V9C1 Part 2


—In the teleportation area.

“Is it you two again? What’s wrong? Isn’t the granddaughter of master Qian Libing coming?” In the teleportation area, the inspector in charge was still the middle-aged woman.

“She doesn’t feel comfortable.” Lin Xiang smiled.

“Hmph~she has such a bad temper. Come on, let me inspect you both, you still haven’t gone through it.”

“Well, uh, okay.” Lin Xiang nodded and stepped into the aperture.

The white light circle floated from under Lin Xiang’s feet, all the way to the head, then gradually disappeared.

“Huh? Why? Are there no attributes?” The middle-aged woman looked quite surprised, as it was her first time seeing a problem with the aperture. All in all, no one would have no attributes.

Lin Xiang didn’t feel surprised, since Freed told him that he had no attributes.

“Test again.” The middle-aged woman said.

Without waiting for Lin Xiang to respond, she activated the aperture again, and the result was the same as before.

“Something went wrong?” The middle-aged woman murmured, then said to Lin Xiang, “you can’t go yet, stand inside a little bit. You, stand up.” The middle-aged woman pointed at Remi.

The commanding tone of the middle-aged woman made Remi a little uncomfortable. He didn’t like others talking to him like this. However, seeing Lin Xiang smiling at him, he did as she had instructed.

Very soon, the aperture turned white again and there’s dazzling golden yellow color.

“This energy is incredible, strange…it never went wrong before. Come and test again.” The middle-aged woman said to Lin Xiang again.

Lin Xiang nodded and stood on the aperture. The result was exactly the same as before.

The middle-aged woman kept wondering what went wrong. She wanted to know what was going on. She wanted to ask Lin Xiang to test several times before, but as there was a long queue behind them, she couldn’t ask him to do so. Also, she couldn’t stop him even though he had no attributes.

—In the human’s world.

The college friendly match can be regarded as the last game before the summer vacation. This game has two modes: individual and team.

Participants in the competition are decided by the school, as it is related to the honor of the college, each school would send a strong and capable person.

————In the arena of Pillar Nofu Academy.

At the moment, there were crowds of people in the big arena of the Pillar Nofu Academy. Almost all the students from the four colleges gathered there.

Compared with other arenas, the big arena had a larger area, with a total area of ​​5,000 square meters. The fully simulated battlefield and the real scenery gave the players the feeling of fighting a real battle.

There were four thousand seats, all of which were full of students, and some even had no place to sit, but this did not affect them to watch the game. They were cheering for their own teams.

The game field was a barren land with only rocks, and the two teams were fighting fiercely.

One was a team from other colleges, and the other was a team from the famous Daojie Holy Spirit Academy.

There were six people in Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, and the other team had eight. Although they were more numerous, they didn’t feel particularly happy, all because they were from another city. On the contrary, they were angry. After all, there were eight of them, but they couldn’t defeat the four guys in the opposite team, which made them feel like they’d lost face. However, they must admit that they were indeed weaker.

“Kitashima, go up.” A boy from Daojie’s team shouted to the other boy.

The boy named Kitashima showed a smile. He waved and the rocky ground was cracked, forming a wave which rushed towards the team.

“It’s a ground-cracking wave! Turn away!” A boy who looked like a team leader yelled, and the rest of the 7 guys all ran away.

One of the girls with a sword rushed to Kitashima after avoiding the ground breaking waves.

“It’s done!” The girl wielded a sword with wind magic and looked at Kitashima’s head.

The people at Daojie Holy Spirit Academy saw that their teammate was about to be defeated, but they didn’t seem to want to help at all, they just looked at the girl coldly.

“Bang!” The girl struck Kitashima in the head, but it seemed that she had struck an extremely hard stone. Her entire arm was paralyzed by the shock.

Kitashima’s fairly handsome face showed a smile, but his eyes were cold, “I’m sorry, you don’t look pretty, so…” After saying that, he hit the girl’s tummy with a sidekick and she was almost thrown out.

“Bastard!” The people on the other side couldn’t calm down after seeing it. One of the guys rushed up, “you bastard!”

Although it seemed that he had strong power, he really wasn’t someone who could defeat Kitashima.

With a scream, he also flew out, fell to the ground and fainted.

“So, who else want to fight?” Kitashima showed an evil smile.


“It’s really upsetting, he’s back again.” Satsuki narrowed her mouth while watching Kitashima in the game, then said to Yorikawa, “Yorikawa, if we are fight against their team, we must be beat him up fiercely.”

Yorikawa didn’t answer, she was just staring at Kitashima blankly. Of course, she wasn’t interested in him, she just thought of the guy who fought Kitashima for her, and she hadn’t seen him in days.

“Yorikawa?” Satsuki pushed Yorikawa’s shoulder.

“Huh? What’s wrong, Satsuki?”

“What are you doing? Didn’t you hear what I said to you just now?”

“Sorry, I wasn’t concentrating. What did you just say?”

“I said, if we ever see him, we’ll beat him up fiercely.” Satsuki really remembered how the others hurt her, and she remembered clearly how evil Kitashima was. Before the game started at that time, Lin Xiang release his magic to petrify him.

“Um…Um.” Yorikawa responded with a wry smile, and the guy’s smiling face appeared in his mind.

“Really, that guy Lin Xiang hasn’t been yet, it’s been so many days already.” Satsuki saw that the disgusting Kitashima was fighting happily in the arena, and she was pissed off.

“Xiang?” Yorikawa, who was distracted, heard his name and responded, “Lin Xiang will be back, I’m sure he will.”

—In the headmaster’s office.

“Have you not caught him yet?” Ijima took the phone and said to the Qian Libing on the other end of the phone.

“No, as far as I know, two demon apostles successfully came to the human’s world. We don’t know their purpose for the time being. You have to be careful.”

“Well, I will notify the other principals to strengthen the defense of the campus, and I will also make the local police pay attention to it.”

“Well, we must catch them. You can’t catch them alive. It doesn’t matter if you kill them. Our human’s world must not be affected by the demon apostles. If it causes panic among ordinary citizens, then things will be completely chaotic.”

“I understand, master Qian Libing.”

“Well, that’s it…By the way, Ijima, I just talked to Aiko on phone, Lin Xiang seemed to have returned.”

“Is he back?” When Ijima heard that Lin Xiang was going back, he looked much more relieved.

“Yeah, you must record his match, I really want to know how the son of Lin Fan fights.”

“Don’t worry, Xiao Xiang has always been good at making surprises.”

“I think so too. So that’s it..” Qian Libing hung up.

Ijima leaned on the chair and took out a photo from the drawer. In the photo, he was still in his thirties. Next to him stood a person who resembled Lin Xiang, but with sharper eyes than Lin Xiang’s.

In the photo, the guy looked unhappy, while the young Ijima pressed the boy’s head arrogantly, showing an evil smile.

“Lin Fan, your wish will definitely come true.” Ijima sighed.


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