V9C1 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons

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This feeling… it’s so familiar…

Aiko felt a certain surge of energy in her body flowing towards Lin Xiang, and it’s a familiar feeling.

Of course, Aiko also thought of pushing Lin Xiang away, but it seemed that she couldn’t use her force and there seemed to be a surge of energy affecting her.

“Son, your behavior really surprised me.” Freed was a little surprised by Lin Xiang’s behavior. In his impression, Lin Xiang had never made up his mind to kiss a girl.

“Stop talking nonsense, how much dark energy is left in her body?” Although Lin Xiang was acting decisively, he was pretty nervous.

“It’s not a lot…you just have to kiss her for half an hour more. And if you could do something more special with her, it’d be even better.” Yalide showed an evil smile.

“Go to hell.” Lin Xiang could feel his body’s energy more or less recovered. He was hoping that after this was over, Aiko wouldn’t hit him.

After another three seconds, Lin Xiang felt as if there was no energy flowing back into his body. When he wanted to let go of Aiko, she pushed him away first, as she saw Remi behind Lin Xiang.

“Oh~my sister, you really worked hard.” Remi sighed slightly, turned and walked into the living room.

“Remi~” Aiko called out Remi, but he did not respond.

“Really, what are you doing?!” Aiko turned to Lin Xiang and started yelling.

“Sorry…” Lin Xiang couldn’t explain anything and could only apologize.

“You are really…” Aiko was really dumbfounded, she wanted to scold Lin Xiang fiercely, but she couldn’t do it. Even she felt a little strange, obviously she was kissed, and that even occurred in front of Remi, so why didn’t she run away… Aiko hadn’t realized that the feeling that annoyed her the most had already gone.

“Whatever you want to do, I’ll accept it.” Lin Xiang looked like he’s ready to be killed, making it harder for Aiko to get angry.

“Bastard.” Aiko ran up the second floor and hid in her room. Lin Xiang could only smile bitterly.

Sorry, if I didn’t do it, you’d be regarded as a demon apostle in the future, and you’d still feel weird once thinking of that kiss…

By the way, why would the energy of Yalide be detected in the body of Aiko? And why didn’t it happen for Lin Xiang?

“That’s because my light and Yalide’s darkness have been fighting against each other and they’ve formed a state of balance. Also, you haven’t practiced any magic, and your dragon flames have stayed dormant since you haven’t used it, so you usually have no attributes. When using the record crystal in the record hall, the kid with electricity has a golden plate but you don’t, and that’s why.” Freed answered Lin Xiang’s question.

At the same time, Aiko, who had closed the door and now leaning against the door, covered her chest and her heart was beating furiously. She kept thinking about what had just happened.

Why did he do this? Has he fallen in love with me? Then what should I do?

Aiko was very confused, as she had many weird thoughts running wildly in her head.

Also, what was the feeling just now…


“You saw me.” In the living room, Lin Xiang touched the back of his head and smiled.

“I accidentally saw it, Lin Xiang, you are really good at chasing girls, even girls like her was willing to be kissed by you. If I didn’t see it, you could do much more with her. Sorry for that.” Remi said so seriously.

“Uh…” He has been taken as a girl chaser…

Lin Xiang sighed slightly, “there is a reason, Remi.”

“I know, it’s just a joke.” Remi relaxed his face and smiled, his white teeth really matched his handsome face, he’s just like a celebrity, “you don’t just like any girls and I know that.”

“Hey you… By the way, Remi, what kind of girl do you like?” Lin Xiang asked. He felt that if Aiko still liked Remi, he must help her by making up for what had just happened.

“Girls? I haven’t thought about it. When I was in the demon realm, I was constantly training and participating in different battles against the demons, so I didn’t think about this kind of thing.”

“I see…” Lin Xiang nodded, then asked, “what do you think of Aiko?”

“Aiko? She’s annoying.”

“Is it……”

It seems that Remi had a bad impression of Aiko. If Aiko still like Remi, it’d be difficult for her to get him.

“Let’s not talk about her.” Remi stood up from the chair, “let’s go back to the human’s world.”

“Aren’t we waiting for her?”

“Let’s not wait for her. Lin Xiang, you can’t always obey girls. Look, isn’t she always bullying you?”

“Well~it’s fine. Since we are leaving, let’s ask her to leave together, she should be able to pass now.”

After hearing Lin Xiang’s words, Remi suddenly thought of something. He looked at Lin Xiang up and down, and said half-jokingly, “Lin Xiang, don’t tell me that the kiss you gave her just now was to suck away the dark energy in her. ”

“Eh? Uh… well, yes, that’s it. Please don’t tell anyone.” Lin Xiang thought for a while and admitted it.

“You…you are really something. How many secrets have you hidden?” Remi just doubted, and now after hearing Lin Xiang’s clear answer, he realized that Lin Xiang possessed a lot of secrets.

“No, that’s all.”

“I don’t think so…You will definitely become a great person in the future.” Remi concluded.

“I’m not like that kind of person, let’s go.”

—-In the corridor

“Miss Aiko…Miss Aiko…Are you there?” Lin Xiang called upstairs, his voice echoing in the room and there’s not a trace of response.

“Miss Aiko?” Lin Xiang shouted again. In fact, if nothing happened before, he could leave directly, but after kissing her, there’s no reason to leave her behind.

“I…” After a while, Aiko replied faintly, “I’m not going.”

Aiko felt really confused now. She didn’t know how to face Lin Xiang. After she went upstairs, she had been leaning in front of the door and thinking about it, and she even forgot about complaining about the middle-aged woman to Qian Libing.

“Is that so…” On the surface, Lin Xiang was answering, but he was scared in his heart, and he thought, “is it because of what I did just now?” However, there’s nothing he could do to explain, and he had to see whether he’d have a chance to explain it well in the future.

“Remi, let’s go, she’s not coming with us.” Lin Xiang walked to the entrance. Remi was waiting for Lin Xiang at the door. He nodded after hearing Lin Xiang’s words. All in all, the fact that Aiko wasn’t going wouldn’t hurt him.

Aiko became calmer after hearing the door shut.

Aiko, you can’t get so overwhelmed just because of one kiss. If Lin Xiang likes you, then you just need to refuse him, and he won’t have the guts to kiss you like that in the future.

Aiko became much more relieved after thinking like that.

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