does it also mean that my grandpa is a demon apostle?”

“Hey, don’t act so arrogantly.” Lin Xiang was quite speechless to Aiko’s reaction.

“You’re the granddaughter of master Qian Libing? Really?”

The guards suddenly didn’t know what to do.

“I heard that master Qian Libing has a granddaughter.”

“Yes, yes, I also heard that too. Is that her?”

“Impossible! You are definitely the fake one. If you are not a demon apostle, the aperture would never turn black.” The middle-aged woman affirmed that Aiko is a demon apostle. After all, she had been an inspector for so long, and the aperture was like her partner. If she didn’t believe her partner, how could she be an inspector?

“I don’t know what’s going on, maybe there’s a problem with it.”

“That’s impossible!”

“It is possible.”

“That’s absolutely impossible. Guards, go and catch them quickly!”

“Can I still say something?” Lin Xiang asked.

“You’re still struggling. No matter how hard you explain, she’s still a demon apostle. And so are you.” The middle-aged woman panted. She got even angrier after seeing that the guards weren’t moving. How come they looked so surprised after hearing the name of Qian Libing? Who knows if she’s really the granddaughter?

“A few days ago, the team of demon race attacked the north gate, didn’t they? We were there at the time.”

“Yes, yes, I heard that there are three students, among them, the granddaughter of Master Qian Libing is there.” A guard recalled what a friend had said.

“Well, yes, she was hurt by the demon general at the time, and her body was swallowed by a kind of black substance…”

“Wouldn’t she die if she was swallowed?” The middle-aged woman yelled, as if Lin Xiang didn’t even know how to lie.

“No, she didn’t die, as she survived for some reason… Maybe some dark matter remained in her body, and it was revealed in the inspection just now.”

“That makes sense.” The guard nodded. If Lin Xiang never said that Aiko was Qian Libing’s granddaughter, they would have caught Lin Xiang long time ago. However, they dared not move as they weren’t sure if she’s really his granddaughter. If she was, then there would be unforeseeable consequences for them. They’d rather play it safe.

“Is it really the way you’ve said it? Who knows what you’re saying is true or not?” The middle-aged woman was confident of her standpoint, and she wouldn’t believe anything easily without proof.

“Yeah, you’re right. Do you have anything here that can be used to check identity? Like those in the record hall.”

“No! I can use my crystal to check directly. Bring her ID card over.”

“I’ll bring it to you.” Aiko said so and took out her identity card.

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