V8C26 Part 3

“Really…” After reading the information displayed on the ID card, the middle-aged woman finally believed it. The guards were relieved that they hadn’t moved.

“Huh~” Aiko raised her nose and looked proud.

Isn’t it a joke to say that I’m a demon apostle?

“Then we can be teleported now, right?” Aiko wasn’t looking scared anymore, she’s full of confidence.

“No way.” The middle-aged woman shook her head, “I can’t let a person with dark energy in her body be transmitted.”

“You…” Aiko’s eyes widened after hearing what the middle-aged woman said.

What’s the matter with this aunt?

“Don’t say anything. I’ve already decided. Although you are the granddaughter of master Qian Libing, nobody knows what kind of a person you are. I’ve got orders to check everyone seriously, and I can’t let any harmful substances get through the teleportation area. Obviously, you didn’t pass. I believe what that guy said, that you’ve got black substances in your body, but you still didn’t pass. It’s a fact.” The middle-aged woman said indifferently.

“I…I can always ask my grandfather to come and take me over, okay?”

“Well, if you can.”

“Damn it!” Aiko stomped her foot. She hadn’t brought her mind stone, so how could she call her grandpa over?

“Lin Xiang, let’s go.”

“Well, okay…” Lin Xiang nodded.

————Five minutes ago.

“No, I am not a demon apostle, I am not!” Aiko shouted.

“Hey, Freed, what are you talking about?” As the guards came over, Lin Xiang did not hear what Freed had just said.

“I said that Yalide’s energy is still in her body.”

“In her body?” Lin Xiang looked at the Aiko that kept stepping back, and was a little puzzled.

“‘Yes, Yalide’s energy did not completely disappear after she absorbed the dark substance, and some remained in her body. It was re-activated under the detection of the aperture just now, that’s why it’d changed the color of the aperture.”

“Is that so.”

“Yes, you have very little energy right now. Absorbing it will speed up your recovery process.”

“Absorb it back? How to absorb it?”

“Oh…you know…”

After regaining his senses, the guard was about to catch Aiko. Lin Xiang pushed the guard away abruptly and came in front of her, “wait, is there any misunderstanding?”

————Aiko’s home.

“Damn it, I’m so angry, that auntie is really annoying.” When Aiko got home, she was still complaining about what had happened.

“She just worked according to the instructions.” Lin Xiang smiled bitterly, and he thought about how to absorb the energy back.

Absorbing that energy back would do good for both of them.

“Huh, I’ll tell Grandpa to complain to her.” Aiko went back to her room and talked to Qian Libing with her mind stone.

“Don’t. Hey, I told you that she just worked according to the instructions.” Lin Xiang tried to stop her.

“Who is she? You care about her so much. Do you know how uncomfortable I was when they said that I’m a demon apostle?” Aiko yelled. After seeing Remi who hadn’t said anything, she felt even more bitter.

Why…Why didn’t you help me when I was misunderstood by others…The kiss before was obviously so gentle and so warm…

“There is no other way.” Lin Xiang sighed and told Remi, “Remi, say something.”

“What do you want me to say?” Remi asked back, “I just want to go back quickly. You’re really annoying. There are troubles anywhere you go.”

“I…” Aiko was about to cry after hearing Remi say so. She could feel her heart almost stopping.

“Ah, are you going to cry? Women are really annoying.” Lin Xiang shook his head after glancing at Lin Xiang, as if he was saying, “only you can tolerate her.”

After looking at Lin Xiang, Remi turned around and walked into the living room, “I will go back in half an hour, Lin Xiang, don’t care about her anymore. It’s her business whether she can go or not.”

In the hallway, there were only Lin Xiang and Aiko left.

“Remi…” Lin Xiang looked at the Remi’s figure, sighed, and looked at Aiko again. She looked as if she was about to cry, but she was still strong enough to not cry yet.

“Sorry,” Lin Xiang said.

“Why do you have to apologize…” Aiko’s voice was a little low.

The villain is me. Lin Xiang wanted to say this sentence but he dared not to.

“Are you sympathizing with me? You think I’m weird, don’t you? Obviously, he doesn’t like me…but…I can’t help thinking about him…when I think of that kiss, it feels like my heart is twitching…I feel sort of happy and sort of bitter…”

‘This is probably because Yalide’s energy is at work.” Freed concluded.

“Hey, what do you mean? You make it sound like it’s all my fault. She would have died without me, okay?” Yalide was unhappy.

“…” Lin Xiang didn’t speak, he was just looking at Aiko and Freed’s words filled his head.

“Why are you looking at me like this?” Aiko rubbed her eyes and forced her tears back into her eyes.

As long as he absorbed the energy back, it would be all right? Lin Xiang made up his mind – he hugged Aiko all of a sudden, which shocked her. He put his hands on her chest, she wanted to push Lin Xiang away, but she wasn’t strong enough.

“What are you doing?” Looking at Lin Xiang’s getting closer and closer, Aiko didn’t know what to do, “don’t…”

“Sorry.” After saying that, Lin Xiang didn’t wait for Aiko to react any more, he closed his eyes and kissed her mouth.


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