V9C2 Part 1

Simple Life of Killing Demons


“Oh!!!” People got noisy in the arena, and the guys’ hormonal level reached to the maximum.

It’s not because of how fierce the game was, but because of the beauties there.

These seven girls with their own merits were not only beautiful, but their strength was beyond doubt. The team that was fighting against them was beaten to a point that they couldn’t fight back at all.

The girl with blue hair was very good at water magic, and the seemingly weak water became extremely powerful under her magic. If someone was hit by her water bubble, he’d be wrapped and couldn’t move.

The girl with blond hair was good at using electric magic, its gorgeous lightning and cool attack methods made people feel like watching a science fiction blockbuster.

The girl with brown-red hair used the earth-based magic that was relatively unpopular. Although it was earth-based, and there were only a few moves that could be used, the combination of simple magic turned into a powerful one.

The girl with the sword looked majestic. She seemed to be the captain of this team. Her attack methods were as fast as the wind, and every move was aimed at the enemy’s weakness. Especially the move called four volleys, ordinary battle technicians usually had to give up after the third moves.

A curvy, seemingly weak girl captured the eyes of most boys. After all, she was cute and had big breasts. Every time she attacked, her chest bounced and moved along. All guys were fond of her, and her phoenix also released great power.

A girl with black hair and a bright-looking face had long legs that girls all envy. Although she was not the tallest in the team, the ratio of her body to legs looked just perfect. Her fire lion was even more fierce, and every roar would make the more timid spirits shy away.

The last girl looked more arrogant, her eyes looked sharp and wise, making people fear. The magic that she was using were poison and fog, which was a good way to ambush in the arena. She could use the mist to confuse her enemy and release the poison afterwards.

The combination of these seven beauties made all the guys there enthusiastic. They thought that it’d be fine even if they lost, and some guys from other academies even discussed secretly whether they should just change school.

“It’s great. If they are our school’s team, I’ll join them even if I have to lose a few years of my life.” A few boys were chatting casually.

“You think you can join? It’s me who can.” A guy who didn’t look like a human at all said so.

“Hey, where did you get the courage to say such a thing?” The guy was speechless.

A handsome young man sitting behind them showed a slight smile.

You are all useless trash. Want to join the End Zero team? Don’t be kidding. The only guy who can join is my brother, Lin Xiang.

This guy was Yusuke Uruya who rarely appeared recently. It’s because out of family reasons, he had suggested that he’d join the trial of exorcist in the sky outside the sky. Until now, after two rounds of trials, he’d already become an exorcist. He joined the competition with Lin Xiang at the same time, and when all players gathered, he felt sick in the stomach and didn’t see Lin Xiang, that’s why he wasn’t aware that Lin Xiang had joined too. Otherwise, they would have participated in the trial together. He could only get out of the exit the previous day, and he went back to the human’s world to watch the game. He’d also joined the individual competition for the day after the next.

The team competitions and individual competitions were held separately. Team competitions were held in the first four days, and individual competitions were held in the latter four days.

“Where did my boss go? How come I haven’t seen him at all? Is it because the most powerful one only shows up at the end?”

Except Satsuki, no one knew where Lin Xiang had gone to, they only knew that he’d taken a leave of about one week.

“Beep!!!” It’s the loudspeaker hanging high in front of the big screen, indicating that it’s the end of the competition.

“Oh!!!” The guys shouted immediately.

The End Zero team won.

————Observation room of the participants.

The observation room was a place for participants to prepare and rest for the next competition. At this moment, a team of Daojie Holy Spirit Academy was taking their rest. Two girls and five boys were sitting on the sofa and pointing at the beauties on the screen.

“My god, she’s so beautiful.”

“Yes, and she’s got power as well, it’d be great if I can have her as my girlfriend.”

“Won’t she be abused by you if that happens?”

“They are different from the previous ones, obviously they are of a higher level.”

“Anyway, it’d be a waste if she’s with you.”

“Heh~whatever you say, I will get them all over.” The boy’s fairly straight face showed a wicked smile.

“Hey~ a few more beauties in this world will suffer then.” His partner signed and smiled, “if you don’t want her anymore, give her to me. And we’ll treat her well.”

After hearing this, a handsome guy with silver hair sitting not far away frowned. He stared at the screen and said coldly, “be careful of what you say and leave them alone. Especially the girl with blue hair and the one with shorter hair. Otherwise, I won’t spare you.”

“Oh? Are you interested in them? It’s really rare. Since you want them, I won’t fight with you then. I can’t beat you up anyway.” The guy laughed.

“Go to hell, Casey. Anyway, just give me some peace.” The silver-haired guy showed a trace of anger in his eyes.

“Oh, I’m so scared, Takahashi from the second grade.” The boy pretended to be scared.

The two girls sitting next to Takahashi both showed a look of disgust, as if they were thinking, “he really thinks too high of himself.”

Casey, the grandson of the principal of the Daojie Holy Spirit Academy, was arrogant and proud. He thought that he’s so powerful and cool.

“Now, may I invite the teams from Daojie Holy Spirit Academy here, as well as the South Lane team from the Pillar Nofu Academy.” There’s a charismatic female voice announcing.

Takahashi felt that he’d heard this voice somewhere before, but he couldn’t recall it. He only used his eyes to warn Casey. Takahashi stood up and walked out.

—-In the broadcasting room.

The broadcasting room of Pillar Nofu Academy was like a professional radio station with many advanced equipment. A young and mature woman sitting in front of the microphone looked at the list of members of the Multi-Gen team and showed a charming smile, “Takahashi? I haven’t asked him why he changed school. Obviously and Xiao Xiang are friends. Perhaps after Xiao Xiang comes back, I can see a battle between two good friends.”

Being an announcer wasn’t Yazi’s job. The reason why she worked in the broadcasting room was purely because she wanted to experience the feeling of being an announcer.

“Ms. Yazi.” A young male teacher walked in, brought a cup of steaming black tea and said shyly, “please…please have some tea.”

“I’m not a teacher anymore, don’t call me a teacher anymore.” Yazi said while taking the tea.

“But… well, Ms. Yazi.”

When Yazi was a teacher, she was a goddess-like figure recognized by all male teachers and students in the school. Her departure of more than two months ago was the saddest day for all male teachers. Now that she had returned, it made the male teachers happy again.

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